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#3846771 [Shaman] Healing Vs KFC

Posted Winner8776 on 09 February 2013 - 01:13 PM

hi, WPS is a very strong setup when it comes to allowing their healer to either have uptime to heal or for them to last long enough without u healing at times (but it causes CD's to get used at time u might not want them to). i tend to notice many KFC's usually stun the SP when i get scattered, u have a number of options in this setup.
1) intervene by ur warrior on the scatter
2) mass dispel by ur priest
3) priest grips u when u get scattered (keep in mind u might get stuck in a shockwave after that though, and if there isnt much distance between u and the priest from the point he gripped u then ull just wander back to the initial point u got scattered to)
4) let ur warrior shockwave the hunter when u are scattered.
5) place a grounding totem somewhere far from ur team mates + in range of u + out of LOS from the hunter (but still hunter pets have a skill they can use to drop ur grounding totem)
6) some hunters dont glyph scatter when facing WPS so try fake casting a hex on the warrior and when he reflects hit him with a flame shock, that way if the hunter hasnt glyphed for scatter ull be able to dodge scatter+traps+warrior fears.
7) if u realise all of the above isnt working and ur team mated are in a complete stun/root/cc/silence or whatever it is in the first scatter that u get always, then be at a distance and pop and earth elemental.

many setups dont get the liberty of sooo many options. u will get trapped sooner or later wether u like it or not, but ur setup can also survive for a very long time without u, yes even vs a KFC.

when u get trapped and u got nothing else to do but sit it, think of whats gonna happen to u next, does hunter have silence shot up? (yes) ok, can i afford to get silenced out of this trap? (team member hp really low?) if yes then eat it, if not then start spamming spirit walker grace so u dont get silenced after the trap and ur able to pump in some heals.

dont be afraid to burn ur cooldowns but make sure u use them right, KFC's arent a setup i tend to last long vs as WPS, they either rape us or we rape them, 2min fights, 3 mins MAX. thats for me atleast, and i usually have no more cooldowns left by the time the game ends and thats how it should be.