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11 August 2012 - 07:39 PM


1. How strong is synergy between professions? Like class A that strongly relies (or is even unplayable w/o) on class B (warrior/healer in wow for example), or CC synergy (mage/rogue etc).

Due to the structure of the game with breaking trinity and making all classes self-sufficient, direct synergy between classes isn’t as strong when compared to other games. Instead, you simply look at the weapon skills or utilities that will synergize towards your goal. For example, the most common build that was being thrown around on the warrior for the BWEs is that Frenzy -> Bull Rush -> 100b build. Normally, you need to land the Bull Rush to actually get off the 100b. However, you can actually free up the utility slot on your bar for another skill, like Balanced Stance, and simply have ANYONE give you the CC. There are tons of ways to do this that aren’t restricted by profession either or help. All professions, including yourself, have access to immobilize or a stun, it’s a matter of setting up your bars to work within the framework of your team.

In regards to something like CC synergy instead of reliance synergy, some professions simply have more access to certain aspects of the game. In theory, a double warrior would probably give you the most CC possible between 2 professions, but is it good? Depends if you can get away with running 2 hammers and 2 mace/shields in a 3v3 or 4v4 team fight. There’s a lot of counter-play and trade-offs in this game, and it really comes down to how you approach to making a comp that will determine synergy outside of the basic roles you want on a team.

2. Do you think lack of diminishing returns on current abilities will promote stacking certain classes (5x necro traited for fears, or guardians).

While it is possible to pull this off currently, here at Team Legacy, we believe that it should only be possible to certain degree. Five rangers with the same build, like say Spirit Rangers, should not be able to beat a well thought out team composition easily. While do you have this sort of ‘cheese’ build in other competitive games, they must be balanced out down release to avoid seeing 5 mirror builds in the same team. Being able to skillfully pull it off, however, would be a different thing. But as it stands, there’s a huge disparity in profession balance, thus making some 5-man mirror builds way better than they should be right now.