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#3760526 Boons & Conditions | sPvP Podcast and More!

Posted Faelor on 05 September 2012 - 06:53 PM

Love the suggestions, treeqt. I would like to retouch on the professions as those were in a sense "filler" episodes before release and trying to inform the masses about what GW2 sPvP professions can do. Though since the game is new, if we did do more in-depth episodes the information may still be irrelevant soon. Eh, I guess that's just the nature of the beast though -- right?

I do want to produce a very entertaining show for the competitive scene but right now we're still being a bit more "noob friendly" as a lot of people are getting into the game, such as WoW players from Arena Junkies for example. So the more productive feedback we get, the better the show will be. This is the community for high-end PvP, so I am kind of relying on it a bit for thinking outside the box.

Ayra's longbow warrior is fantastic. I love playing it so much. I'm trying not to use it too much but man, what a blast. It definitely has a higher skill cap do to it being a bit more "skill shot" based, but damn it yields some awesome results if you do it right.

Oh, right! We have a new episode up! Last night Luperza and I were joined by Team Legacy (North America) members kwlpp and Mianhe. This show was a blast as we got to ask who they were before we headed to the main topic, "What Can ArenaNet Do To Improve sPvP and Make Guild Wars 2 an e-Sport?" Thanks again to the TL guys for hopping on, it was a really enjoyable recording.

*Apologies about the Skype and mIRC sounds. I'm on my new SSD and forgot to disable those.

5:02 Who is Team Legacy?
10:13 sPvP server stability
13:54 BnC tourneys & Dragon Arena shoutout
19:20 #GW2Ringer shoutout and how to find competitive sPvPers
21:40 Spectator mode  
28:04 Map discussion
33:03 Progression/snowball mechanics in GW2
34:49 Rating system
40:01 Faelor's rant on "What's Your Rank, Bro?"

#3756618 Boons & Conditions | sPvP Podcast and More!

Posted Faelor on 01 September 2012 - 07:47 PM

What the heck. I had a reply to you a few days ago Narf, at least I thought I did. Well, bah. I basically said that I'm thankful for the feedback and I'll be trying a lot harder to avoid that awkward silence. I used to pick on people on the spot in the audio-only versions of the show (when we were just MP3s!) but I also had a different set of guests, and I could edit out any silence. Now it's all live. :) Thanks, appreciate it!

On Tuesday, when the game officially released, B&C did its scheduled live show. We had a quick show with a small audience as we all wanted to get back to the game! This week we had Alpha Collective's Zomoa return, and newcomer Hein from Impossible Odds. We covered how each profession is holding up in sPvP as well as some quick map discussion. Next week we'll get back to the meaty content; which will be easy since we will have been playing the game for nearly 2 weeks! See you in Tyria!