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#3878056 fameLY 3v3 tournament on the 20th of April

Posted Fuggan on 20 April 2013 - 08:11 PM

Hello Hilde and team!

Thanks for the stream today, I watched the whole thing from start to finish (while I was at work but shhh) and have to say I enjoyed it and will definitely watch again. You (especially) and the rest of the team have clearly put a lot of effort into making this work and I hope it grows into something really big. I watch quite a few tournament streams so I will give you my 2 penceworths below:

1.Commentators: I could tell that you two were pretty new to commentating together but you, I think, still worked together. I think it would work even better if you had one "main" commentator who commentates a lot about the match in general as to what's happening (the American chap Pawsz strikes me as being good at this) then, probably yourself, who would be more specific about the skills etc. that are/have been used and a bit about them. Generally this will come together over time and if you two keep commentating together, you'll naturally get better.

2.Camera person: On the whole, this was good. I would definitely recommend having the same person do this each time as it, I imagine, takes a lot of time to get used to. I think the more you do this the easier it will get and the camera person will get more used to predicting what's going to happen and be able to catch good footage of it.

3. Music: I know you have problems with the copyright laws in Germany which is annoying. Once the WoW music started I thought it added a lot to the stream already so I'd definitely keep that. Maybe switch it out for some more PvP orientated music. I don't personally care because I love it all! There are also some good YouTube copyright playlists that you can dig out, I can PM you a couple of channels if you like. (That track Tash played when you went to make coffee was epic, WTB link :D!)

4. Less time between games: Pretty self-explanatory but yeah. Partly down to the teams I guess, maybe you guys could do something else to keep the viewers interested during the breaks? Would be good to get maybe a 'special guest' each tournament who is skilled at a certain class and let the viewers ask him/her questions between games? I think that would be good fun and depending on who you get it could considerably inflate the viewer number. Maybe even some friendly chat/banter between the hosts in this period would add value.

5.Brackets: It would be good if the viewers could have constant access to the brackets to see who is still in and who is going to be playing who. Maybe you could have a bot that spams the chat with a link to a thread or whatever where the brackets will be updated.

6.UI: Something that could make it more professional is that if you could switch to like a screen with both hosts webcams between the games (maybe like on top of that screen which shows the next match coming up?) Rather than watch the person setup the options for the next game. Also, I couldn't see anywhere in the game which says what spec each person is playing? I also appreciate the fact there are only a few of you working on this, it would definitely be a lot easier to have a few other people with you to do graphics etc.

As I said, on the whole really enjoyed it and will watch again!

Gut gemacht! :D

P.S Tash; don't forget to change that stream! :wub:

~ Fuggan


Posted Tantix on 12 March 2013 - 07:00 AM

thank you so much for the help guys :D

#3836032 Support the Yaspresents tournament

Posted WildeHilde on 16 January 2013 - 11:30 AM

Posted Image

Stream Link Here
Complete Roster
Tournament Information

PST: 9AM to 2:30PM
EST: 12PM to 5:30PM
CET: 6PM to 11:30PM

Group A (18th January 6:00 - 11:30pm CET)
Last Again: Venruki/Sodah/Talbadar (Mage/Druid/Priest)
Knew you were trouble: Cdew/Kurum/Corje (Shaman/Hunter/Warrior)
Yas Reality Check: Shawir/Another/Geru (Warrior/Death Knight/Paladin)
Toxic Youth: Boetar/Swapxy/Linkx (Warrior/Shaman/Paladin)
Shoulda rerolled Warrior: Samx/Khryl/Vilefic (Rogue/Priest/Shaman)

Group B (19th January 6:00 - 11:30pm CET)
The Time is Now: Jahmilli/Starship/Zaddo (Mage/Druid/Priest)
TSG: Veev/Talason/Zilea (Warrior/Druid/Paladin)
Comprendre L'Empire: Flubbah/Cara/Skoe (Shaman/Warrior/Priest)
Xero Practice: Salv/Ruddy/Forteh (Druid/Hunter/Paladin)
Honor Capped: Colard/Saffie/Teebow (Warrior/Warlock/Shaman)

#3772844 European tournaments - assembling a team

Posted WildeHilde on 17 September 2012 - 07:34 AM

Over the last weeks the stunlocked team started to work on a concept for European online WoW tournaments. We have a working tournament UI and will run showmatches for testing over the next weeks. We want to bring not only the well-known names that participated at tournaments for years but also new teams. Right now we are looking for members that would like to join the team and make a name for themselves as shout-casters and streamers/camera men. This is not based on server or guild - we look for participants from all over Europe.

The idea
Competitive communities are based on tournaments. This is where champions are born and names are made. I strongly believe that MoP has a good chance to have a competitive pvp scene. Sponsors are looking at WoW again. Now is the opportunity to make it happen and we want to build a team for that.

You need to be communicative, entertaining and have a good awareness and class-knowledge. Also you need to speak English well. We have one shout-caster up until now and we would love to expand that. Shout-casting needs training of course, but I am certain that a lot of capable casters are around in the EU. If you want to make a name for yourself, let me know and we can give you the chance to participate during our wargame tests.

Camera men and streamers
You need a good connection and a computer that can handle recording the matches while streaming. You also need a good awareness of the game and be able to let the viewers see the critical moments of the matches. We currently have one streamer for the tournaments.

Video artists
The tournament videos all will all be on youTube. We would love to have them edited by someone that has expertise in this area or is willing to build it up. You need video software and have knowledge about editing.

Designers and Illustrators
If you are a good designer or illustrator we can certainly use your help on the team.

What we have Required
You need to have Raidcall installed, as this software will be used for communication around the tournaments and has a much better security than Skype, especially against DOS/DDOS attacks.

What about cash?
This is one of the goals, but if you look for something that will pay your rent this will not suffice. Once the tests are finished we will contact potential sponsors with an expose. Price money is the first thing to spend money on. It is not my goal to make money with tournaments, but to support cash prices and the team with money from sponsors and add-revenue.

mail: [email protected]
PM on the AJ forum

Contact organisation and tournaments
Lyr: [email protected]

Contact tech, plattform and AAV
Zwacky: [email protected]

Contact tournament UI
Vadrak: [email protected]
Vadrak's AJ profile - the author of the tournament UI ArenaLive
ArenaLive download