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Hunter talent changes suggestion

27 September 2013 - 02:59 PM

Since they gave Counter shot/ Silence shot(MM) baseline , i feel hunters got more instant, unavoidable CC and the whole point of those changes was to reduce it.
What i'd like to see is Wyvern Sting to go back to 1min.It was nice on 45 sec while we had to sacrifice Silence shot for it but atm i often don't even feel the need to secure a trap since i can just sleep him off scatter and try trap DR off it for even longer chain.
Other than that i think it would be nice to reduce Deterrence CD down to 2,5 min and the talent (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera) to reduce it by only 30 seconds.
Also,i feel like Exhilaration deserves some love. Since Readiness removal and Battle fatigue , this talent is quite useless(doesn't really top your pet either). It should either have reduced cd or 2 charges(same as Deterrence).

Lastly, i think Powershot needs a look aswell. I guess it is early to discuss it since it scales well with Weapon but currently i feel my Arcane shots do more damage than it and only use of it is the knockback.

From all those suggestions i mainly want Wyvern to get bit of a nerf. It just makes hunters even easier than previous 2 seasons (imo).