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#3740917 Tales of Tyria | GW2 Podcast

Posted Bridger on 09 August 2012 - 01:28 PM

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I adore Tales of Tyria! I might be wrong, but I believe there was some talk of Team Legacy creating another podcast that would focus on pvp? Maybe once the game launched. It would be cool to see that happen at some point. :] Also, I remember a Tales of Tyria with some of your D1 SPvPers... I think, it would be cool to even see another one of those, maybe closer to launch or right after, or both! XD

Thanks everybody.  Yes, we have spoken of creating a show specifically for the SPvP community.  That is currently on the back burner until the game's release and we have an actual meta game to talk about.

We'll certainly get more of the TL SPvP team on the show to discuss builds for our various class-centric episodes which are going to start after the game's launch.

#3740742 Tales of Tyria | GW2 Podcast

Posted Guest on 09 August 2012 - 07:26 AM

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Hey Guys I wanted to pop in and give a shout from the cast @ Tales of Tyria. :)

Tales of Tyria is a community effort to bring the more complicated aspects of GW2 and break them down for the average viewer (call it mixing elitism with casual if you will, a daring feat indeed) It is run by Team Legacy, but we make a point to keep it non-biased, and you will see us frequently promoting other guilds and SPvP teams that send us email, with no costs attached. Many of you know us by now, and we are hoping by creating this thread, many of you may find a new home with us, especially for those long drives @ work and GW2 fixes in general.

Here are a few links for your listening pleasure, and to get to know us.

Guru Feedback


I will use this thread as an all-in-one update thread for any relevant episode that pertain to SPvP or tournaments in general. While we cover a lot of SPvP, we also cover a lot of WvW and PvE and sometimes you'd rather skip over all of that. So this thread will promote episodes coming that will focus on the more competitive parts of GW2.

If you guys have anything in general you think would be a great idea, feel free to give us a shout here or at [email protected],com.

And hey, if you're just a fan giving a shout out, you can do that here too!

Thanks. See you guys in the chat room!