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#3863087 I'll just leave this here...

Posted Braindance on 17 March 2013 - 11:08 PM

Mage scum turned into a shish kebap
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#3847348 Arena Egos

Posted Synkz on 11 February 2013 - 03:53 AM

It's kind of a waterfall effect too, I've noticed. The 2500 guy will act like a jerk to the 2300 guy, so then the 2300 guy acts like a jerk to the 2000 guy and then the 2k guy acts like a jerk to the 1800 guy and 1800 like a jerk to the 1500 guy and it just keeps going.

Feels bad, man.

#3847322 Arena Egos

Posted Snackumz on 11 February 2013 - 02:50 AM

I always wondered why egos seem to be so important to arena players everywhere. whether it be titles or just being known as a good player, why does it matter so much? it seems as though people don't even venture to playing with players that may be below their league of play or even above their league of play. i still enjoy just queing with random people from trade because it can be fun, even if you play with someone that is horrible for a night there is always the off-chance that it you could have a lot of fun and maybe even meet someone that is new to arena but could potentially be really good at the game. i know it sounds stupid to even bring up a topic like this but it really seems quite prevalent within the arena community that rapidly decreases everyday, so might as well have fun playing with people that are fun to play with while it lasts.

tldr everyone is gonna call me a faggot

#3845016 Interrupt hacking is still a thing?

Posted Adversa on 05 February 2013 - 01:02 PM

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#3844967 I remember when

Posted Smooviex on 05 February 2013 - 09:29 AM

looking up to gladiators during BC, thinking they were gods... I don't even feel like glad means anything post-wotlk

#3844977 I remember when

Posted dionim on 05 February 2013 - 09:47 AM

neilyo movies at bc with ronald jenkins music
the real TSG (the 5s) fighting against the brazilians for r1. (veev warlock and valrath mage if im correct?)
Duelist was a really fucking good tittle to get
shoulders made you so proud of yourself (more than glad today)
i fucking miss the PVP tabards =(
and the best tittle ever "The Flawless Victor"
sounds wierd but i like TBC/Wrath heroics dungeons
and the old gear was soo more cool

#3844280 I remember when

Posted CrossBlesserx on 04 February 2013 - 08:43 AM

I remember when disc priests were able to deal dmg in an arena game.
I remember when dispel had no CD
I remember when I played a lot of skirmished and loved it
I remember when shamans had to drop tremor before the fear
I remember when shamans didn't have tremor for every fear

#3844134 I remember when

Posted Ralffi on 04 February 2013 - 12:37 AM

I remember druids not being able to iceblock

#3843360 2400 rating holy paladin youtube channel

Posted Seu on 01 February 2013 - 07:14 PM

what to expect from the joh naggro gameplay video:

-heavy mouthbreathing through mic
-clicking party frames
-30 second clips of blind hoj repenting healers



Posted saffie on 20 January 2013 - 08:38 PM


#3836059 Ghostcrawler on RBGs vs Arena (Official)

Posted Geru on 16 January 2013 - 01:25 PM

They also, which is much more annoying than arena giving a lower cap, should fix the bug that forces you to fill your arenacap entirely before doing the last 2 rbg games. It has not been that way in Cata and its fucking stupid considering the only time ppl are up for rbgs is mostly first 2 days after update.

#3834989 Leveling in battlegrounds

Posted wodeta on 14 January 2013 - 01:25 PM

I dont know about leveling on BGs, my bot seems to enjoy tho.

Hope that helped.

#3832523 New idea to fix the Casters-never-cast issue

Posted Nisslol on 08 January 2013 - 01:13 PM

View PostSaikx, on 08 January 2013 - 12:27 PM, said:

nerf mongoloid gods in plate aka warriors, fixed.

mages complaining about warriors, I thought I'd never live up to that moment

#3832552 Is this season sponsored by Heinz?

Posted stalebagel on 08 January 2013 - 02:10 PM

u r one cheeky kunt m8 i swear on me mums life i'll wreck u

#3829760 Reckful why you rollin back rogue bro?

Posted GrieverXIII on 01 January 2013 - 12:05 AM

View Postsamcope14, on 31 December 2012 - 11:46 PM, said:

I play rogue!

Hey, who's suprised that you're back?