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In Topic: Ask me anything about GW2 - now live

11 August 2012 - 09:01 PM

1.) A question for the warrior players:
What are your opinions on the elites? The Juggernaut seems gimmicky to me and I didn't see anyone use it so far.
Is the Battle Standard viable without traits? Does it only revive downed players?

Juggernaut is just that kind of spells that requires a smart use, and we are all bad players at the moment so it will take some more time to find its use (But we already have 2-3 ideas that may become interesting).
Battle standard is awesome without traits and yeah it revives only downed players.

In Topic: Ask me anything about GW2 - now live

11 August 2012 - 08:15 PM

Thanks for the answer. I have two more questions:

How do you feel about Foefire's use of the Guild Lord, the mechanics of obtaining the kill and the points it gives? If you would like to see it changed, how would you go about it?

Same for Kyhlo. Do you like the involvement of the Trebs? Do they have too much(or too little) health, too much damage? Keep the repair kits or should it have a timer for how long it takes to respawn?

I think that the Guild Lord is not a good investment of available ressources. Holding points is still better than anything else. I would like to see the Guild Lord giving a way for the loosing team to catch up. Like all points become neutral for 30 seconds after the Lord is killed or something like that.

The treb for Kyhlo is good atm. It is a dynamic mechanic in the sens that you won't be playing with it all game long, you will choose key moments to place someone on your treb, and you will choose key moments to interrupt the ennemy treb. The treb is supposed to be punishing and it is good this way. My favorite secondary mechanic at the moment because it asks the team to take good decisions all game long.

In Topic: Ask me anything about GW2 - now live

11 August 2012 - 07:24 PM

5. Do you think having "combos" that different professions can do together adds another layer of skill cap, or is it going to be something obvious and used on daily basics

This is going to be obvious that you have to use them. This will be layer of skill cap at a "micro level" at least at the beginning of the game (like the rogue vanish in WoW, I know you love those kind of things), but this will also add more theorycrafting options to your team composition.
This adds depth to the game, and this is good.

In Topic: Ask me anything about GW2 - now live

11 August 2012 - 07:14 PM

@Fredzw, what do you feel the current state of Warrior is?

Warrior is definitely strong in this game right now. It has so many different viable tools that makes this profession the most interesting one at the moment. Arena Net did an awesome job with the warrior, by far the best warrior design among all the MMorpgs I have played.
You will be able to play many different viable builds, and you pretty much have answers to any kind of threat.

In Topic: Lowell's Competitive sPvP Thief Guide

09 August 2012 - 06:30 PM

Ranged player : D