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#3741982 Anyone giving up WoW for GW2?

Posted Usk on 10 August 2012 - 10:23 PM

So many posts of people saying GW2 is trying to be a WoW Killer... I guess its what we can spect from a WoW community. I just want to clear up things, GW2 is different from WoW, GW2 Dev's are not even trying to kill WoW, that's a job Blizzard has done pretty well this last months. If you like WoW and cant even try other games, stay in WoW, if you are bored of playing WoW, GW2 is a good option, if you cant decide just try both since GW2 wont force you to pay monthly.

I mean... yeah WoW is a great game, but you can't say that all the other games sucks, maybe they are just not for you. GW2 made it so far to arrive on this community, full of WoW PvP experts, pros and noobs. If GW2 was bad, people here wont even know what GW2 means.