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In Topic: BANNED

15 May 2015 - 04:46 AM

How many people in this thread who are arguing that leveling only Honorbuddy users believe that blizzard has a MASSIVE team working on anything related to PvP or anything like this?

Let's be real here. What we know is they flagged well over 100,000 accounts and banned them. I don't know the method of how, and it appears most of you don't but for arguements sake lets say the number was 115k flagged accounts for possible HB use. Blizzard has like 5k employees, I'm sure most of them are jerking off watching cat videos, working on the next xpac, working on the new game they have coming out, and some doing whatever the fuck else. I imagine the team they assigned to this was probably 10-15 people, but since most of you will say I'm just wrong because I'm not blindly agreeing with you, let's say they managed to assign from all their offices and take away from the pool of working on new games, or how to squeeze more money out of WoW, Diablo, SC, HS, HOTS etc, that it's 100.

So they have 115k, flagged accounts (hell the original number of possible accounts might have been massive?), and you guys are saying they should have combed just for cheaters. So what's the average arena player play in arenas? Hundreds of games by now? Anyone with full gear has like 150 or so played and then plays more after wading through that shit. Most people I meet have 500+ games played. So let's lowball it for you and say of all arena players in that mix along with ones who don't even dabble, that the average games played come out to like 150.

So that's like 17,250,000 arena games played. Then you gotta figure out where to draw the line, who do you ban? Anyone who used even 1 time? Anyone who used for 3 games? Anyone who did it for a whole month straight without stopping? Anyone with 10%+ games played doing it? I mean if you start banning only people who used it for a whole month, a shit load will avoid the wave and then what happens "oh look 100 botters got banned across the globe because most users found the pause function and didn't use it every single game fucking blizzard... always half assed, last season they took 5 weeks to end the season to murderdeathkill all win traders and pilots and got 5 people... way to do it again blizzard."

So they gotta get em all you know. They want to make a statement, that much is obvious. So all of you wanting only kickbotters, and routine users who have used it more than once to get banned? Now those 100 people now have to comb through 17 million games looking for kick patterns across each game because oyu know, sometimes they pause their bots... which was the whole point I'm assuming. I mean shit I once played Cupid with a ret, I didn't figure out he was a botting scumlord for 20 games because he ONLY used his bot against rogues for BOP on blinds. It took me so long because he kept randomly BOPing me. Didn't even notice until I saw blind get used on my CD tracker at the same time he BOPs, debuff didn't even show up and I kicked him. So if they go comb like you want... gl, this seasons bans will take years and years.

I personally don't have an issue with HB for leveling... unless you had to pay for it (idk did you have to buy it?) because I mean that's supporting the very people who are ruining what you want fixed. I get it, I fucking hate leveling but do it because I like my account and no other reason. But how do you expect them to take out most of the botters in any other way when you already know how blizzard operates? Sure they could hire on 10k more people for this one task, but what business men would ever sign off on that? I won't brag, laugh, spit, or antagonize anyone who got hit just because you leveled with it, but at the same time I can't exactly shed any tears because this is the only way blizzard operates, and deep down we all fucking knew it.

In Topic: Damage is actually too low

02 May 2015 - 04:34 AM

View PostRailander, on 02 May 2015 - 03:43 AM, said:

and yet burst classes get even more buffed because its now even more easier to explode someone from 100 to 0, which is exactly what happened during cata with all the triple-dps teams. the squishier teams are, the stronger burst classes get. there is just no room for warlock's rot dmg to creep up because by the time it does he's probably already dead.

Wat? In season 11 when triple dps was at its worst, the ladder was still run by rot comps. LSD2, Shadowplay, and even RLS were playing drain games all over everything. Rot comps were very real that season, were some of the top comps and even more common than triple dps... You both have really good points, thug and rmp were still really good ladder comps for their crazy burst, but I think you're not remembering correctly if you think that rot comps weren't insanely strong during the same period. As a jungle player that season it was incredibly frustrating running into LSD2 and Shadowplay with cunning/legendaries over half the queues and practically auto-losing to the dot comp enrage timer if we didn't get a gib after the 3rd/4th trap.

In Topic: Fear has been overnerfed.

10 February 2015 - 04:04 PM

I'd like to see them start nerfing different aspects of CC's instead of the usual duration/CD... Psychic Scream is pretty much widely agreed upon as one of the more balanced CCs in this game for as long as it has been around. Mostly because of the give and take it had and risk involved. Go for PS at good time, create huge pressure or even seal the deal. Go for it at a bad time, GG you just fucked your team over and the other team is counter playing off of it. Most of it has to do with one of the most important elements of this game, positioning. For PS to work you have to give up your position and dive in, the better positioned the enemy team is, the harder it is to get it off without fucking yourself.

What if they started nerfing CC ranges? It seems so silly that a DPS can CC from 40 yards away. Didn't all spell casted CCs used to be 35 pre-cata? Hunters being the only people in the game with a 40 yard range? What if all CCs went down to 20-30 yards depending on what it is forcing all DPS to have to come away from their cozy pillars to get it off and potentially put themselves at risk. Also allowing a well positioned healer to range many CCs once again.

I feel like this could once again breathe an interesting dynamic into the game as opposed to just making things not last as long or not usable as often. Granted those changes will still need to be made to certain CCs (especially self-serving CCs that often allow you to CC a whole team or part of it to almost guarantee your own CC without much team interaction).