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LSD with a mistweaver, 2k atm pushing 2.2k, need advice

10 October 2014 - 11:15 AM

Hello AJ Glad Community :)

This has been my first season PvPing in a while, i managed to get 2k in 2s and 3s and 1850 in 5s and RBG's within a few weeks, now i would like to finish off 2.2k before the season reset on wednesday playing with our "LSM" team.

We are doing pretty well atm but i feel like i should be better, yet i'm not really sure what i'm doing wrong. We seem to win most matchups against more sustained damage then burst teams(go to 30%~ dampening every match again the mirror) I feel like most are losses are against "bursty" teams(for example Beastcleave, Thug Cleave, RMP, etc) When i can heal i'm able to keep up fine with healing orbs/enveloping mists during the burst, however i can't seem to deal with the CC chains usually, we are using our tremors, trinkets, nimble brews and groundings(And our warlock to stand in the traps when they nuke the ele) correctly,yet in the end sometimes the CC is just too much, when we win these it usually has to do with us escaping the burst with portal or them not CCIng the shaman so he can just offheal untill i get out of my last CC.

Now, my question is if anybody has any advice/idea's on how i can deal better with these kind of teams as a mistweaver. And if anybody has some general mistweaver advice for 3s, even against wizards, i'm open to any suggestions/feedback(constructive or not)/advice as i do want to improve my skill-level to finish this season strong and head into next season on the top of my level. I want to set higher rating goals for myself each season, and put in all my effort i can to complete them.

Thanks in advance :) If anybody has any questions about how i play or anything feel free to ask :) really want to improve my play as much as i can, hopefully you guys will be able to help me abit!

Much Love,
Billy aka Sifern-Kazzak da Mistweaver