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Hello friends...


Posted Hyuru on 14 April 2013 - 06:53 PM

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Eventho this is off-topic:
If it wasn't Rylez, who else played in that team? I can understand that a lot of people here don't like Rylez for certain reasons but always coming up with the story of his team getting accountplayed is just stupid. There is enough proof around that he played his account so maybe some of you guys should shut it and just live with that fact that Rylez was one of the highest rated 3vs3 players last season.

White Knight.


Posted Shawir on 14 April 2013 - 06:33 PM

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You've spent way too much time compensating for being a little bizarre social outcast by trying to act tough on the interwebz. I believe this is also the reason why you're seemingly unable to grasp very simple English phrases which also leads you to yet another petty e-thug tantrum. I was merely referring to the fact you've chosen a very awkward sentence in "has the balls" as if you have the ability to act on whatever it is you find offensive.

Calm your simple mind down, turn your computer off, and mayhaps open a book once in a while? I guarantee it'll do wonders to your lackluster understanding of the English language. ;)

you needed more than 20mins to actually come up w/ a not even semi-proper post
you make me really sad

stand strong palestine
allahu akbar