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King of the jungle bug

23 March 2017 - 06:35 PM

I feel obliged to report something. The passive king of the jungle stacks to 3/3 on targets after you play arena for a while. The passive starts working diffrently after it gets bugged. So there are 2 variations of the passive and after you play a while, the other seems to override the first one.


1st one - "non-bugged". You enter arena, there are 3 targets ,you put a Rip up on one target, you walk up to the next target,apply bleeds and run back to the first one to reapply bleeds, by this time, you applied 3 Rips under 10 seconds, on 2 targets, and you have 2 stacks of "King of the Jungle". If your 2nd rip runs out, you run back to 1 stack of the debuff, that amplifies damage by 4%


2nd - "bugged". You enter arena, open on a target with moonfire-rip-moonfire-rip-moonfire rip and you get 3 stacks of king of the jungle that last for 21 seconds, and you can keep the buff up on 1 target, and no matter how long the bleed lasts.



I'm surprised that no one except me is actively talking about this.  When i try to wowhead the buff, i get to this http://www.wowhead.c...g-of-the-jungle.


They nerfed our agility by 10%, alright, but that is because bugged ferals were running around and doing 200k dps consistently in 2v2. I was one of them, and i didn't even know. Many ferals to this day still don't know. I'd love to tweet holinka about this but I'm 99% positive that he agility nerf wouldn't have been reverted if this bug was fixed instead.


Oh and to everyone crying about ferals. We lost:


selfheals(nature's vigil)

powershifting(takes 2 globals to shift now, instead of 1)

CC (we don't have cyclone anymore, instead we have a energy consuming CC that removes bleeds and shares DR with polymorph instead of fear, and breaks on damage, making it basically a nerf to some of our comps like Jungle,)

Burst.  To burst now, you need to spend 10 seconds atleast setting it up, and that is if the target is completely still. 


Instead we got retarded  dots and bugged passives that made them nerf agillity which makes us more bursty and less of a physical warlock.


blizzard, give me my shit back you shit company

Just wanna put this out here

08 December 2016 - 03:57 AM


kickbotter exposed

23 November 2016 - 03:07 PM

"We have completed an investigation into the action taken against your accounts, and can confirm that this was correct. There is no evidence of any unauthorised access, and several instances of third party program usage. We will not be able to remove this suspension."



Today at 4am i got logged out of my new account, that i bought after i got banned for 18m after playing with a flyhacker. I leveled up my new druid legit on stream, and played some arenas (legit on stream). Without any bots, kickbots, scripts (i'm not even using tmorph). I had 3 phonecalls with blizzard, and they said that they did a re-investigation and that they are 100% sure that I was using "third party software". I told them that this was impossible since it's a new account and i've been streaming 90% of my gameplay since i bought this account, and everyone i play with knows that i fucking suck at kicking and doing my rotation right :D


so now they say that they won't look at any more of my tickets etc. I'd buy a new account and play legit, but as it turns out I may get banned for NOTHING again, what do you guys think might be triggering their detectors to think that i am using software? How can i be sure that if i buy a new account today i won't be suspended? (it's a 18m ban on both accounts)