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[ADDON] InterruptBar2

Yesterday, 07:46 AM

What is InterruptBar2?
Updated & modified version of the original Interruptbar by Kollektiv.

- Tracks enemy interrupts. You can also add your own custom spells to track for.

What's new?
- Able to add your own custom spells.
- A lot of customization options.
- Show only spells if your arena opponents have them.
- Option GUI instead of chat commands.
- Party announcements.
- Profiles.
- Visual & performance improvements.
- Arena only mode / disable in battlegrounds.
- Reset cooldowns on Cold Snap / Prep / Call of the Elements.
- Masque support.
- And more to come...

Addon is currently still in beta for WoD. I need help testing it for bugs. Please report any bugs/feedback on here or on Curse.


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