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<Hey Im PFD> LvL 25 Pvp Guild Recruiting / Tichondrius

21 August 2013 - 12:39 AM

Hey Im PFD A lvl 25 Guild with its roots from Blackrock Horde in Ruthless Season. Is now recruiting active and eager players who are looking to push high rating next season.We were established by a group of dedicated pvpers .We are looking for players to fill our core rbg team for 5.4 and players who enjoy arena, world pvp, duels and dominating other players.

-We have a active Raidcall and Streams

-Coaching for players wanting to
improve their skills




-World Pvp



-And Much more soon to come!

We also enjoy the social aspect of guilds, we hate quite people who dwell in chat and never talk. For the most part we are pretty mature minus the nights we all get together and drink and raise hell in sw.

If your looking for chill yet progressive place to pvp and grow and place to meet long standing friends to play with then hit me up in game or On the forum.