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In Topic: Fear has been overnerfed.

10 February 2015 - 04:04 PM

I'd like to see them start nerfing different aspects of CC's instead of the usual duration/CD... Psychic Scream is pretty much widely agreed upon as one of the more balanced CCs in this game for as long as it has been around. Mostly because of the give and take it had and risk involved. Go for PS at good time, create huge pressure or even seal the deal. Go for it at a bad time, GG you just fucked your team over and the other team is counter playing off of it. Most of it has to do with one of the most important elements of this game, positioning. For PS to work you have to give up your position and dive in, the better positioned the enemy team is, the harder it is to get it off without fucking yourself.

What if they started nerfing CC ranges? It seems so silly that a DPS can CC from 40 yards away. Didn't all spell casted CCs used to be 35 pre-cata? Hunters being the only people in the game with a 40 yard range? What if all CCs went down to 20-30 yards depending on what it is forcing all DPS to have to come away from their cozy pillars to get it off and potentially put themselves at risk. Also allowing a well positioned healer to range many CCs once again.

I feel like this could once again breathe an interesting dynamic into the game as opposed to just making things not last as long or not usable as often. Granted those changes will still need to be made to certain CCs (especially self-serving CCs that often allow you to CC a whole team or part of it to almost guarantee your own CC without much team interaction).