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In Topic: How and why is this possible?

05 July 2014 - 09:20 AM

View PostOdrareg, on 04 July 2014 - 03:31 PM, said:

Couldn't expect a better answer from overlord Lolflay, anyone with a different opinion about how the game should be is either a pleb or dumb!

Maybe it's just how I see things but dieing from one dps in a silence is just plain wrong. As I said he should have got to 20% or something, which means he would have been in trouble, of course, and any further mistakes from him would have been deadly; or he should have died if he ACTUALLY was caught with his pants down on 70-80% with a spriest with full orbs next to him. But 100%, shadow word pain and riptide up, that's not being caught with pants down if you ask me even if positioning wasn't the best.  

I agree with you when you say that a healer outhealing without sweat x2 dps is terrible, but dieing from one like that is pretty extreme too. One dps full bursting you down should let you call for peels or make you shit yourself causing the use of a cooldown or anything to survive, but I think somewhere in the thread it was said that the priest even had x2 more orbs for either psychic horror or another devouring plague, isn't that a bit overkill?

You also said that he should die given the dps has all cooldowns and the healer has none. Is it me or that promotes chess-like gameplay where you can only kill someone if he has no cooldowns? First burst, trinket. In 1 min, 2nd burst, nature's grace. 3rd burst, ????, 4th burst, he's dead (random example).

I think it's far more entertaining when you can survive someone's burst even without using cooldowns thus OUTPLAYING him, but here all I'm hearing is that "he had no cds so its normal that he died + bad position lol noob". OP died in a silence which he could have only countered if he had some cooldowns - last time I checked shadowpriests had to kind of MC you to let dots roll as fear would come back (required tremor kill right away to keep the fear going) / mind blast cooldown or whatever, but this was just a few buttons, burst, and crits.
And you're talking as if the shadow priest outplayed him - don't get me wrong he did his job well, I'm not hating the player but what the current state of the game allows. Also, no one said the shaman was in a perfect position, but if a healer has to constantly run away even from 1 dps when he's on full hp...he might as well not join the arena.

Could be that I'm used to Cataclysm, where I played the most, with 1 dps bursting you down causing you heavy trouble (meaning that a little touch from his partner could be fatal) but not necessarily killing you, but hey, that's just a pleb's opinion!

I think youre trying too hard to be nice, nobody should die in a fuckin blanket silence 100-0 to 1 dps. Thats the flaw in game design here. Coming from someone who plays with a spriest i have watched them solo people many times to, through cds.

In Topic: What Do rshammys need to be Competitive.

02 October 2013 - 06:57 PM

Resto definitely appears viable this season, however i am still having massive problems with teams training me 100% of the game (specifically warriors, rogues, and mages to an extent).

Its near impossible to cast versus a warrior who has stormbolt, 2 pummels, charges, and seemingly 70% + uptime on me. Rogues are far more peelable, however with garrote/kidney/kick/cheap shot/gouge if they are on you, you will not cast (not to mention mind-numbing poison making your healing surges 3 sec casts).

Mages are another story, they can straight up take you from 100-10% in a deep/imp cs combo with orb if you are unprepared, and its not exactly easy to avoid when they come with a warrior or rogue on their team (which seems to be 80% of the comps i run into at 2.2k mmr).

I feel like resto needs something very small that will help them from being trained start to finish every game, it seems like a good 60% of the games i lose is due to being trained 100% of the game, and eventually just falling over when my cds are out. I play mainly mls/wls/ and dkls, which maybe dont have the most insane peels, but they feel strong enough.

Finally, why is earth shield still dispellable? I often find myself not even casting it versus some teams because it will be inevitable purged or spell stolen within a few seconds of using it.