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17 March 2015 - 11:30 AM

100% agree with this post. Thought maybe i was the only one and if i posted something ide get the inevitable "hurrr locks are fine just play wls, hurr uve had it good all of wow" but it actually feels miserable to play afflic now. Even with cds aoe dmg is negligable, easily healed through by druids (dont even get me started on mage druid) and without demonsoul, passive healing from hunters/ferals/etc pretty much counteracts my damage. I can fake every single cast and have literally 90%+ dot uptime on 3 targets and still never get a team below 90% hp.

On the topic of survivability, youde think we would be immortal with the changes, but for whatever reason i feel equally as squishy, even squisher. All it takes is 1 full trap on my healer and the hunter + melee will kill me through full hots + cds unless i receive godly peels. Game just feels awful atm unless playing melee/hunter/healer or mage/druid/x.