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#3930502 GC & Holinka live interview and ArenaLeague finals

Posted Conyak on 23 August 2013 - 02:23 PM

WOW is at a crossroads just now. The only way to describe S1-S13 is the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. Gothiques nailed it when he said the PVP community have to push Blizzard to make the changes needed to improve PVP. The Starcraft community showed Blizzard how to turn SC2 into an eSports and its up to the WOW PVP community to do likewise.

Its time to separate PVE and PVP once and for all. This will let Holinka and his team tweak PVP levers in real time. Make it so that when you reach Expac max levels (70,80,85,90) on a class you open a class slot for competitive play at that level on the ATR. If people want to level in BGs instead of questing and dungeons then award gold instead of honor.

Increase base resilience for all levels to 70% and make BGs fun for all leveling players. Make only gear on the ATR usable so bye bye PVE gear in PVP and professions become irrelevant. Remove the gear grind with all max level characters given full access to their seasons gear. Award temporary weekly titles, armor skins, mounts and pets for the top 10 players by class within each region..

Implement the excellent new arena tournament UI developed by Vadrak and give shoutcasters GM tools to work with. Region wide replacing realm BGs in S14 is a major step in the right direction as it allows players world rankings by class to be determined. Start hosting weekly tournaments where the weeks top players are invited to participate for prize money.

Setting up a players council made up of top players by class by region is something long overdue.Now that most regularly livestream on Twitch this should be easier to arrange. From a design POV stop replacing active abilities with passive talents. With most modern MOBAs using 6 core abilities its time to cull WOW usable abilities down to 18 if participation is to increase.

Do the above and WOW will have a shot at becoming an eSport. Thanks Vanguards and Hildegard for hosting the interview and trying to move things forward for the PVP community.

#3867135 What we can do to help PvP

Posted Tist on 26 March 2013 - 07:30 PM

Few things, not really related to AJ but PvP as a whole:

The PvP community in general has been "dying" since probably WotLK.  There's a few reasons for that.  In TBC we were all new to arena and competitive PvP (for the most part) and so everyone was very willing to build the community and help each other out.  It was shiny and new and we all had a blast.  It was just a game back then.  

Since the inception of arena, it's evolved from a fun competitive portion of WoW to being monetized in several different ways, which has not only completely fucked ladders and actual competitiveness, but led to the situation we have now where it is not even a community so much as it is a glorified way to make money.  This has only gotten exponentially worse with Blizzard making it increasingly easy to transfer servers, characters, and everything else in between.  

Speaking from US perspective - BG9 was large and flourishing back in TBC too, and people pushed to make it "the" place to be even back then, but what's forgotten is nearly every other battlegroup had it's own communities too - even on the low pop or dead servers there were small PvP communities that played a part.  Having played on Shadowburn (BG8) since TBC, I can remember playing people from literally almost every server on the BG on a regular basis.  You KNEW the top teams on each server because you played them so much.

We've gone from that to everyone migrating to a few select realms to be where the top dogs and e-famous were, ironically to consolidate the PvP community, and all it's done is clogged up and funneled everyone into maybe 5-6 servers here and there, turning everything else into a complete wasteland, and really not doing a whole lot of favors for anyone as all it does is force people to these few servers in order to be remotely competitive at all.  

Another big thing I've noticed with this mass migration is that players have just gotten more and more elitist as time has gone by.  The top players went from idols to practically untouchable cult status, and this has had a trickle down effect by and large.  Everyone who thinks they're good migrate to the big servers, and its turned into one large shitfest of ratings hierarchy.  People will ONLY play if you've been this rating or that rating, or have T2, or all of the above.  This type of attitude is everywhere - I've played with legitimate 1800 rated RBG heroes who just talk shit constantly about anyone and everyone as if they're 2800 instead of 1800.  There's a lot of these types floating around the big servers who just think they're way WAY better than they are, and are ultimately content to just sit around "stomping scrubs" in lower brackets, or who might eventually just buy a title to keep their egos up.  I mean, I'm not exactly super high rated myself any more like I've been in past expansions, but I've at least been there on my own before and I'm not arrogant enough to assume that everyone ever who's been a lower rating than me is trash and not worth my time.

The competitiveness of the arena community is mostly dead because a huge portion of the few glad spots on ladder nowadays are either sells or boosts, leaving a huge gap.  There's a lot of players who WOULD be Rival or Duelist who will get boosts because it's easier than actually playing, and a lot of people who just simply buy Gladiator nowadays, something that just was not that this widespread in the early days.

Think about it - if you're even a semi-competent player, there's a nearly insurmountable mountain to climb here.  Gladiator is so far-fetched today that most either don't even bother trying, or end up buying it.  Say I'm a player who just legitimately reached 2k (itself a rarity today), what's my incentive to keep playing when I know that I'll have to queue into comparatively top tier players almost nonstop AND have a high win rate, just to get to DUELIST range.  We all make fun of stuff like season four, where the top 150-200 2v2 teams were Glad in many battlegroups, but the reality is that Glad and even Duelist were something that were much more reasonably attainable and something that perhaps the average player could eventually aspire to on his own as the season progressed.

And I know, wall of text.  Sorry.