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#4512648 what a joke joke joke of a company

Posted Xonika on 03 October 2015 - 01:36 PM

Thanks for the support and I understand people dnt care but for the sake of the people that do, I can explain. I arrive in prague and have 1 of the greatest times of my life meeting the people I met and just having a great day.  That night I check my email and find I got 72 ban only along with my gf gettin a warning on her account altough we've lived together for over a year ive never logged my new acc (1 I set up specifically for qualifiers which was completely clean and passed all 2 pre checks before the qualifiers, about a week ago my dad came over to visit from ireland, staying for 3 days in my room where my pc is, he slept quite early and ofc I was bored with my gf currently being on a nightshift so I logged my acc on her pc) as of recent blizzard has a new system which tracks pc id of some sort instead of the standard ip address ( which is why boosters who use proxies got banned before the qualifer/during the checks eg. Gelubabas team. I showed the email I got to multiple esl admins/rederees and multiple blizz staff who I asked for a contact number because I didnt have time to sort this via ticket, despite my worry every assured me that this happens sometimes and should be fine, not to worry. After practicing for 3hours this morning I was confident we would place atleast top 3 after being very successful in wargames. 5mins before the opening game I arrive with my fresh banana and nice cold water. I get told by some guy im dq and I cant play, I question him and many others and so did every other team(excluding pjke and cavys team who were starting their match. After 20mins and appearntly triple checking with blizzard, im dq and have to leave the premises. I assure you, I and many others did all we could to find out the reason of my "bad standing" account. I asked many blizz staff for a contact number to atleast explain/ask them to check location/ip etc, I was told to ask x guy who sent me to y guy and so on. Lagyna and I left after we figured no1 cares and it was too late to get un-dq considering other games had been played. Its hard to read over and check everything on my shit phone so excuse the grammar and I dnt expect any reply and will ignore most arrogant and idiotic comments coz believe it or not ima go have some fun in this sick weather and beautiful city. Thanks to every1 for the support and the guys ive spent the amazing players ive met in the last days.

#3949737 2s system just needs to go

Posted Xunae on 29 September 2013 - 01:38 PM

View PostNickyEU, on 29 September 2013 - 01:00 PM, said:

WTB Lowest average health % rather then lowest %

WTB any buff/debuff removed and 25min draws reintroduced

#3949628 2s system just needs to go

Posted Angrypiexx on 29 September 2013 - 02:11 AM

This thread is not about specific classes unbalance. Not gonna go there, i play a pretty strong (borderline op) class so not gonna start a neverending flame. What i'm complaining about is the arena new mechanic. In order to explain myself i'll do 2 examples.

( A ) pre 5.4  and  ( B ) post 5.4

( A ) fuck yeah weds. Time to cap. Go make 2s with random, play fast gg points disband bye

( B ) fuck no, it's weds. Time to find a decent player that can be bothered playin with a priest  (or healer of anykind) vs supertryhards at 1700 mmr cause everyone is just playin SUPER FUCKING defensive to the point that you can see ppl poppin big cds at 100% hp cause their healer got half fear and enemy player popped some minor stuff.

Possible reasons (imho):

1) Everyoe playin healer + dps comp can actually have a shot to beat anyone, even far better players. All you need to do is gettin a good pve-rotation attempt droppin someone really low and then pilar, play super defensive and wait for the freaking Chosen by the crowd buff. Say you good and overcome the dumb attempt you most likely gonna have to spend 10 mins AT LEAST... if you don't you just wasted 15 mins to gain nothing.this is makin cappin a TRUE pain in the ass.

2) The dumb idea of keepin armory record of arena win/loss for the entire season. PPl don't go yolo cap anymore like leaving in boring match up situation simply cause they don't want 30% win loss ratio to be there, publicly exposed.

Possible solutions:

1) Reset rating/stats button. You press it you wipe it ALL. Just start over. Thanks for coming
2) Make an alternative fast way for capping and ask some (3 ? 5 ?) games played at your highest braket to get next week cap still high.

Seriously, 2s is just being disgusting and yolo cap in 3s is not a super viable option for the stats reason. Not to mention many ppl won't join random noskype games just for cap. World of tryhardercraft has been there for what, 2 weeks now ? enought to make me and ANYONE i know really tired of it.

thoughts ?

#3945639 Game breaking bug list

Posted Crawthz on 22 September 2013 - 10:43 AM

Game mechanic ones:
-People running in full Grievous and nothing be done with that
-Conquest vendors being out of the game from the start
-One massive ladder, except it's just a list of everyone on a region. Old Battlegroups are still in place, which leads to next:
-There's still servers that are easier to gain rating than others because how queuing works
-Arena queuing bugs, can't press queue if someone is still in arena or in loading screen or you have to remake group
-Resilience buff before players are fully geared resulting in huge class imbalance
-You still can't do RBG's first and then arenas for a cap, while Blizzard stated this would be the case
-Crowd Chooses You being extremely abusable and bugged out
-Server transfer removes Arena and RBG ratings
-Marks vanish because of half the abilities in the game
-MMR gaining is stupidly low, I've gained 5 MMR with 95% winloss 25 games played against teams that are within 100 of my own MMR
-Fearpathing wins or loses games

Class specific ones:
-Holypriest cant drink if Lightwell is down
-Warriors lockdown capability, there's absolutely 0 chance for a caster to cast if a decent warrior is sitting on him
-Warrior, DK and Wlock damage, it's just beyond fair
-Immortal holypaladins with the 50% CD reduction talent which gives 30sec Wall, 2.5min Bubble ect
-Fear damage treshold, I have tanked a warrior fear while warrior and wlock are hitting me without the fear breaking
-Most melee uptime, games slower now, requires more casting except that you have a melee sitting on you 24/7
-Random Hunter trap activation time, sometimes it's normal time, sometimes it's instant
-Too fuckin many ways for players to get out of CC, it was "ok" when game was fast when you could burn the CD's off quickly, but now it's just too fuckin much. Some classes become immortals, specially those who have 30sec small defensive cd's
-CC is breaking randomly

This is just quickly from the top of my head. How the fuck can this much bullshit go through PTR is beyond me.

#3739965 How to get viewers on twitch

Posted Bam112004_6764907 on 07 August 2012 - 08:26 PM

This is Sodapoppin, this was my toon before i got banned for botting BGs on stream because IDGAF. I stream entertainment, no1 gives a shit anymore about high rated arena, Woundman/Neilyo are some the most FAMOUS rogues out there, and i see them role with such few viewers because no offense to them, i see yall posting above this, but no1 really gives a shit atm...No1 cares if youve been to tournaments. When i see glad titles on people, shit even rank 1 titles, it means nothing to me like it used to back in the day. Samx is still convinced people care about his rating hes achieved, or his amazing "rogue skill" he has. Truth is no1 gives a shit, only reason he got viewers is cause of the way he tlked shit about other streamers, raged, and started some hardcore intense drama, which attracted a shit ton of haters, in fact he has LITERALLY 5x more haters than he does fans. He just bans them all in his chat, or his mods do, so they dont hurt his Ego. Cdew gets viewers because hes established and already has followers. If your a new rank 1 player who streams, Corbs, Unumz etc. They get such few viewers compared to me and other streamers that do the same, becuase people prefer entertainment. Samx DID entertainment but now cant because his partnership got threatened with the drama he caused against my stream. It makes me happy that most of the people in this thread already see exactly what im saying in the posts that im seeing. Maybe in Mists some of yalls streams will become amazingly successful and Skill win world of warcraft will matter again.

#3739606 How to get viewers on twitch

Posted mukuld50 on 07 August 2012 - 04:17 AM

View PostPhillol, on 07 August 2012 - 04:16 AM, said:

I wonder why

cause you touch yourself at night

#3739604 How to get viewers on twitch

Posted mukuld50 on 07 August 2012 - 04:14 AM

View PostDakkrothy, on 07 August 2012 - 04:10 AM, said:

just me who actually thinks sodapoppins stream is one of the most entertaining one? lol

No add me to that list as well

#3739544 How to get viewers on twitch

Posted Minpojke on 07 August 2012 - 02:06 AM

I think ur jelly and thats not really how it works since that guy isnt making any money on his stream

#3739602 How to get viewers on twitch

Posted Dakkrothy on 07 August 2012 - 04:10 AM

just me who actually thinks sodapoppins stream is one of the most entertaining one? lol