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#2358072 Rogue Metas

Posted ohi on 02 July 2010 - 12:13 AM

off topic:

lieto are you aware that you are using boomkin boots with sp/crit?

#2332583 wyh

Posted wawarox1 on 25 June 2010 - 03:30 PM

because priest can't write 3 letters in the good order

#2187305 Are there any girls on AJ?

Posted Ghoruz on 17 May 2010 - 02:34 AM

Don't think female players are unusal, in my weekly ICC 10 PuG we have 4 girls each week and in 25 around 6-7

Altogether I know 17 girls playing wow atm and out of the 17, I interact with 8 of them regularly.

Beside the ones I interact with atm, I have talked / played with 7 girls somewhat frequently / serious and I shall now share my widsom I've manged to obtain:

7/7 were playing a healing class

5/7 were playing a healing spec, the other 2 were prot specs.

2/7 were pvping (both up to around 2k rating)

7/7 had both cooking and fishing maxed out

7/7 had a very large collection of mounts and achievements

7/7 were doing stuff like ZG mount, farming vanilla recipies for professions, BRD runs etc very often.

4/7 had suicidal thoughts and had a huge need of attention

2/7 played because their BFS introduced them to the game

7/7 were raiding on a decently high level

4/7 had more than 4 lvl 80s (mains being healer / tank classes)

5/7 had a a rusty / slightly dark voice

7/7 thought Johnny Depp was hot (Not really sure how I always managed to find this out...)

7/7 times I came to regret asking for an irl pic

So, giving this information we can draw following conclusions: Don't ask for irl pics and Johnny Depp is hot.

Also speaking of PvP girls, I managed to pick up a a hpaladin with 2.3k experience who newly migrated here from /trade and convinced the dude to play with my super crappy geared warlock alt 2 days ago - it turned out to be that the dude is a girl and I actually think she is of glad material (2300 rating with 400 games played only) + she is really fun talking to + playing with. So far she seems to be the most "normal girl" yet.

Just need to resist the urge of asking for an irl pic.

(Essay posts like this about nothing is a result of sleeping disorders and boredom.)

#2166719 Most overpowered harry

Posted Blowi on 09 May 2010 - 03:10 PM

As my old granddad, who is sadly no longer with us, always said:

"There is a difference in easy to get rating with and easy to play at its full potential."

He was a wise man, and I'd appreciate if everyone would take out 5 seconds of their life and write with me:

R.I.P Granddad

#2054402 DUDE, Powerslave!!!

Posted PHUD on 09 April 2010 - 04:50 AM

warriors are so shit man...wtf are we supposed to do when we play with 500 ms + stance lag...

ffs.. revenge nerfed aswell fuck this im specing out of bladestorm its shit too......

#1860696 Sacred Shield nerfed to 7 seconds?

Posted eforsmo on 19 February 2010 - 06:28 PM

100 more absorb (+sp)
The FoL-crit-effect lasts twice as long

50 more mana
1sec extra between procs.

Is it really a nerf? I mean, the absorb is a rather huge buff, considering the amount of spellpower you can get. :confused:

Edit: Its also added Rank 1, so they are preparing for Cataclysm :D

#1859696 Battleground Honor Changes

Posted Omnomnom on 19 February 2010 - 09:19 AM

They should implement a guy which trades single marks for honor, before they remove my 100 WS/Arathi marks -.-

#1853583 @ Vileroze

Posted Vilerose on 17 February 2010 - 08:05 PM

with hero, iv, and hyperspeed...

1.04 sec frostbolt
.678 sec for 1.5 sec casts
.61 sec polymorph

not sure if hyperspeed fell off by the time i saw polymorph cast time or not

#1843579 [Blizzard] New PvP (& PvE) content in Wotlk

Posted kinexa on 14 February 2010 - 08:27 PM

Zul' raid inc?! YES PLZ :D

Me love da troll raids mon!

As for a new arena, ffs no. RoV has been broken since 3.0, they took it OUT of the arena rotation for a while, and put it back in with just as much bugs and gay then ever before, just no gates at the top that a rogue could be on your side before they ever even dropped! >=[ What makes you think they could get a new arena right this time?

#1843502 [Blizzard] New PvP (& PvE) content in Wotlk

Posted Badvibes on 14 February 2010 - 07:53 PM

New Arena:   Icecrown Citadel

You must dodge flames and falling icicles (which cause a DoT and break stealth) to fight your way to your opponents all the while avoiding The Lich King, if you kill The Lich King you gain a buff that allows you to pilot the power ranger's combined robot form Mega-Zorb and destroy the walls of Icecrown to ensure instant victory.

#1844320 Sheep and Fear

Posted Seu on 14 February 2010 - 11:59 PM

Gabobin said:

Is there any good reason why fear and sheep dont have DR? 2 most OP and spammeable CCs in game dont have DR but the 2 most retarded ones lets say Trap and repentance do.
I dont see the logic of this.

Discuss pls

ya i totaly agree bro

i get so :mad: @ wen im healin then they cc @ me cuz i cant heal n e more. it shud be nerfd agree 100%

especialy geting feard on my shaman there is liek no way 2 break it :mad:

#1711224 The "Real" 3s Comp List

Posted Floorboard on 13 January 2010 - 05:29 AM

cuz not every comp is some stupid ass name made by a 13 year old kid

:rogue::mage::priest: = RMP  (never mrp idk why shitters say that)
:warlock::warrior::druid: = WLD
:paladin::priest::warrior: = Dispel Cleave / Double Healer
:rogue::warlock::shaman: = RLS
:mage::warlock::shaman: = MLS
:mage::warlock::druid: = MLD
:paladin::hunter::deathknight: = PHD
:paladin::deathknight::warrior: = TSG
:deathknight::warrior::druid: = TreeSG
:hunter::warrior::paladin: = African Turtle Cleave (War = prot)
:paladin::druid::priest: = Ret Turtle
:paladin::druid::warrior: = Kitty Cleave (Druid feral Paladin Holy)
:paladin::hunter::shaman: = Beast Cleave
:mage::shaman::priest: = Shatterplay
:warlock::priest::shaman: = Shadowplay
:warlock::deathknight::druid: = Shadowcleave
:warrior::warrior::paladin: = Man Cleave
:rogue::warlock::druid: = RLD
:warrior::mage::druid: = WMD
:warrior::mage::priest: = WMP
:paladin::rogue::priest: = RRP/Ret Rogue Priest
:rogue::priest::shaman: = RPS (shadow priest resto shaman)
:shaman::warlock::druid: = LSD
:hunter::warlock::druid: = HLD
:warrior::mage::paladin: = WMP
:warrior::warlock::paladin: = WLP
:druid::warrior::paladin: = Starstorm (boomkin)
:paladin::shaman::priest: = holyplay

Any other team with 2 healers and a warrior = Double Healer
Any other team with 2 healers and a DK = Boring Cleave
Any other team with 2 casters and a healer = Spellcleave/Wizard Cleave


If i missed any ones that don't have retarded ass names like "your moms sandy vagina cleave" or "arabian desert cleave" plz post <#

#1791118 @ PvE Shadowpriests

Posted Konfu on 31 January 2010 - 09:44 PM

Devitalize said:

i think you should go read the 10000000000 nerdy theory crafting posts :/ or you can go read muqqs 1paragraph post on ensidias site

Yeah I did:


Depending on your current haste and spell power values, you'll receive a net gain in DPS by excluding Mind Blast from your rotation.

#1772034 Strength Ashen Verdict Ring insanely underbudgeted.

Posted Ashe on 27 January 2010 - 12:59 AM

Sealcub said:

Well you don't want to add up the budget points because the stats' usefulness is different and have various weights.

Hi. Op wasn't talking about Stat Weights, he was talking about Stat Budget cost and how Str ring has "less" stats.
(ie. 100str "costs" more than 50agi+100ap)

The reason for this is, that str items are 4 stat spread, thus cutting into diminishing returns, since STR "costs" more per point at higher values than Agi+AP.

Problem here is that Blizzard has said that they won't make Str+AP items, since they "don't make sense".

Which is why some Agi items are superior to Str items in PvE for warriors and rets, for example.

#1769090 Guild Arena Ratings Viewer

Posted Tavarius on 26 January 2010 - 12:14 PM

A few days ago I was asked by someone to create an application that scours the armoury for the arena ratings of an entire guild for crappy-player 'clean-up' purposes.

If anyone else has a use for this - go to town!

http://www.mediafire.com/?nucmgzzjm1m (Mod Note: Virus free, for all you concerned.)

I'm still a novice coder, so don't expect the fastest of the fast, or COMPLETELY bug-free. Scanning a guild of 270 players took about 15 minutes, so just keep that in mind.

Leave any comments or whatnot here or send a pm.

Update: source code:

I'm not proud of the part where I needed to scan the ratings of the players. I could not find a fix where XPath lets you check for existence of an element.

If you know a fix to this let me know and I'll clean it up. (!= null doesn't work, I tried :P)