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#4256881 official push push fan thread

Posted irubuwrongtime on 08 November 2014 - 03:10 AM

View PostHiddenstalke, on 08 November 2014 - 02:40 AM, said:

WHenever i've seen asian ladders it used to be full of 5k rated ppl so i even thought there's no legit players there. If they made it that far i guess they deserved it as well. Afterall anyone above 2,5k could apply for "regionals" (apart from some countries which sucked sadly). I hate all those cheaters ,wintraders and whatnot but this team seems to be able to succeed without it anyway.

View PostSania, on 08 November 2014 - 02:42 AM, said:

I get what you're saying, but it really sounds weird to me that these guys would need to cheat. Unless everyone in Korea are secretly equvelant to 10k rated players from US/EU

Like I said earlier, they do carries mostly.  Pretty much all the r1 and glad titles in Korean server are managed by these toons and couple other carry site which is called "bus" in Korea.  You get it?  They are the "bus" driver and ppl that buy titles are the free riders.  LOL.

So many users have quit the game after tanking their rating to these toons and not getting the titles they deserve if all was a fair game.
Their existence is like a cancer in our pvp community.  Less pvp users = smaller arena pool = same comp/same team = boring game.
I'm talking to you all fags do carries for money.  That's right.

#4213909 2014 NA Regional Drama Wrap-Up

Posted Capstone on 21 September 2014 - 07:03 AM

View PostJahmilli_, on 21 September 2014 - 04:08 AM, said:

[8/21/2014 3:52:25 PM] jah: http://i.imgur.com/Y7BV7wt.png
[8/21/2014 3:52:29 PM] jah: keep ur slave on a leesh
[8/21/2014 3:52:46 PM] jah: thats 20 lashes
this is literally the only way you engage nmp and come out looking unfavorably

it's lazy and embarrassing

#4212238 2014 NA Regional Drama Wrap-Up

Posted Regent on 18 September 2014 - 11:54 PM

Posted Image

Since there has been a lot of drama recently, I figured I would make a TL;DR thread for those of you that have successful real lives and can't sit on ArenaJunkies 24/7.

The North American Regional Qualifiers:
  • Hosted by ESL (the same company that organized the holocaust)
  • 2800 players qualify but only 50 Teams signed up
  • No seeding and random placement meant some popular teams eliminated each other right of the bat
  • Zero interaction with Blizzard, even after the ESL website wasn't working
  • People suspect Blizzard will be asking for some of the money they paid ESL back, since ESL apparently completely forgot that they were supposed to hold this tournament
Vanguards team gets knocked out because of a "no-show":
  • Timestamp does show that Vanguards team was almost 30 minutes late to their match
  • They claim they had no idea the time they were supposed to play
  • Poor organization and almost no help from ESL admin, many people think they didn't deserve the loss
  • Vanguards, being the least confrontational person in existence, made a nice forum post saying how he is slightly angry that he missed out on a chance for $40,000 USD
Jah's team gets knocked out and tries to get back in on a technicality, twice:
  • Claims his first loss was not actually the "real" game and only practice
  • Screenshots show his team agreeing it was the real game
  • Some people claim that after his second loss he tried to contact tournament admin and get it changed
  • Talbadar is "disappointed" in jah
  • Jah, unsurprisingly, calls everyone "retards" and hasn't been seen since
Wizk's team cheats and has other players, not on their roster, play:
  • By far the biggest drama generating event of the tournament
  • Wizk, Jakenotezz, and Random rogue decided to play RPS in tournament
  • Upon tournament brackets coming out, they realize they will have to fight comps that are strong against them
  • Wizk realizes that it would be too obvious to ddos his opponents, he determines he will have to come up with another way to cheat
  • Wizk replaces his rogue and rsham with an rdruid and mage who are not on his team roster and then wins multiple games (it is assumed that the mage was played by, "Piecez," and the druid by, "Rynd")
  • People (obviously) realize what is happening and he gets disqualified for cheating
  • Wizk then cries, makes a 40 minute video about why he didn't cheat, no one believes him
  • Jakenotezz, then makes a post on AJ admitting that they cheated, apologizing, and says he only did it to bang his 18 y/o e-girlfriend when he goes to New York
  • Wizk then claims he is too good for this community
  • Wizk locks in his spot next to Xandyn in the "top 5 scummiest wow players of all time"
  • Randomroguex is mad that no one knows who he is, doesn't understand the concept of why cheating is bad, and is apparently a part of some "elite cheaters club"
Multiple teams Disqualified after the tournament ends based on their geographical location:
  • Apparently it was easier to allow these people to play in the tournament and then disqualify them after they won
  • Raises multiple questions about the outcome of the tournament, since the teams who got DQ'ed knocked people out of the tournament
  • The dominant team of Jeff, Barry, and Twochainz is rumored to be one of the teams DQ'ed
Avangelyne proves he is really weird:
  • Made multiple weird posts about having a girlfriend
  • Multiple awkward tweets involving, but not limited to: old memes, obscure Norwegian cover bands, and History channel TV shows
  • All of this is okay though, because according to him, he "has a lot of friends"
Former 3rd place Blizzcon team, "PvP Live" replaces healer the night before qualifiers:
  • but apparently forget to tell him he is off the team
  • Famous monk, "Dannycarey" is replace by other famous monk, "Verdantstorm"
  • Novoz and Thugonomicz imply that Dannycarey is part of something (Illuminati?)
  • Dannycarrey still hasn't run out of mana
  • Surprisingly, Glinks didn't cheat or try to ddos anyone
  • Nice work, Glinks
World of Warcraft PvP Designer, "Holinka" no where to be found:
  • A week has gone by since his last sighting
  • Police have decided to end the search
  • His family stays hopeful
Arena Junkies:
  • Datacus tries really hard to get some free rep, fails miserably
  • For the first time in over a year, people are capped out on giving rep
  • If you point out any scummy things that friends of the moderators have done, you will be getting an infraction
  • Flavour is still making stupid posts
  • Dillypoo's insults have been getting noticeably better over time, possibly hitting puberty soon?
  • Bigmoran tries to dispel ddos rumors by threatening to ddos anyone who talks about it
  • Thugonomicz believes that Arenajunkies.com is actually "Horse cocks"
  • Bailamos dropped in to insult Jakenotezz for having an e-girlfriend, the irony is palpable
  • More wintrading in EU, no one is surprised
  • The "scummy dozen" continue to rep each-other in an attempt to make it seem like they have some community support
  • Ayra is still black, and still european

#4212430 2014 NA Regional Drama Wrap-Up

Posted Regent on 19 September 2014 - 05:45 AM

View Postroastyzxo, on 19 September 2014 - 05:41 AM, said:

I change my name too much and i'm not on tichondrius etc etc etc takes too much effort to get known

Might want to change your name again imo

#4212415 2014 NA Regional Drama Wrap-Up

Posted Regent on 19 September 2014 - 05:34 AM

View PostWizkx, on 19 September 2014 - 05:32 AM, said:

roastyz is literally one of the best rogues in the game idk why everyone keeps calling him a "random rogue"

but not good enough qualify fairly



Posted Tosan on 18 September 2014 - 04:40 AM

View PostWizkx, on 18 September 2014 - 04:37 AM, said:

embarrassed as fuck now so gonna pretend to be bored and stop posting but definitely still reading everything in fear of more embarrassment


pce homies

fixed for you bb


Posted Talbadar on 18 September 2014 - 05:17 AM

Just caught this thread tonight. First, while I'm not surprised based on all of his past posts I find it rude that you, Iskaral, still bash all of the "popular" players just because you can. I remember that whole Snutz deal with Pookz and Toez and they definitely did get hacked and it seemed like they got their accounts back awfully fast, but they still made it to regionals fair and square after (it was never confirmed if anything shady happened with restoration anyway). The ONLY game they played 2v3 was against my team as we were the main team trying to stop them from making it. Cdew had a legitimate disconnect against them in some of the final moments of the TR when his internet had been shitty all week.

I'm glad to see Snutz made a video to give some insight into this whole thing because without playing in the actual tournament it's hard to know what happened. I'd like to throw out there that Cdew/Snutz/Venruki are outstanding members of the community that play the game fairly. They have NEVER cheated in any tournament or qualification to my knowledge and that says something when playing with and against them for 5 years. They have even waited for my team during disconnects multiple times in finals worth thousands of dollars.

Not enough has been said about Vanguard's team. I would've liked to see his team be given the same second chance that the 9-12 teams had and I know if there was a tournament realm instead of this wacky tournament they would've made it without trouble. Esp. after coming really close to making it straight to Blizzcon last year it's annoying to see him get completely shafted.

As for the disqualification: with all of the complaints going into this and with how poorly the tournament went I would've been baffled if they didn't check into things this time around. Still disappointed by the lack of supervision from Blizzard over the tournament. Feel like Holinka was on vacation or something during the tournament because as soon as Vanguard's tweeted that the tournament had no admins there should have been some response. Just from watching a couple VoDs I was pretty certain who was playing the mage and druid on Wizk's team.

Also disappointed in Jahmilli for causing a lot of trouble on his own not only for this tournament but the whole season. I haven't played too much of it as a lot of people know, but his nonstop and nonsensical hatred for certain players like Vanguards, Venruki, and Cdew is just unacceptable. I disliked Vanguards myself at one point because "god he's just a ret with shadowmourne trying to kill me", but jeez that was so silly and so long ago. I know he can be a better community member if he tried, but I'm not sure he'll ever change his ways.  Just my two cents.


Posted Dills on 17 September 2014 - 08:36 PM

View PostWizkx, on 17 September 2014 - 08:32 PM, said:

tread lightly

Your shadowy arts of the gods will no longer rynd my heart.


Posted Dills on 17 September 2014 - 08:31 PM

wizk called me an idiot... my heart feels like it's just.. just being torn to piecez.


Posted Dills on 17 September 2014 - 08:23 PM

: ^ )


#4074760 Yas Tourny Discussion thread

Posted Saikx on 09 March 2014 - 12:35 AM

View PostDizzeeyo, on 08 March 2014 - 11:53 PM, said:

because if the situation was reversed, you would have instantly stopped playing and asked for a replay?
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

dude watch out how you talk to trille he is an honest guy, its not like he would play in full grievous first week of season 14 cause he got it through a bug and then demand his gold back for the enchants and gems on that gear when it got removed

a little more respect plzz

#3913081 Bleached Bones Tourney Poorly Organized

Posted Kettu on 14 July 2013 - 12:52 AM

View PostWildeHilde, on 12 July 2013 - 10:16 PM, said:

Still hope Samx & Hydra remain in the tournament. Watching RMP (or Kekepopa on Warrior) is just so much more fun than caster cleave vs. caster cleave.
So you hope Hydra remains in the tournament after his chilidish attempts of destroying the tourny, and then you dare scolding the "community" for giving justified feedback (You call it flaming?) about the things that were handled wrong in the tournament. Fanboying + Naive way of thinking + Idiocy + Huge biasness in favor to the 3 RMP classes, which you don't even bother to hide, is a bad combination for a content editor, no offense.

View PostWildeHilde, on 12 July 2013 - 10:16 PM, said:

But in all honesty, organizing such a tournament is huge and there is very little appreciation from the community for doing that. People flame every last bit and discourage other organizers by that. Admins are often times not sure how to decide and when 100 people are whispering there is a good chance to make the wrong call. In situations like these it is best to give the admins time to make the right call and just wait. Personally I have a hard time judging who was right and who was wrong.

Give them a bit of time and actually appreciate what they are doing. It's been very long since the last tournament (this is relevant, how?) and some of the matches were absolutely awesome.
People flamed the dumb decision made by the organizers. They flamed the _decision_ , not the organizers. Learn the difference, really. It's 2 completely different things. "Flaming" the wrong decisions courages the organizers to do correct decisions in the future.

Just because you have a "hard time judging who was right and who was wrong" doesn't mean everyone has this similar problem. The admins made a clear mistake. Everyone watching the tournament, including the commentators, noticed it (and knew what should've been done) within seconds.

Generally in tournaments, you decide and inform the teams about the tournament rules beforehand. Then you stick to these rules. If something happens that isn't included in the rules, you think for a second what would be the neutrally and morally correct decision. In this particular situation, the morally correct option was so obvious that even the commentators were amazed by the (wrong) decision of the admins.

If sorting out a situation as simple as this takes over 15 minutes, there's something seriously wrong.

View PostWildeHilde, on 12 July 2013 - 10:16 PM, said:

Ceterum censeo: I want to see Samx play more than any other player in this tournament. Really hope they continue.
English please, this is an English forum. You can read forum rules if you don't believe. Or people don't understand what you write.

TL;DR Your opinions are cancer to E-sports (E-sports, lol). Stop posting biased opinions. No one wants to read them. Stick to content editing, which you're good at.

#3912882 Bleached Bones Tourney Poorly Organized

Posted moojerk on 13 July 2013 - 02:49 PM

I like conrad and really enjoy his commentary with azael.  Commentators often express opinion in every sport and "e-sport" there is, especially when there is poor sportsmanship.  But you guys want to act like Conrad is the first one.  I want commentators who will call it like they see it, and not sugar coat it and pretend everything is flowers and rainbows.  The only people who seem to have a problem with it are hydra fans, which is expected because that's the nature of how fans are.  But if you look at this objectively, you know I'm correct.

And ultimately hydra is just reaping what he sows.  Hydra was being a dick to the admins, and being a dick to everyone basically.  I even read in party chat where when an admin told him he couldn't FW early, his response was "is that a rule or some shit".  It's like...  come into the tourney and don't read the rules, then give an admin crap when they tell you to stop breaking the rules?  Hydra openly displays his loathing and hatred for pretty much every US player.  I'm a strong believer of "you make your own bed, now you lay in it".  Between hydra's attitude, and the fact they forfeited instead of re-playing the game, that's on them.  And when samx got his do-over, even though they had already played another game, the other team didn't threaten to forfeit in retort.

All of this aside, the drama came to a boiling point when the admins didn't follow their own rules on the DC/lag at first.  And that's the only thing I find fault in the admins for in the tourney thus far.

#3893470 Patch 5.3: One shots!

Posted Capstone on 31 May 2013 - 12:43 AM

View Postfant0m8, on 31 May 2013 - 12:18 AM, said:

Fuck off with trying to lump every hunter spec into the same boat, they're far more different than Mage specs, even Destro/Aff is more similar than BM/MM.
what the fuck am i reading

#3893260 Patch 5.3: One shots!

Posted Djandawg on 30 May 2013 - 03:21 PM

View Postfant0m8, on 30 May 2013 - 01:52 PM, said:

There are maybe 4 or 5 hunters above 2300 on BG9, including Veev. Everyone else at that MMR (not just team rating, including the people that just teamhop) are wizards.
Not sure why you are responding to my point covering 2200-2400 with stats over 2300.
In BG9, There are 26 teams with 3+ players in 2200-2400 range, 18 of them has a hunter. This doesn't  factor in people who play every day and team hop and don't show up in the list of 2200-2400 team rating + 3 player team list. (source crossladder.com). And it's not only bg9, it happens in 2 bgs I play on EU. It's a miracle to break 2400.
So back to the initial point, new teams grinding rating can't get over the 2200-2400 bracket because you can't beat retard hunter comps that win by sending pets on you, because there are not enough tools / healing power in the game to deal with them.
Hope it's clear this time.