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In Topic: Surge of mist vs. AMA

07 March 2017 - 11:15 PM

It depends on the comp you play and the enemy team ofc but surgie of mist is by far superior vs 2x casters teams (especially the spread dots teams) you practically never oom, you sit behind a pillar mostly, the healing is just fine and u cant get locked. Its also pretty descent vs some of the r/m variations. Surge just sux vs stuff like turbo tsg mm/x etc where you need high single target constantly

In Topic: Surge of mist vs. AMA

07 February 2017 - 02:46 AM

He was using surge of mist vs 2-ble casters i believe? + vivify only as casted heal so i guess that was talented with the talent on the last pvp tier.


From my exp vs 2x casters you dont need that extra healing from AMA and also the games are longer so u need mana. You can just use  thunder focus to keep 3x /buffed talented/ Rem on every1 keep enveloping+statue on main target and i like to use depending on the comp healing spheres. You cant realiably use them on party but you can pop 1-2 around the pillar and free dispell yourself from the random dots on you when rem/enveloping/dispel are on cd. That+healing elixir and sheilun behind the pillar is enough to keep you fine. You can dispel 2x targets  this way constantly which will make that casters spend way too many globals to reaplying that dots back and they just lose preassure.


Its awkward but surge is better vs some comps. It was great vs arcane/outlaw too before the patch .

In Topic: Why would we still play mw?

30 January 2017 - 12:48 AM

Was asking that question myself lately


I thought MW have their niche providing really great healing output in shorter games with AMA and the instant cast effuse/enveloping while channeling soothing mists which actually is ~0.5 cast with the gcd and costs tons of mana


... then i saw  resto druids spamming 0.4 healing bombs for 0 mana fml...

In Topic: Survival hunter and dispel?

18 November 2016 - 05:57 AM

Have the same problem with enveloping mist. Don't think its SV only because I have this problem vs MM too probably something with hunters but never happens vs BM so its weird.

Wrote a ticket about that early in the season but i guess its not high on their priority list right now :D

In Topic: 7.1 Undocumented MW nerfs?

26 October 2016 - 12:14 AM

If soothing mist was a hot, would that be okay? Because that's exactly what it is now except I have to channel to maintain it which doesn't let me cast any other spells. You can purge and dispel magic soothing mist off a target.


Kinda weird people still  complain about soothing mist ... its basically a hot


enemy can just purge it


its  the least potent heal in our book (basically its the spell mw's cast on tanks when they take close to 0 dmg)


the statue passive soothing mist is 50% of the main soothing so its basically something lile ysera's gift


You cant cast the other  spells instantly when you channel soothing like it was in wod/mop


you cant cast any other spell meanwhile or the channeling will break and you have to wait for a while to re apply it


problems with mw:

- Mistwalk in its current state on top of all the other mobility

- Counteract magic

- instant Enveloping probably healing for way too much while effuse /flash heal/ sux