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Warlock Imp Dispel

30 August 2015 - 09:53 PM

Does anyone know a macro to use imp dispel on a friendly target that's all purpose whether it's out, sacced, or empowered? Getting a macro that dispels part1 and 2 that words with searing, singe, and when you sac it (which command demon then uses it as opposed to cauterize) is a PITA.

Can Rogues vanish inside a flare now?

28 July 2015 - 08:37 PM

Honestly haven't been super active the last 2 expansions. Last time I put any actual time into regularly queuing was Cata.

I know sometimes things are laggy and with rogue Burst of Speed sometimes they appear to be on the tip of something but are probably 8 miles away, but I swear I've set up some stuns on rogue with a flare on top only to see him trinket vanish dead center inside of it, disappear and either be knocked out by dots 3-4 seconds later in Mongolia, or he's able to cloak it off and just reappear whenever he feels like it.

When I was actually playing I remember rogues who messed up and vanished inside the flare would either be brought out immediately, or if the flare was already down the vanish just would go on CD and be wasted inside the flare. Am I wrong and just thought I saw it happen but it didn't or are they able to do this now?