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17 November 2015 - 02:14 PM

abcd d

In Topic: How to get r1

17 November 2015 - 02:13 PM

View PostBlizo, on 17 November 2015 - 02:00 AM, said:

i am biased?  we waited 3 times, that game lasted like over 6mins and u said he came back for 5 secs and dced again? rofl stop lying..not gonna answer to u anymore cus no point. we waited 3 times u didnt and then u say shit stuffs like that, haha lol. grow up, same what i said to whaaz lol
yep you are just fucking stupid you dont even understand what you are anwering to.  you seem like a lost cause. i called you biased because you think that you are winning a game before something happened that made the game nonlegit. you are stupid as fuck because you think that waiting for X times for a ddosd person INGAME should have a limit (F.E gets ddosd 3 times within 5 minutes, "now we wont wait for you anymore"). its literally the most irrelevant thing how many times someone gets ddosed in a game because to keep your integrity all you have to do is WAIT. and last but foremost you comment on my maturity out of the blue, without anything to back it up? "grow up"? jesus christ come up with something better
ah also the game did last 6 minutes and he didnt dc for the what, first 3 minutes? then he dcd 3 times and everytime he came back he was in the game for something like 5-10 seconds, as the vod shows, and then got ddosd out of the game again (which happened 3 times, as stated before)

In Topic: How to get r1

17 November 2015 - 12:59 AM

View PostBlizo, on 17 November 2015 - 12:29 AM, said:

u serious right now? we waited 3 times or 2 times, is it not enough? we always were ahead with a game when leekzy got dc, he got dc 3 times lol 3 TIMES and we waited 2 times and after we were cba waiting when he dced 3rd time or 4th time i dno...and u next game didnt wait for us in dalaran but game after we were ahead again and yes u waited for 10 secs and then u started killing us and reason is cus i killed pet which was hitting me? lol, losing to dpriest turbo in the first place is laughable...u was free puntos for us and niezes push for r1, sadly u got it cus of ddos :)
how stupid and biased can you be? there is no such thing as "we were winning, we were ahead in the game where this and that happened", its just so dumb to say something like that. and as stated before, it is irrelevant how many times leekzy got ddosd in the game, ALL you have to do is wait. also come on be real now, the times he came back he was in the game for literally 5 seconds and then out of it again (can be seen on stream). btw maybe it might be hard to believe for you but dpriest turbo is by no means any easier than any other version of turbo for rmp (arguably its even harder in the matchup) so bringing that up is just "laughable". and yeah leekzy decided to frag you because you pissed him off (while we were waiting), but still i dont understand, why do you expect someone to wait for you when you didnt do that in the first place? i just dont understand how someone can be so fucking dumb. the people i meet here just keep surprising me. also im genuinely curious what exactly is silly about linking a fragment of a skype conversation? you wont get anything from "henrik" and you will 100% get nothing from me either, ive gotten ddosd once in my life and after that i fixed everything so i would never be dosd again ~
not like anyone would have a reason to dos me anyway

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17 November 2015 - 12:03 AM

View PostBlizo, on 16 November 2015 - 11:36 PM, said:

stop lying, it was 2 games and then we couldnt q cus he had to wait like 1 hour for new ip, we won like 3 games u won 1(legit games) and both games when nieze got ddos we were winning. and lets not forget we waited 3 times when leekzy dced, when he dced for 4th time we were cba LOOLOLOLOL.
im not lying at all? we got ddosd vs u in blades edge, you killed us, we met u in dalaran arena, someone in ur team was ddosd, my teammate didnt wait, so im not sure where ur going at? also you're counting the legit games pretty damn wrong lol. also im genuinely curious if you're actually this fucking stupid? what does it matter how many times he got ddosd in the game, all you have to do is wait. also he got ddosd 3 times in the game, not 4 times (you killed him the 3rd time he dcd, also before that i had to burn every cooldown i had to keep him alive bcus apparently it took you 20 seconds to realize that he is not even playing the game). you're literally exaggerating with everything you're saying. (btw the game where nieze got ddosd, he got ddosd as the gates opened so there was no such thing as "we were winning").
edit: i was incorrect with one thing, you guys did actually dc vs us one more time where we waited, but then as leekzy quotes: http://puu.sh/locYT/...1f1.png<br /> in any case, why would you expect someone to wait vs you if you didnt wait in the first place..?

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16 November 2015 - 08:22 PM

View PostBlizo, on 16 November 2015 - 06:50 PM, said:

ofc its not hard when ur enemies are getting ddosed :)
that was 1 game and the only reason they decided to kill you is cuz we got ddosd once and you guys killed us lol