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Returning to PvP.

28 November 2014 - 02:41 PM

Thank you for stopping by! I know this is a rough question to answer but I just wanna see what feedback I can get.
But I want to start getting into PvP and its been awhile since I've really done some PvP(Lich King).
So im curious what would be a good class to get back into the BGs now. Something that is strong(no im not just looking for top tier) but not to complicated, something simple that will let me learn the ropes of PvP and the class at the same time. I currently have 100 Warr and multi 90s.
I was thinking of trying ranged dmg but its not set in stone.

Thanks again


07 July 2014 - 06:43 PM

I know this question may be annoying and a pain to answer but i want real feedback to help me out. I am going to start getting into PvP a lot and i haven't played much PvP in the last 2 expansions. So I was wondering what would be a good class to play, and learn PvP.
I would like 2 to know the choices for Both ranged and Melee, not to sure about healing. I have never been a healer before, but MAYBE a possibility. I am looking for a class that can do well in RBGs, Open World PvP and prob arenas later. So something that is well rounded.

ATM I do have few 90s and couple 85s BUT if I am convinced i would level another toon if i dont have it.  lol

Currently have 90(Warr, Hunter, Rogue, Druid, Pally) 85 (Mage, Shammy)

If ya'll can give me some good feedback it would be appreciated

Thank You