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how to heal against heavy burst

10 January 2015 - 02:46 PM

Hey I'm still new to r druid this season but I've played 2k+ since s1 with multiple classes. I'm having trouble healing against players burst and split pressure. I've really only done 2s so far. Double dps definitely gives me trouble if the catch me in a stun after trinket. Even with barkskin and full hots. I know I need to be pre ironbarking big dmg but still find myself falling behind fast. I'm wondering if there is a certain rotation to use certain abilities or what I should prioritize. I know the ideal think to do is to keep hots on both of us and lb on enemy target and keep us above 70% but we get chucked from 100% to 50% then 25% a few seconds afterwards and I can't pick us back up. Also what to prioritize when using tol and the best way to top players then. Should I be spamming regrowth in tol and outside of tol to top. Any tips would be appreciated.