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#3845240 help creating an advanced sap modifier macro

Posted WildeHilde on 05 February 2013 - 09:34 PM

You can split it into two macros (easy mode) or

#showtooltip Sap
/cast [nomod] Sap
/cast [mod:shift,@focus] Sap
/cleartarget [mod:ctrl]
/targetenemyplayer [mod:ctrl]
/cast [mod:ctrl] Sap

I know the following line works, but can't check the macro on live, but I assume it works the same way:

/target [mod:alt] focus

#3840116 Word of Glory macro

Posted Thazable on 24 January 2013 - 06:46 AM

View PostNickyEU, on 23 January 2013 - 05:12 PM, said:

/use [mod:shift,@party1][mod:ctrl,@party2][mod:alt,@targettarget][@target,nomod,help][] Word of Glory

Cleaner version, but really doesn't matter...
That actually looks pretty sweet, only thing is I came up with the last line in my macro to prevent this bug where you can't cast wog on yourself while having targeted an enemy that isn't in range or in line of sight, so together with your macro I might use this in future:

/use [mod:shift,@party1][mod:ctrl,@party2][mod:alt,@targettarget][@target,nomod,help][@player,nomod] Word of Glory

Thanks for your input, I might rewrite all my macros like this. (:

#3839618 Word of Glory macro

Posted Thazable on 23 January 2013 - 10:26 AM

I'm using this right now:

/cast [mod:shift, @party1] Word of Glory
/cast [mod:ctrl, @party2] Word of Glory
/cast [mod:alt, @targettarget] Word of Glory
/cast [@target, nomod, noharm, exists] Word of Glory
/cast [@player, nomod] Word of Glory

Works like a charm for me, if you rather want to use names instead of party 1 @ 2 simply replace them with your partners names.

#3793133 macro help!

Posted Scudy22 on 20 October 2012 - 08:28 PM

If you say thanks you should give rep aswell, just saying :)

#3793114 macro help!

Posted NickyEU on 20 October 2012 - 07:04 PM

I think you are using the wrong expression.

You want it to simply, shadowstep your target, if no target then mouseover?

If so:

/use [harm][@mouseover] Shadow Step