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#3740558 Finally!

Posted Prometheus0110 on 08 August 2012 - 10:38 PM

Seeing that AJ is behind GW2 and supporting it made me all warm and fuzzy inside.  It makes sense to me, and I hope people give this game a chance, because it's really incredible

#3741784 Anyone giving up WoW for GW2?

Posted Laranaxar on 10 August 2012 - 05:37 PM

I quit WOW like 2 years ago. Was looking for a fun new game since then. Tried the so called "Wow-Killers" but it never lastet longer than a few months. I played the last 2 Beta's in GW2 and I can't wait for this game to launch! I love the graphics, love that you can move arount and cast at the sime time. The whole Battle-System system is so fresh and dynamic - at times I felt like playing a good offline game.

There are so many things different than in Wow (if you must compare):

no holy trinity (no need to wait for a healer/tank logging in)
no mobs-stealing and no farm nods stealing
no timesink mechanics (unless you wanna look better I think)

awesome port-system (you can port to every portal you visited before with no CD) meaning you don't have to walk to one portal to get to antother. Just open your map choose, where you wanna go and there you are.

there will be no "best way how to spent your talentpoints" since you have to addapt your play style (and skill too) to it. Meaning you'll die more often if you just skill for DPS - there are no "full-healers" arround to make up for it. With every class you can do everything - wanna offer more support, more direct damage, more dots, more control or a mix of it all? And all of them will be worthy. Sure, there's gonna be combos that go well together and so on, but there will be for sure much more variaty.

no qeusts: the only actual qeusts you have are the personal story line. The rest comes with dynamic events, wich can evolve into something big and I enjoyed that very much! And with the downscaling you can visit and revisit every area of the game, regardless to your actual level. You'll get slightly less ep but your loot will be upscaled to your acutal level. Having a friend just starting a new char? No problem, you can join him and still have competitive fun! What I really loved about this - you can travel around and just explore the world. It opens up for you. I never had to look for the right NPC to get a quest and where do i have to bring it back. You get all rewards for the event by post - and you can open and send post form where ever you are.

your bags are full? just click the button "all collectable items to storage" - no mather where you are, they go straight to your bank.

I could go on like this - yep i really loved what I saw! One of the devs from A-Net said something like this: "when we create the game we always aks ourselfs: is this fun? " This is a completly different angle than "how do we keep our gamers in the game for a long time for paying a fee?" Believe it or not, you can feel and see the difference in so many things (little and big).

And for the endgame-issue. I can't realy put that in words. But you start off as a 1 level char - and you get a huge bossfight afther some minutes. Maybe this is one thing worth mentioning - leveling is supposed to be fun. You don't need to get maxlevel quickly to see "big things" - it starts off like that. So if you try GW2 - enjoy the leveling and don't have the feeling, that the game will start at maxlevel.

All dungeons will always remain a challenge since you can't outgear or outlevel them and I think, the dungeons at maxlevel in explorer (like hero) mode - will ask a lot of skill to get trough them. You can't gear better at maxlevel, you can just obtain more skill - I believe this will take some time, what I've seen and red - it will not be easy.

And the best part, you can take a break from the game and come back and play along with your friends without having to get the newest gear and so on. GW2 really supports playing with friends - even if you can't be there 24/7. I believe I will see a lot of my buddies again in this game.

so - this is just my humble opinion - and sorry for my english - it's not my motherlanguage^^