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Instant silence hack

04 November 2013 - 09:29 PM

Its me or 80% ppl using this program?? getting silenced on a 0,6 cyclone or charge or stormbolt at the 0,1 of the cast...more and more ppl using this shit and blizzard doesnot do anything about it.

Was funny playing vs a thundercleave and geting solarbeamed instantly or shocked or anything whenever i touch cyclone i get countered in the 0,1 mark.

This game is so stupid already and they even let ppl make it more stupid.

Sorry for my shit talk....but im so fucking frustrated loosing arenas cause of this shit is very very sad and its so fucking visible if any1 is using the program that is just hilarous that they dont get instant banned.

PD: sorry for my retarded english.