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#4619674 kickbotter exposed

Posted by Hydroxide on 03 December 2016 - 03:34 AM

i installed it, it worked for 2 games and then it didn't anymore, it only had 2 buttons and it was "Go! and "go" in russian cyrilic letters. Sure i deserved to get banned for downloading that program and even trying it, sure, and sure i deserve to get banned for doing pilots in WoD, sure. I'm not expecting any sympathy from you but blizzard banned me for flyhacking,  on a diff account than what i tried that kickbot on in WoD. And yeah since that ghetto kickbot i haven't installed anything else,  and i bought a new SSD harddisk after that so i never even had any traces of third party software since like a year back. Who gives a fuck now though, i'm just saying all the dirt is on my old acc that got banned, and they even told me that a new account means that all the old dirt was ´gone and forgotten, but banned for SOMETHING I NEVER DID.            specifically FLYHACK. And i lost all respect to this shit company since then. But it's cool i'm already on my 3d acc now and it seems that i will be still very active )))

Stop posting. Nobody cares. Most people think your an absaloute cunt for trying to defend your slimy antics. Piss off snake.
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#4619089 Premier of Abolished talks sh*t!

Posted by Hydroxide on 28 November 2016 - 02:05 AM

Abo trying to cook up some drama but I'm not wasting any energy on you, tier 4 dogshit shaman

Can we all just be friends, get in a circle and jerk each other off. You two need to release the tension.

On other news, stop making threads highlighting what a cunt Xen appears to be. It's boring now.
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#4618822 kickbotter exposed

Posted by Hydroxide on 25 November 2016 - 02:26 AM

Come find me in Frölunda


Going to assume your going with the stereotypical inbred comment of 'come fight me'. So i'll just say fuck off.


Stop posting, Nobody gives an actual shit.


You play with A social form of cancer (g00bl3r). You act like a social form of cancer. Are you really so narcissistic that you think anyone is going to give a shit that you got banned 'unfairly'?


Cry me a river and fuck off and do something better with your life. The fact you feel like you need to defend yourself to a pack of nerds is actually hilarious.

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#4610488 disc toolkit and numbers

Posted by Hydroxide on 12 October 2016 - 11:31 AM

7. ?! Do you even comprehend english

Don't bash someone's comprehension of what is probably their second language when you can't even construct a proper sentence or use capital letters correctly.

Furthermore stop wanting a class to have everything. Disc is fine and imo it's fun to play.
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#4585326 2.2 CR deaf player LF funzies games H/A

Posted by Hydroxide on 28 May 2016 - 12:59 AM

Kudos man, making it work against the odds.
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#4584870 [spoiler] Hodor

Posted by Hydroxide on 26 May 2016 - 01:50 PM

You can mod the title to say "spoilers" if you like but he doesn't die or anything. You learn the origin of his name is all, and it is sad.


Thanks and my bad.

He doesn't die or anything? You for real? He's pretty fucking dead mate.
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#4584105 Weirdest nicknames

Posted by Hydroxide on 23 May 2016 - 12:47 AM

I was just called "Cunt".
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#4577805 Lets vote.

Posted by Hydroxide on 21 April 2016 - 05:16 PM

I was going to vote No.

But I didn't want to suck :(
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#4576212 The Community.

Posted by Hydroxide on 15 April 2016 - 03:01 PM

? first time this happens to u?

It's not the first time, but this one just seemed dumb, coming from a elitist 1.9k player.
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#4576191 The Community.

Posted by Hydroxide on 15 April 2016 - 02:17 PM

My mind...is actually blown.


Anyone else feel like the community is full of toxic morons, who literally live by their own hypocrisy. I'm not saying everyone is perfect, or people don't rage, but situations like this and the general Community...Just blow my mind. It's rapidly becoming like LoL.

Screenshot was added to show a prime example of this moronic community.
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#4569828 How to survive DK/WW/Hpally opener

Posted by Hydroxide on 14 March 2016 - 03:32 AM

More like 4 seconds later.
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#4569282 Paladin Heals Weak Advice Needed

Posted by Hydroxide on 10 March 2016 - 02:32 AM

Have you not considered using Flash with the proc?

It does increase Flash's heal by 50% which is kind of a large heal increase.

Furthermore, What stat prio are you running?

Check a 'top' paladin like Xonika on armory and make sure your gear is the same etc.

As a paladin, alot of it is simply down to cooldown management. Sometimes it can be a struggle in mid-late dampening in 2's to top someone without cd's, but you need to know when to pop your cd's or when to take the risk and save them for the next cc chain etc.

You say your ooming quickly, are you keeping beacon on the target your healing?

It'll refund 40% of the mana cost if you are.

Keeping SS up, HS on CD and using WoG on 3 stacks Is good though, so I think you atleast understand the basic's of Paladin. Just make sure your using the right talent/glyphs and remember to call your partner's cooldowns aswell, rotating cd's properly will win you games.

Apologies for any poor grammar, kinda drunk and accidentally stumbled upon your post as I was about to close my PC down.

Hope this helped.
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#4563627 Question on MM ignoring sniper training (yes) what stat prio?

Posted by Hydroxide on 04 February 2016 - 06:07 PM

For the record OP ...only your shit nation refers to alts as twinks. Wasn't suprised to see you play on a German realm with that cancer attitude.
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#4558605 Should Of Linked Majt

Posted by Hydroxide on 02 January 2016 - 09:35 PM

Credit to the streamer: http://www.twitch.tv/vengeful7
And my Mate who linked me this.


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#4557138 [Possible Bug] Holy Nova does not proc Surge of Light

Posted by Hydroxide on 24 December 2015 - 01:02 PM

To be honest I think there is another bug here which no one seems to have noticed I think (or could it be that it is intended?).

If a DK steals your 2-second Disc Silence with Dark Sim and launches it back at you, it counts as a full 5 second one as if it was copied from a Shadow Priest. It happened to me the other day (while of course there were no Spriests on enemy team).

If I recall correctly this happened during Wild season, but could anyone check this and confirm?

I can confirm this has happened to me Aswell but in the current season. It's annoying as fuck.
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