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returning healer questions

21 May 2014 - 12:55 PM

Hi, I just came back to the game from a break since early MoP and I have some questions. Mostly healer specific but a few general ones.
  • When I played briefly at the beginning of MoP I had a really hard time adjusting to the differences from Cata. The pace of the game felt much different, and damage seemed more unpredictable. In cata I knew when to expect what amounts of damage from the different classes; rogue's dance, mage's shatters, etc. But now I'm having a much harder time anticipating damage like that. Hunters seem to do very high damage but I can't tell if it's tied to a specific cooldown / mechanic, or just always that high? Rogues are invisible for awhile after they open, is there a way to tell if they're using cooldowns during that? With shamans I know to watch out for their elemental form but it seems that sometimes they'll just do huge instant bursts of damage even outside of it? Basically I want to know how to anticipate and react to the new damage patterns.
  • Kind of related, but I'm also having trouble with situational awareness now. I used to be able to tell what was going on in a match with positioning, cooldowns, CC, etc. But now I'm having a much harder time. It seems like there's so much more going on and I'm just overwhelmed. There seems to be a lot more flashy spell effects and movement abilities that can totally change positioning in an instant. I'll sometimes get CCed without even realizing it was happening now where before I could predict it and counter it with SW:D, fear ward, etc. How do I increase my situational awareness to deal with all of the new stuff?
  • As a healer, is it better to have a keybind to target yourself, or use a modifier to self-cast your targeted spells? I use mouse buttons 4 and 5 to target and dispel party members and I like that, but I can't decide which method of self-targeting is best.
  • Now that holy is the best healing spec for priests, how should I do the whole Chakra / Chastise thing? What macros do I need and what should I know?
  • Are there any new priest-specific plays I should know about? New CCs that can be Shadow Word: Death'ed, or new ways to use Fear Ward? Anything like that?
Any help would be appreciated, even if you can only answer one or two of the questions, or even have any tips unrelated to the questions. Thanks!