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#3836780 Good bye competition

Posted Dakkrothy on 18 January 2013 - 02:27 AM

dno why u bring it up on AJ, I honestly dont think anyone who has AJ access actually cares one single bit if the gear is "elite" or not.

Besides, its just a good thing that everyone has access to the best gear in pvp, I mean we wouldnt want the game to be more balanced now do we?

#3829961 5.2 Gear Change Ahead?

Posted Speedymart on 01 January 2013 - 03:35 PM

They need to do a few things, some of which I think would significantly help

1. Honor weapon. Doesn't need to be badass, just throw some stupid amount of PvP power on it and the t1 gap problem is solved

2. Remove this 'Req X amount of conquest' garbage. It slows everything down way too much. If dragonslayers think they have to PvP for a weapon, nerf the shit into the ground while further increasing PvP power or something.

3. Make all off-pieces require rating and are once again purchasable with honor, like TBC/WRATH. I'm talking like 1550 for rings/neck 1600 for bracer/cape and 1650 for belt/boots. Nothing huge, but once the rating is achieved you can just buddy farm it real quick.

4. Gear prices lowered back to cata prices, 1650 for gloves, not 1750.

Now you'll be able to be geared in around two months or so. Blizzard said specifically that they want more things to spend conquest points on. Lets make elite gear cost some points, add in a bunch of other cosmetic shit. Bring back tabards.

I really like that challenge mode gear style cosmetic effect idea. Would be awesome to have another set added in, even if it's to replace elite gear.

#3812752 Everything Mistweaver

Posted Moreudirl on 29 November 2012 - 06:22 AM



I will start by saying, i am an extremely competent player, and have been having success in arena as almost every class especially healers since its inception. I have gotten glad every season as well as 8-9 rank 1 titles on various classes, mainly shaman. This expansion i am probably the only mistweaver monk playing your game who has had even close to any success (we have been rank 1 all season in 3s and 5s playing monk healer comps with extremely great winrates) i even wrote a MW guide to help people out as the class is undeniably weak.

Seen here: http://www.arenajunk...ing-mistweaver/

To start, this class is very very very very weak. I am only having success because i have found some ways around common problems, and have had success for nearly 7 years on your game.

I have been enjoying it immensely as my other main, my shaman has been extremely overpowered since season 9 and i no longer enjoy playing it RIP BC/WOTLK days. Anyway, i think the monk class is well designed with some glancing flaws, please read my arenajunkies thread if possible i wold appreciate that blue posters. I highlight some necessary quality of life changes.

Anyways since 5.1 hit bringing several monk changes, many for the worse i have found some annoying changes that were otherwise not listed.

I can live with the chi wave healing nerf, the mana increases and some other changes you made IE renewing mist. What i cannot live with nor any serious pvp mistweaver cannot live with are the undocumented changes you guys made to the class as follows:

1) Enveloping mists stealth 32% healing nerf. Let me begin by saying this spell was already in a bad place with an extremely high chi cost while being dispelled by the majority of opposing classes, with no punishing mechanic attatched to it. However, now instead of ticking for a reasonable amount (filling the role of a greater heal) it ticks for nearly nothing in arenas, 14-15k down from 24-26k (new 15% healing battlefatigue debuff that all players have, as well as the 10% arena healing passive debuff). I dont see how i am supposed to heal any burst with this spell ticking for 1/3 less than before while players are doing a lot more damage with the upgradeable gear and pvp power increase. (14-15% more for some classes, most classes are seeing crits of upwards of 300k atm)

2) Chi wave change. I am not talking about the 25% healing nerf, i can live with that as i said. What i am talking about is the way the ability behaves. Previously it would bounce between enemy and ally targetting those with lower hp... a great interesting mechanic that was in a pretty good place besides the fact it bounced into CC abilities. However, now when it bounces to an enemy if they are under the grounding totem effect, the chi wave will bounce 30 yards away into the totem and fizzle out. This means you can only heal your ally reliably once for 20k for the cost of 2 chi. Please fix this so that it once again is coded as a physical spell thereby ignoring grounding totems.....

I suppose you want us to spam surging mist.... that is not a good design i was enjoying playing around chi based heals, please read my guide for details as I said i am the only one having success on this new class......

also please fix the aura mastery effect 4 piece (immune to interrupts via thunder focus tea)

I would love to speak with some of your developers if possible about the state of pvp currently as i have played at an extremely high level for many years and i know i could provide tremendous insight and suggestions etc for you guys, without being biased to any class, as i have had success on nearly every single one...

I would really appreciate a blue response in this thread as these things NEED to be fixed and whichever blue ends up reading this please, check out my guide on arena junkies i have some interesting suggestions/things i have noticed that could possibly help the class without being overpowered.

didnt know where to post this to make u guys read it delete the unnecessary ones

taken from http://us.battle.net...032837?page=1#6

#3808570 Mistweaver arena discussion

Posted Moreudirl on 21 November 2012 - 12:56 AM

I have had a lot of success on my monk this season running several comps over 2450 and two over 2500. This by all means does not mean the class is remotely close to ok. Before rating reset on this current we were 61-0 as monk mage lock and double healer demon lock(lol 10 games for cap) over 2500 we didnt fight many exploit teams maybe 4 or 5 when our team was still under 1500 and they were 300 mmr lower than we were, we started at about 2450. (before you flame me i know im on bg5 and not bg9, but im a semi competent player regardless and id like to keep this friendly)

If you guys find this helpful i can make a seperate thread and post alot more info i just highlighted the thing people ask me most. I will discuss gearing if anyone is interested too, ive tried so many gem schemes haha.

The strongest thing about monks is the fact that many popular comps which blow healers up such as god comp or various mage comps cant really train a monk efficiently.... as a result of this the solution for them is to chain cc us with their vast array of instant cc. neilyofiend, bloodfear, pom ring etc. For this reason the warlock plays destruction as ember taps can keep him alive long enough for a chi wave firework to cruise in there.


1) LIFE COCOON- this is an extremely powerful cd for the fact that the majority of your heals do 50% more while this shield holds. However, it is dispellable and on a 2 minute cooldown. Id love to see the cooldown reduced to 1.5 minutes and there be some penalty for dispelling. When people ask me what i think i generally say id like to see a penalty that when its dispelled half of the total absorb is healed up front analagous to the lifebloom "bloom" effect. If that is not acceptable for some crazy reason perhaps lower the cd but split the shield portion of the spell from the hot increasing portion and only allow the shield to be dispelled. I prefer the "bloom" mechanic

2) paralyze no longer having a positional requirement for pvp. This one is self explanatory as it can be extremely frustrating to line up a full 'sheep' dr cc only to have the hammer of latency keep you frmo landing a 7 second cc on an already stunned target as they continue to spin or face an incorrect direction.

3) potentially add a glyph to work with deadly reach to make your kick also gain 20 yard range but lose the abliity to blanket (may be too overpowered but id love some suggestions.) right now that tree leg sweep is far and away the clear winner.

4) envelop being dispelled... this is a touchy issue as its such a strong heal but its quite expensive chi wise. i feel if it is going to be dispelled it should refund 1 or 2 of the 3 chi cost. Its the equivalent of a shamans greater heal being dispelled. It just isnt good design with no penalty attached to it. alternatively make it undispellable but im afraid that would be far too strong. I dont know guys make some suggestions!!!

Many people ask me for tips, mainly issues with mana or burst healing i will post here what i tell them all.

1 )DO NOT RELY ON SURGING MIST USE IT AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. if you are surging misting more than once or twice per 30-45 seconds you are going to lose the mana battle generally. Of course there are exceptions vs teams who dispel. Use judgement. Try not to mist as much unless you can weave in a thunder focus tea for the extra output and mana conservation.

2) RELY ON CHI TO HEAL. You should be using expel harm off cooldown to keep your chi flowing, dont rely on this as a self heal only, as it has a large healing range (20k to as much as 60k non crit dno why its such a large range) and in most cases its better to just torpedo away anyway.

3) CHI WAvE IS YOUR FRIEND. Try and use chi wave as much as you can its your strongest heal and its undispellable, when you see a CC coming your way you should do your best to shoot one off and let your team know the fire work is on the way, that way they can feel safe knowing a large heal is going to keep them up during the cc rotation and focus on stopping the chain of cc on you.

4) RENEWING MIST/MONK 5% STAT BUFF- first off i try to renewing mist off cooldown or at least every 8-12 seconds. Keeping that hot rolling is nice and it helps keep your chi flowing for more envelops and more chi waves (much like expel harm) if a team is spam dispelling your hots and u feel it is pointless to use them, rather than resorting to just spamming surge and probably losing, stay determined and continuously reapply renewing as well as your 5% stat buff. You will not take a mana hit and you will eventually wear them out on dispels (2 piece bonus mana tea on hot dispel). more chi is more healing and more mana!

5) WHEN TO USE WHAT- i try to prioritize chi waving as much as i can as its a great spike heal with no real counter other than the travel time. Other than that try to envelop alot, as its pretty much your gheal and even if its dispelled you should be able to get a few ticks in and its a huge heal. Dont be discouraged by dispels, if you fall into the surge spam trap you will most likely lose anyway. THUNDER TEA SURGE IS GREAT-  use this alot even if the aura mastery effect isnt necessarily needed. chi wave as soon as a cc is coming your way the travel time actually helps in this situation as by the time it reaches your partner your cc should be coming off.

6) GOING BEHIND ENEMY LINES- i always announce in skype when i see an opportunity to land some cc i love the fact that i can "go behind enemy lines" and pretty much lock up any 2 players i choose, between the kick/silence and aoe stun and a "sheep' in paralyze that makes for a lot of ways to annoy an enemy team or healer. even in rbgs you can usually chi wave your team while rolling in ccing as much as you can and rolling out unharmed. Obviously use your judgement as you dont want to open yourself up for a swap, in general u want to evacuate via port or roll as soon as your cc lands

ps i am not trying to claim i am the best but from what i have seen i was probably the only monk with good records in all 3 brackets pre mmr fix, and above 2500 rating in both without queuing into exploiters (i didnt queue 5s in an effort to wait for this whole drama to blowover). Therefore, i feel i can provide some insight into the things which have worked for me. thank you

****share any thing u guys and girls have found to work for you id love to see some constructive posting!****

I will edit this as people continue to ask me questions. I just purchased a new laptop i will begin streaming all of my games on both my shaman and monk this season.


#3805727 New totem changes

Posted pripripriest on 15 November 2012 - 09:49 PM

I don't see why the whole cryin about seriously.

1) OH SNAP shammy in a stun/silence is fucked. So is Pala, so is Priest (once 3 mins cd PS is gone...and to be fair even with that on now you get shat on...) so is Monk (yeah cocoon jk 2 mins cd jk dispel). Druid is the ecception and as i said in few posts not long ago, when 5.1 nerf on warr/mage dmg hits, you'll see the rise of godmode druids.

2) I agree, maybe this is too much. You actually need to cast now instead of grounding, shock, reptide ns link totem... it's not cool but deal with it. STL totem should be droppable if silenced (not interrupted) like some sorta bubble. Tremor not usable if silenced is not a too bad idea considering you have to waste a silence on a feared target to keep it so. What an op shit is that totem since cataclysm changes

3) Nerf hybrid off heals (starting with shadow priests) and to compensante this silencenototem thing, lower the duration of silences. If you ask me there is far too many and they last for too long. 4 sec blanket cs is a joke

4) the astral shift thingy that reduces dmg should be castable while stunned (like ps) but not silenced (unlike barkskin, well it's 2x dmg reduction. Cd increased to 2mins, a point in the middle between PS and Skin

5) Cryin about earth shield dispells is pathetic. All classes get dispels and the best at it is... YEP shammy. Still you get a lot of other little buff when u cast reptide so takin it off is not even that easy (at least as single cast dispeller). With removal of Glyph of purge and nerf on spellsteal mana cost it should be fine

Oh, btw FORGET ABOUT MASTERY NERF on shammies.. that would affect pve, not gonna happen


Posted hid on 07 November 2012 - 09:58 PM

I wrote a small addon called ControlledRoll that simply enables click-to-move during roll/chi torpedo/flying serpent kick and then disables it as soon as the spell is over. In other words, it means you don't have to have click-to-move enabled at all times, the addon simply turns it on for when you need it.

I did not spend a lot of time on this and I haven't had the time to really try it out in pvp and stuff yet, so there may be bugs, if so I'll try and update this post when I fix the bugs. (I'm using this addon myself so I will make sure it works for myself at the very least).

If you're having problems feel free to PM me here, but the addon should be straightforward to use, there's no configuration at all, simply unpack it into your addons folder and when you use roll/chi torpedo/flying serpent kick you will be able to control your movement by right clicking where you want to go while in the air.

Download the addon here: http://download.loca...ledRoll-0.1.zip


Posted Baksteen on 06 November 2012 - 04:05 PM

Ok guys I got huge news for monks!

A friend of mine let his son play on his monk and put the option "click to move" on so his son can just walk around easily.

A little bit later he started playing again and while he was doing a roll he excedently right clicked on the screen which changed the course of his roll, this also works for Flying Serpent Kick.

No more rolling past you're target and able to just go around the corners with Flying Serpent Kick.

Welcome to the good life!

#3797389 Mistweaver arena discussion

Posted Apocolyt on 31 October 2012 - 11:06 AM

I just thought i'd come here and tell people the comps iv'e had success with this season. Iv'e already played around about 1200 arena games on my monk trying a variety of diffrent comps so i'll list what worked for me and hopefully monks can get higher in the ladder
Monk/Spriest/Mage -> Very Viable (With Mindz/Ojmarmz)
Monk/Spriest/Warr -> Not really too viable (With Mindz/Hulkirl)
Monk/Spriest/Rogue -> not viable rogue dies (With Mindz/Harashi)
Monk/Spriest/Boomkin -> not viable games go to like 45mins every time (With Mindz/lazerx)
Monk/Spriest/DK -> not viable dk just gets shredded by any melee cleave (With Mindz/Biotoxz)
Monk/Mage/Warr -> most viable comp iv'e played so far (With Vargasz/Ojmarmz)
Monk/Bm/arms -> Viable, but i hate myself for playing it (With random scrubs)
Monk/Feral/Lock -> Not really too viable

Iv'e tryed to test as many comps as i can with glad/r1 players to work out what i will actually end up running this season; i have Vod's of our games as Warr/Mage/Monk with Ojmarmz/Vargasz from warr PoV if anyone wants to see them they are Here:
http://www.twitch.tv...asz/b/337531444  (from around 44mins+)

#3797073 WW Monks aren't totally useless...

Posted hid on 30 October 2012 - 08:49 PM

Well, I'm currently at 2121 in a team where we've been mostly just playing around ( http://eu.battle.net...s/Hidx/advanced ) I'm quite sure we could reach 2.3k+ if we really tried, even in the stupidity that is 5.0.5.

If the current 5.1 notes go through like they are I don't really see any team that will beat us in our bg. I've played both lock/monk/rsham (messed around with affl, demo and destro on the lock) as well as mage/monk/druid and mage/monk/rsham.

The only reason monks don't feel as good as they SHOULD atm is because we aren't a class that shines in very fast-paced games, biggest problem being bm/warr teams, and to a smaller degree mage teams (although monks just absolutely shut down casters, so come 5.1 we'll be very very scary, EASILY the best melee class vs caster teams, even better than ferals.)

I'm actually somewhat scared that they'll end up nerfing ww monks again in a patch after 5.1 if things go through like they are now. Monks will end up being pretty meh if played at a low skill level (still probably a lot of fun), but if played near its full potential we'll be very strong, I'd say tied for #1 melee with feral druids, overall.

This is coming from a s1-8 glad rogue (held rank1 in 3v3 and 5v5 for the majority of most seasons in s3-s9, we just never wintraded and lots of other teams on our bg did so we never got the actual r1 title.) I quit my rogue in the start of s9 and just came back for MoP and made monk my new main. Absolutely loving it so far, albeit I've only got around 600 arena games played I still think I can say with confidence that the class is great, and with a few quality of life changes(TP buff down to 1 stack, base movement speed increase) and the other 5.1 ptr changes we'll be in a good spot. (healing sphere buff hidden OP ^^)

This quick post turned in to quite a ramble as I just kept putting my thoughts into it without really editing the order of it all, but I hope someone find my views/feedback on the class useful. Feel free to ask questions if you have any, I'll try to give you my thoughts on it. :)

#3795393 Mistweaver arena discussion

Posted Tehflayz on 26 October 2012 - 06:30 AM

So after playing my monk for about a week at level 90, I've come to the conclusion that you could replace a MW monk with any other healer (lol disc) and you'd be much better off.

Pros: Burst healing, mobility, teleports, moderate burst damage, cc.

Cons: Mana, defensive cooldowns, cc-able, very killable.

Comp: BM Hunter, Rogue, MW Monk

Rating: 1950-2100

It's hard to actually write a legitimate review when things are so broken this season. We managed to get to nearly 2100 multiple times, but as soon as people realized that all they had to do was silencing shot me after deterence was down my hunter would drop instantly. Same could be done to our rogue. The arena this season has turned into gibs. Many games have been lost due to a silencing shot-stampede-lynx rush = dead teammate.

As far as actual mechanics go, mana for monks NEEDS to be fixed. I cannot stress this enough, I go oom faster than any other healer in arena. I use my stacks of mana tea, build and use chi as efficiently as possible, and none of it matters. 1-2 minutes into a game and you're struggling to heal your teammates, trying to break away to drink, ultimately losing due to mana.

MW monks don't have many outs for ccs. I find myself being forced into the open to help cc to set up for a kill, which ultimately leads to us losing in the end. I've looked into the 20 yd paralysis, but find leg sweep much more useful. It's hard to not get caught in cc when you're constantly having to bomb heals into your teammates from ridiculous damage from hunters/warriors.

Another thing I've noticed, when people swap to me with cds up there's really nothing I can do. Again, stampede + silencing shot + avatar = dead nearly instantaneously. Can't teleport due to being silenced, the only damage reduction from melee is the stone-skin crap, which only reduces damage by 20%. Leg sweeping the pets and disarming the warrior help, however it only lasts for so long before they're on you again. Spamming healing sphere seems to be the best way to keep myself up, usually coupled with revival due to the sheer amount of damage being put out.

As far as the pros go, they're pretty obvious, everyone says it. Burst healing is nice. Paralysis, leg sweep, disable, disarm, silence, add quite a bit of CC you can throw at the enemy team. However, you need to be up in their face to do it all, which means you quickly become a prime target to be murked.

Damage can be quite good on a MW monk as well. Running in, popping tiger, quickly building up chi and then blackout kicking to get rid of it tends to give good results. Even when I'm forced to heal my teammates the entire team and just have the tiger out I've seen upwards of 3-400k damage in a 1-2 minute match.

I think that's all I have to say for now. The reason I have so much hate for hunter-warrior or hunter-x is because ITS ALL YOU SEE. Hell, even I had to run with a hunter to try to push higher. I ran spriest-feral-monk to 1750 with some friends and quickly got farmed down by more hunters.

TL:DR - I hate hunters. MW monks can be useful, but ultimately should be replaced with any other healer due to the current state of arena.

#3789280 Warrior Transmogs

Posted Annihilate on 10 October 2012 - 11:44 PM

Best transmog

Posted Image

#3790487 Int Vs PvP Power For Rdruids!

Posted Minpojke on 14 October 2012 - 03:09 AM

If you want maximum healing output without sacrificing spirit, gem your hands & belt with 80 int & 160 pvp power and your shoulders with 80 intellect & 160 mastery to gain the intellect bonus and in every other slot you gem 160 int. Reforge ur haste to mastery if your play with the blooming glyph


+rep if helped

#3790449 Real men play rogue or priest

Posted Jacquelol on 14 October 2012 - 01:29 AM

View PostWildeHilde, on 14 October 2012 - 12:55 AM, said:

On a serious note: Yes this was a showcase on how simple WoM-style provocation works to promote things. Sad thing is - it does. Constructive posts get very few feedback, drama stuff gets all the attention. Me and Khuna talked for some days on how to best promote his new stream channel and the idea for the video was something we developed together. And reading the post again I would not change a word. It serves its purpose, it promotes a video any rogue should watch and it promotes it well. Calling out people was a bit mean, yes, but you wrote these very words on a public forum.

Im not going to enter somekinda bashing or something, but when did Arenajunkies turn into a promote Khuna site?

ID Theft #1

#3790433 Real men play rogue or priest

Posted Slimson on 14 October 2012 - 12:40 AM

View PostWildeHilde, on 14 October 2012 - 12:31 AM, said:

If you'd actually read you would find out that I wrote the MoP rogue guide. Do you really think that one is low-quality? If so I would love to see a post you consider good.

This thread is fun. Calling rerollers out and we have 100+ responses. Doing a really constructive thread and at best 10 people respond. The readers here love drama, love hating on someone and I'm glad to provide you the content for that. When I'm doing the interviews in Shanghai you'll get a lot of material for memes.

feel free to troll and provide content for people to hate, but dont fucking do it on khunas expense considering all the other bullshit that recently happend

regarding your constructive guide: obviously its constructive but then again everyone can read spell tooltips and check pro players specs. guide seems to be aimed at players who DONT actually play the rogue class.

im done typing here, you fucked up and made things worse for khuna by this retarded thread. hopefully you can get it into your brain and stop trying to be a troll

#3790431 Real men play rogue or priest

Posted dramaisgood on 14 October 2012 - 12:32 AM

Khuna is a good rogue but too jealous of Reckful. Reckful doesnt care about how good or bad he is and just has fun. Khuna, on the other hand, comes to this site often and tries to bash him for no reason. Grow up kid. you are not half the man he is.