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In Topic: What Do rshammys need to be Competitive.

02 October 2013 - 06:57 PM

Resto definitely appears viable this season, however i am still having massive problems with teams training me 100% of the game (specifically warriors, rogues, and mages to an extent).

Its near impossible to cast versus a warrior who has stormbolt, 2 pummels, charges, and seemingly 70% + uptime on me. Rogues are far more peelable, however with garrote/kidney/kick/cheap shot/gouge if they are on you, you will not cast (not to mention mind-numbing poison making your healing surges 3 sec casts).

Mages are another story, they can straight up take you from 100-10% in a deep/imp cs combo with orb if you are unprepared, and its not exactly easy to avoid when they come with a warrior or rogue on their team (which seems to be 80% of the comps i run into at 2.2k mmr).

I feel like resto needs something very small that will help them from being trained start to finish every game, it seems like a good 60% of the games i lose is due to being trained 100% of the game, and eventually just falling over when my cds are out. I play mainly mls/wls/ and dkls, which maybe dont have the most insane peels, but they feel strong enough.

Finally, why is earth shield still dispellable? I often find myself not even casting it versus some teams because it will be inevitable purged or spell stolen within a few seconds of using it.