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In Topic: Warrior 2800 last season lf 3s

13 December 2014 - 09:55 AM

Why would you post skype on here?

In Topic: Arms stat prio - Confused..

12 December 2014 - 04:39 PM

View PostSkinkelynetz, on 12 December 2014 - 04:26 PM, said:

That's what I thought. What about the trinket, I am Human so I use the proc STR trinket but which other trinket should I use? The STR one that gives STR too when use, or Mastery one with use that gives STR? I cannot figure out if Mastery scales so well, that it even outscales STR?

@Afantara Crit has been nerfed so it only gives 150% dmg, so I think you are wrong... :)
I have tried both trinkets out and the mastery trinket with rep gives you more damage. You legit cannot rely on crits right now to choose crit over mastery so yeah
Mastery for arms scale over STR/crit atm. the blue rep mastery trinket gives you about 6-8% increase damage while in arena.

In Topic: Arms stat prio - Confused..

12 December 2014 - 03:37 PM

It's 100% for sure Mastery over crit since it increase every abilities damage and crit does not scale for anything at the moment unless you want to lose raw damage so going mastery bracer / cloak is better.

In Topic: Finding People to Play with

12 May 2014 - 02:59 PM

A lot of people stopped playing wow.
I think blizzard should make a cross realm lf chat channel for pvp/pve so you can find ppl easier.

In Topic: Is Sweeping Strikes a waste of rage?

12 May 2014 - 02:56 PM

Umm iv seen some big numbers with sweeping strikes. I use it ALOT in 2s on my warrior but in 3s if im not playing war lock x or tsg im never using it. You only use it at high rage (70+ rage) and people are stacked and also ofc not near people in polys ect but ya it's worth it if you want more cleave damage also in battle stance.