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#891837 Druid/Warrior/dk - Need help

Posted Sumie on 27 May 2009 - 06:01 PM

Just from a theorycraft PoV, since you have no dispels, you'd likely want to harass both DPS'ers, to avoid getting CC chained. By harassing both the mage and the lock, their team will be doing very little DPS until your DK/warrior gets sheeped/nova'd. By keeping up pressure on both targets, you're also forcing the druid to do a lot more multi-healing and less cyclone CC. Your druid is also free to cyclone during this time since a lock/mage's damage comes out in bursts, when one of you are CC'd.

Stick DK on mage, and make sure he uses AMS wisely to avoid frost novas. Use strangulate on the mage. A DK who avoids a mage's CC in this way can pretty much solo force the block (since Blink leads to Death Grip).

Stick warrior on lock. Both DK and warrior should kill felhunters early. Force the lock to take out a voidwalker cause one less silence against your druid can swing the match in your favor.

If DK does get sheeped, I've seen a warrior charge a mage, then intercept right back to the lock (pretty pro imo). Try not to go too defensive while DK is CC'd because if you do and don't put out any pressure, their druid will start cycloning, putting you behind even more.

Basically, the idea is to keep up DPS pressure so their team has little chance to keep you CC'd.

Druid should fake-cast cyclone as early as possible. If you draw out the counterspell, being able to free-cast cyclones without fear of silences is extremely helpful. Moreover, if you're going with a split-DPS strat, a cyclone on the healer (or a cyclone on one of their DPS and both of you quick switching to the same target) is the way you'll score a kill.