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In Topic: Mongery R1 Ddoser and Botter

24 April 2016 - 09:32 PM

The fuck is this garbage? Just some ass clown doing 2s?

In Topic: Legion Released 30th Aug

19 April 2016 - 06:15 AM

View Postrob-hype, on 18 April 2016 - 10:58 PM, said:

No where near ready for release, they're rushing it as usual due to bleeding subs :(
I love you.

In Topic: Legion Released 30th Aug

18 April 2016 - 08:32 PM

[quote name='Ventux' timestamp='1461008990' post='4576884']
[/quote] Senpai please.

In Topic: Legion Released 30th Aug

18 April 2016 - 07:28 PM

My body is not ready.

In Topic: Why Non-Gameplay Twitch Streams Are Bullshit

16 April 2016 - 06:05 PM

Agree 100% hate girl streamers |: that just have the tits hanging out 24/7 and cam is taking up all the screen. Though I also can't stand people like sodapoppin who just act like they have downs on Cam to get views and do stupid shit to get money. Good for you doing what you love and looking stupid for money/sponsorship. What's next twitch streamers on Jackass? Also rep Glinks for calling himself a nobody.