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#3894424 New Debuff: Bitch Sickness

Posted Spinmove on 03 June 2013 - 07:42 AM

They already have Resurrection Sickness in this game so they need to add a new debuff called Bitch Sickness.

When you're playing 2v2 Arena and run like a bitch the whole game, you contract Bitch Sickness. After thirty seconds you get kicked from the game unless you stop playing like a bitch.

Bitch sickness

Thanks for reading.

#3894426 New Debuff: Bitch Sickness

Posted Colard on 03 June 2013 - 07:55 AM

Retard sickness : when you're playing 3v3 Arena and spam icelance like a retard the whole game, you contract Retard Sickness. After thirty seconds you get kicked from the game unless you stop playing like a retard.

#3881437 Scatter Shot DR's Frost Trap on 5.3 PTR

Posted Saru93 on 28 April 2013 - 10:39 AM

about time they do something to hunter cc, its a joke lol

#3875263 All About Hunter - OUTDATED

Posted NickyEU on 14 April 2013 - 08:23 PM

What is this? This is not a comprehensive guide just a place where I will be directing people with questions.

If anyone feels like contributing be it fixing my horrible english or adding content let me know.

Note: English is not my first language so be prepared.

As some of you might remember I was previously a writer here on ArenaJunkies for multiple years but decided to leave the team about 8 months ago due to management disagreements. At the time I was answering hundreds of questions in Ask A Gladiator and because of that people realized that I was always happy to help which lead to me getting an overwhelming amount of PM’s and whispers. That is the main reason I have decided to put together a small guide that I will be updating as I see fit with information relevant to the current Meta game.

Why listen to me?

Short About Hunter:
With the release of Mists of Pandaria the hunter play-style changed but our role stayed the same.

Now how is this going to work out? Previously, we had big limitations by having a minimum range that caused our entire playstyle to focus around progressive positioning, predicting enemy movement and using max range to our benefit. We were put in teams to offer control with numerous instant cast CCs and high burst to open up possible kills for our partners. A common trend for our combos meant creative use of other classes to baby-sit us and fill in the absent synergies. This led us to playing “uncommon” compositions with a lot of off-spec classes such as; Ret Paladins, Prot Warriors, Feral Druids and Enhancement shamans.

With Mists of Pandaria we had two major changes, one being the removal of minimum range. This changed a lot about the way we play as we are no longer constantly staying at max range but instead we moved into the fight. At the same time getting new utility that benefits us being closer to the target, both for defensive and aggressive play. The second major change is the generalization of our specializations causing BM to have the same utilities as MM. This lead to BM being much more attractive and will be the dominant spec until MM catches up with either utility changes or damage buffs.

I won’t go too much into detail about how we should play yet as it will become more obvious as we go through the spells and talents that we will be picking up. At the end of this post I will also be posting a tips and tricks as well as a how to play against X that should give you great insight in how to play your hunter.

We are in the extremely rare situation that our talents are essentially up for debate. Picking talents may vary depending on playstyle, experience, team composition and much more. So I will be explaining the spells below for you to get a feel of what you might want and then what I think is most suitable for different setups.

Posted Image

Narrow Escape:
Extremely versatile utility that acts as a semi passive! The wonderful thing about Narrow Escape is that it allows us to pick a single talent that opens up the possibility for a full team control, aggressive play, defensive play and positioning to a whole new extent. Using it to root melee, root targets, help healers or keep people LOS or to go LOS. I don’t think I need to explain this spell to much as it really speaks for itself.

Mobility and positioning is an extremely important aspect of the game and Posthaste provides us with that increased mobility through increased speed and breaker for roots/slows. This spell requires both practice and experience to understand and utilize it is one of the key aspects in having “progressive positioning”.

This comes natural to some hunters that played pre-cataclysm but can be a challenge for new hunters to learn. I suggest picking up this talent when you are playing in a heavy mobility composition or if you are targeted often, it is great for passive kiting and using LOS to relief pressure.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera
In a situation where you are facing a lot of spell-cleaves. The shorter duration of Disengage allows you to much more effectively and consistently get behind pillars to Line of Sight and the Deterrence cooldown reduction combined with Deterrence glyph, can turn a spell-cleaves push into a spell-cleaves death. Notice this is a dangerous talent to pick for winning spell-cleaves, good players will see the hunter deterrence and immediately try to get a dot reflected to be immune to damage sensitive CC for a longer period.

The deterrence is our survival skill and as thus should be treated as such, using it for aggressive purposes is dangerous as it gives reason for enemies to make swap to you. Using the deterrence for reflecting CC is also a possibility and often game changing. Use with caution!

Posted Image

Silencing Shot:
Short cooldown, Long Range, Instant cast and 3 second interruption spell. Most hunters will be picking this as the current meta means playing with melee classes who is short on silence effects and thus no chance of it going on diminishing returns and devaluing. It is instant cast, 40 yards range and off the global cooldown which nearly guarantee you being able to get it off to interrupt or to prevent healing.
The short cooldown leaves it open for most situations and an easy tool for setting up crowdcontrol chains.

Wyvern Sting:
The not so popular Wyvern Sting! It shared Diminishing Returns with our trap leaving it extremely lacking compared to our beloved silence shot. However if Survival undergo a little changes replacing silence shot with Wyvern sting, and Freezing Trap with constant Frost Trap could prove extremely powerful... enough dreaming.

Binding Shot
Although Silencing Shot is better in pretty much every situation I can’t stop but dream of situations where a well-positioned Binding Shot combined with a glyphed Explosive Trap to trigger the stun could make you win the game. But the insecurity, inconsistency and required timing to pull that off makes it not worth it compared to our guaranteed on demand Silence Shot!

Posted Image

Exhilaration has its strength in two fronts: an emergency heal and healing our pet. There will be so many situations where we are low on health and our healer is sitting in a few more seconds of CC, and this spell will be our free-pass. At the same time it will also allow us to use our pet in even more aggressive scenery allowing us to keep up the consistent pressure that BM require to be truly effective. All of the above combined with being reset through Readiness makes it a really valuable spell.

Aspect of the Iron Hawk
As much as an emergency heal is great; there will also be compositions where having a consistent damage reduction will be more valuable. You will have to take notice on this spell yourself, if you often find yourself in situations with sudden bursts, and one CC deaths, then do not pick this up. This spell’s strength is for consistency purposes, if you are often caught in longer games waiting for kills or in situations where you “almost” survived, then pick up this up. I will be explaining this further under the “build” explanation section.

Spirit Bond:
Yeah… not yet.

Posted Image

Thrill of the Hunt:
Early season I would have argued that the in consistency of the spell made it a not looked-for talent. But given that the buff stays on you for a good period and that the meta game of BM require you to prepare burst periods with Arcane Shot I will go head and give this a little more credit than it most likely deserves.

Fervor provides us with an on-demand focus gain for those situations where we need to spam dispel, do extra damage or prepare for damage. Unlike the other talents this has its strength in being on-demand, consistent and very reliable. But it gives us an overwhelming amount of focus that can be hard to dump fast enough! Especially given that when we do eventually go for kills it is mostly combined with other buffs that alone will leave us with overwhelming amount of focus

Dire Beast:
No, having an extra pet and have focus regeneration rely on yet another pet mechanic is suicidal. We manage with our own pets as they have multiple ways of getting out of CC but Dire Beast is…silly

Posted Image

Blink Strike:
I will not be commenting on this as it is being changed shortly.

Lynx Rush:
Read above

A Murder of Crows:
Read above

Posted Image

Glaive Toss:
Glaive toss is instant cast so positioning, besides not breaking CC along the way, is not a primary concern when picking up this talent. One of the dangers with Power Shot is that we often spend long channeling the spell to get interrupt and essentially CCing ourselves. This is not a concern with Glaive Toss as it is instant cast and on a short cooldown we can get it of reliantly and maybe even twice during kill attempts. (Or three if Readiness) With the current meta forcing hunters to pick up the Vicious Talisman of the Shado Pan Assault it is also worth noticing that the most of these we can get off during a proc period, the stronger it gets. (Duhh)

Powerful burs that even with the 25% reduction recently is still an extremely powerful shot which can be utilized for opening bursts or swaps. It has a knock back that can prove useful on blade edge and dalaran but as these arenas are getting changed shortly I will not be going too much into the knockback besides a mini interruption for surrounding healers.

Coming Soon!

Major Glyphs:

Glyph of Explosive Trap.
Removes the damage, adds knockback effect. Great spell for throwing people out of position, knocking down from Blade’s Edge Bridge/Pillars or Dalaran Sewers boxes. Takes our main weakness, (LOS/Position issues) and makes it into our greatest strengths. (The LOS at Dalaran is not much of a problem given the recent change to our ranged attacks not having a minimum range – and less relevant once they get changed with more stairs!)

Glyph of Morrored Blades.

This could be swapped for Master’s Call or Solace depending on what composition you are playing and where you are lacking as a team. There are more things to consider as written earlier:

[…] turn a spell-cleaves push into a spell-cleaves death. Notice this is a dangerous talent to pick for winning spell-cleaves, good players will see the hunter deterrence and immediately try to get a dot reflected to be immune to damage sensitive CC for a longer period. The deterrence is our survivability skill and as thus should be treated as such, using it for aggressive purposes is dangerously as it gives reason for enemies to make swap to you. Using the deterrence for reflecting CC is also a possibility and often game changing. Use with caution!”

Glyph of Disengage.

This could be swapped for Master’s Call or Solace depending on what composition you are playing and where you are lacking as a team.

This glyph will increase the length through height in which you disengage; this is extremely useful as it provides you with the possibility to disengage from the bottom of sewers floor, up onto the main platform. It will also allow you to do some stylish disengages on Blade’s Edge Arena.

Minor Glyphs:

Glyph of Revive Pet.
When our pet dies, we need it back up, this will be our savior when trying to get that 6 seconds cast off!

Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah.
It isn’t crucial but since none of the other minor glyphs is more interesting this will be our second minor glyph. Use it for those few situations where you need to kite and don’t have any globals to use for other things.

Glyph of Stampede/Random

Depending on what arrangement of pets you choose to go with. I will be explaining this in much further detail under the pets section.

With the publication of Stampede at the release of Mists of Pandaria our pet selection got a whole lot more complicated than previously. During Cataclysm most people would use a wolf and a cat for buffing pre-match and then have a couple of monkeys for swapping out/abandoning dead ones during the fight.

During the stampede our 5 pets will be using all of its “auto-cast” spells, which means any spell that can be toggled to auto-casting will be cast through it. This includes damaging spells, debuffs and their 1 minute buffs.

There is currently one limitation; pets will only cast the spells if they have the auto-cast toggled on individually. If they do not have this you will need to have a macro for all of these spells,

A great place to go for a list of spells is here: http://www.wow-petop...nts/skills.html

The A-Team Pet Setup;
This is the most streamlined set of pets that you can run with. Now you will evidently be playing with team mates that will be bringing certain buffs. I suggest swapping out the pet that is rendered "useless" with one of the swaps listed below depending on what you lack/want as a team.

1. Shale Spider (Primary)  Or if MM/Surv Crane (Primary)
2. Quillen (Crit, 2min) Or if MM/Surv Wolf (Crit, 1min)
3. Hyena (Attack Speed, 2min)
4. Spirit Beast (Heal, Mastery, 2min) -///-  
5. Shale Spider (Back Up) Or if MM/Surv Crane (Back Up)

Devilsaur: 25% Healing Debuff. Reduce globals by not having to refresh Widow Venom.
Moth: 4 second interrupt.
Birds of Prey: 8 Second Disarm:
Ravager: 4% physical damage taken.
Plainstrider: 12% Armor Reduction. (Stacks off three)
Foxes 30% Casting Speed Reduction AoE (30% 10 yards, 30 sec)

Buff Setup: 5 Buffer’s
Given the swap list above you will should be able to put together a nice collection of pets focused on buffing.

Debuff Setup: 5 Debuffers
Given the swap list above you will should be able to put together a nice collection of pets focused on debuffing.

Role Confused Healing BM Setup: Spirit Beasts
5x Spirit Beasts - You run with a Spirit Beast and you use the Stampede Glyph to get even more spirit beasts. This is a good setup for running 2vs2 or doing battlegrounds, but really not desirable in competitive arena. Although it was extremely strong in the start of the expansion as you could easily put out competitive healing but given the changes it is no longer viable.

Build Explanation:
The Aggressive Hunter (...)
Coming Soon!

The Defensive Hunter (...)
Coming Soon!

The "I am in  your face and all over you" Hunter (...)

The Smart Hunter (...)
Coming Soon!

The "The floor is lava" Hunter (...)
Coming Soon!

The Confused Hunter (...)
Coming Soon!

The Average Hunter (99% of Hunter Population)
Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Head – Coming Soon!
Shoulders – Coming Soon!
Back - PvP Power - Coming Soon!
Chest – Stats - Coming Soon!
Wrist – Agility - Coming Soon!
Hands – Agility - Coming Soon!
Legs - Coming Soon!
Feet – Coming Soon!
Weapon - Coming Soon!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Zionsfall doesn't even use Focus Fire because it makes you do less dmg is this true?

Question 2:


Shot Priority
Coming Soon!

Tips and Tricks

The Kneeling Trap
One of my earliest self-found tricks is having a keybind specifically for /kneel. The trick might not be as easy to pull off now that the majority of the hunters is using trap launcher as it have caused people to be less aware of the hunters animation.

But using a kneel and letting the animation run for a second, by not moving, will use the same animation as placing trap. This way you can trick enemies into running around in large circles or trying to get around spots, gaining you just a few seconds of free time with this "mindfuck"

When to use it? I tend to do a few kneels at pillars, or in front of pillars and often find people avoiding that area for a long time. You can use it to have them come in at awkward angles or in rare occasions have warriors pop spell-reflect or rogue pop cloak of shadows, etc.

Feign Death into Deterrence
People have gotten better and better and not getting their CC reflected when deterrence is up but there are still way that can enhance your chance besides timing.

Regardless you should be able to see when people are going to CC you, be it from them moving towards you or simply casting, noticing is the most important aspect. Paladins often tend to run towards you and look at you when going for a stun etc Using Feign Death for cancling casts or having the target lose target often get the target in a slight state of "panic" as they attempt to reapply the CC.

Mostly I use it versus warlocks/mages or paladins as they are easier to spot when going for CC, feign death, and wait half a second then pop deterrence. In a majority of situations the player will instantly try to target you again and reapply the cc. Take notice, that some players might not reapply the CC as they don't notice or the situation changed, you will have to get experience at noticing this yourself. Using it is also semi risky given you use a defensive cooldown but might get you the kill or help your team survive.

More Coming Soon!

How to play against:
Coming Soon!


Master's Call
This will master call you - Unless one of the following is found: shift, ctrl, mouseover, friendly target. If found, it will do it on indicated target.
/use [@mouseover,help][mod:shift,@MATE1][mod:ctrl,@MATE2][] Master's Call

Secured Silence Shot
Will silence target, unless you got a mouseover or hold shift for focus target. Second and third line allows for Hand of Protection and Detterence removal.
#showtooltip Silencing Shot
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cancelaura Deterrence
/use [@mouseover, harm][mod:shift,@focus][harm] Silencing Shot

Secured Scatter Shot
Read desription above.
#showtooltip Scatter Shot
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cancelaura Deterrence
/use [@mouseover, harm][mod:shift,@focus][harm] Scatter Shot

Grounding Totem Destroyer
This is used for destroying Grounding Totems by making your pet growl and thus "eating" it by triggering a spell. A lot of people macro this into their Scatter Shot, but I suggest that you find a seperate keybind for it. This way you will not be limiting yourself and given that there are now multiple ways, beyond scatter, to trap it will prove more useful.
/use [@pettarget] Growl

Level 90 Talent Tree Macro - credit to Ohhrly @ Drak'tharon
Make sure to put in the macro name where is says MACRONAME
/use Glaive Toss
/use Powershot
/use Barrage
/run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("MACRONAME", G"Glaive Toss" or G"Powershot" or "Barrage")

Pet Control (Shale/Crane/Spirit)
Crane/Shale Spider: Will use pet CC on target, unless mouseover or shift for focus is found
Spirit Beast: Will heal you, unless target is friendly or mouseover is found.
#showtooltip [pet:Shale Spider]Web Wrap;[pet:crane]Lullaby;Spirit Mend
/use [@mouseover,harm][mod:shift,@focus][] Web Wrap
/use [@mouseover,harm][mod:shift,@focus][] Lullaby
/use [@mouseover,help][@target,help][@player] Spirit Mend

Feign Death
Makes sure Feign Death goes off.
#showtooltip Feign Death
/use Feign Death

Makes sure Disengage goes off.
#showtooltip Disengage
/use Disengage

Spammable Flare
Will keep the flare area toggled regardless of you spamming it.
#showtooltip Flare
/cast !Flare

Pet Resurrection
Will use Heart of the Phoenix when no modifier, will cast ress when using a modifier.
/use [nomod] Heart of the Phoenix
/use [mod] Revive Pet

Hunter's Mark
Spam this while pointing at targets arena frame to try and mark someone when gates open before they go to stealth.
/cast [@mouseover,harm][mod:shift,@focus][] Hunter's Mark

Recastable Eagle Eye (Like Far Sight) (Useless for Arena, but a must have)
Allow you to keep casting Eagle Eye, even when in Eagle Eye. So you can keep using Eagle Eye away!
#showtooltip Eagle Eye
/cast !Eagle Eye

Pet Swap
Play around with the numbers to figure out what pet is on what spot.
/use [mod:ctrl] Call Pet 2
/use [nomod] Dismiss Pet
/use [mod:shift] Call Pet 5
/use [mod:alt] Call Pet 3

#3874523 Tosan 7

Posted Tosan on 12 April 2013 - 11:10 PM

View PostCreepStatus, on 12 April 2013 - 09:26 PM, said:

you really posted this on the front page?

what is the world coming to

This is called arena junkies, you don't like arena related content being posted on arena junkies?  People like you are what bring the quality of this site down.

View PostDrazziefresh, on 12 April 2013 - 10:54 PM, said:

many tournaments? what?

4 tournaments is not enough to get the all powerful and all knowing "Drazziefresh"'s stamp of approval.

#3875543 Nóliferqts MoP Frost Mage Guide for 5.2.

Posted noliferqtxd on 15 April 2013 - 10:18 AM

Nóliferqt. Frost Mage Guide for 5.2 MoP

Hello, I have been getting huge amount of ingame whispers to make a guide, I do not see myself as a top player I just want to give something back to the community. This might only be helpful for a few people but I remember when I just started doing pvp and being hungry for info/guides etc. and how thankful I was for decent-top players writing informative guides so here goes.


For the first tier I play PoM against every comp, even after the nerf in 5.2 to PoM + RoF it is still really useful, and in my opinion better than Blazing Speed against most setups. I still play it with RoF because of Alter time, for the PoM + Alter time - Polymorph on the healer - Alter time back - and RoF dps, Stampede or w/e. Even against Thugcleaves, PHD's, and other melee cleaves that train me I play PoM because you can get some momentum by yourself by getting the instant cc on the healer and RoF'ing yourself.

Second tier: Flameglow. I use it against almost every team, it makes you almost unkillable against UA Warlocks and Boomkins and it's way better than Ice Barrier just because alot of classes can dispell it and people do it so it most of the time just gets wasted. If you play with a Resto Druid or a Disc Priest Ice Barrier is definetly an option because of all the HoTs/Grace stacks it makes it rather hard to dispel it.

Third tier: Ring of Frost, still an amazing ability together with PoM even after the nerf. Frostjaw is pretty good too, though I have not played with it I have faced Mages who did and done well with it.

Fourth tier: Cold Snap is an obvious choice here, heals you for 30 % of your hp can be used in any cc, stun and even inside your current block. And resets CD of CoC, Frost Nova, and Ice Block.

Fifth tier: Most important and most controversial tier, Nether Tempest or Frost bomb? I take Nether tempest for most comps I believe it's a must-have in comps like MLS and Boomkin Mage Disc where you try to do as much dmg as possible, I play it every game as RMP/Shatreeplay except against PHD's/ KFC's/other heavy melee comps that train my Priest  I play Frost Bomb just because if you're left alone with Frost Bomb you can easily 100-0 a target with a blanket CS on the healer. The general way you wanna do it with Frost Bomb is to Polymorph a target to force a dispel and then Frost Bomb your kill target and go for burst without them having a dispel and allowing you to time a Frostbolt + Ice Lance shatter as the Frost Bomb explodes.

Sixth tier: Incanter's Ward is the obvious choice for PvP. I see alot of Mages completely waste this talent and just pop it randomly as if it was just an absorb.  But I don't think people fully utilize this ability, it's a 30 % dmg buff that you can get very easily every time you want to swap. It's a MASSIVE damage buff and the passive of this ability is ridiculous aswell 6 % passive dmg increase + 65 % mana regen increase when it's not on cooldown + when it gets broken you get 18 % of your mana. I usually pop this before I do a hard as RMP or any comp really. I use it if there is alot of people bunched up and I can Frozen Orb them all. Remember, MoP playstyle is all about doing the most dmg, the more dmg you can pump out as a Mage the more succesful you are going to be, I can guarentee you that. So utilizing your spells the best you can, will increase your dmg and you will do way better in arena.


I play with Glyph of Ice Lance. Glyph of Polymorph. Glyph of Armors.
I play without Glyph of Ice Lance as RMP I usually play Glyph of Evocation instead. I would like to point out Glyph of Remove Curse, I don't see alot of Mage's using this glyph. It's absolutely insane against Warlock teams, it gives you a 10 % dmg buff for 10 seconds every time you dispell a curse, so basicly against a Warlock team you could in theory have 100 % uptime on this buff since your Decurse is only on a 8 sec CD and the Buff lasts for 10 secs.

My Macros

Counterspell Arena 1-2-3

I think CS 1-3 is a must-have as a Mage, you can CS Mage openers with it out of Invis. You can CS Night Elf healers out of Shadowmeld when they are in high pressure situations and just need to get a Shadowmeld heal off and this can easily win you games. + Counterspelling crucial CC's or high burst casts without having to waste time swapping your Focus or Target.

/cast [target=arena1] Counterspell
/cast [target=arena2] Counterspell
/cast [target=arena3] Counterspell

Decurse macros

Just like you expect your healer to dispel your CC quickly when you are going for kills, the same goes for your healer/partner when they are in a high pressure situation or going for kills and they get hexed it can easily lose you games if you are too slow with decursing your partners. And spam decursing yourself from Curse of Agony's and Doom's when you've got spare globals helps your healer out a ton!

/cast [target=nóliferqt] remove curse

Target and Focus Arena 1-2-3

Target and Focus Arena 1-2-3 is a must-have especially as a Mage as you'll be having to swap focus/target alot when you're going for double CC and depending on if you're going  offensive or defensive you'll be swapping focus between healer and the dps for spam Polymorphs or Counterspelling the healer.

/target arena1
/target arena2
/target arena3   

/focus arena1
/focus arena2
/focus arena3

Frostbolt macro with pet attack

/cast frostbolt

Focus Polymorph macro with petpassive

/cast [target=focus] Polymorph
Stopcasting Focus CS Macro.
/cast [target=focus] Counterspell

Stopcasting Counterspell

/cast Counterspell

Focus Deep Freeze

/cast [target=focus] Deep Freeze

Pet Nova macro

#showtooltip Freeze
/cast [pet] !Freeze
/cast [nopet] summon Water Elemental

Focus spellsteal and /cancelaura Pyroblast

/cast [target=focus] Spellsteal
/cancelaura Pyroblast!

Spellsteal with cancelaura Pyroblast

/Cast Spellsteal
/cancelaura Pyroblast!

Comps that you can play as a Mage and how I think they should be played

UA Lock, Frost Mage, Resto Shaman, as MLS I like to go full intellect and just spam damage, with instant CC on healers and coordinating Deep Freeze> into Fears with my Warlock. I rarely ever go for Polymorphs I just spam dmg, deep into fear and a Counterspell out of it.

Boomkin Mage Disc, this comp is a healer killer generally you want to PvE and just wait for Solar Beam and Frozen Orb and cyclone one dps fear the other and deep beam the healer with a RoF around and Frozen orb and just pump out as much dmg as you can. This comp struggles against Resto Druid teams though, but I found that you can easily kill resto druids with this comp if you make a good deep beam swap with no hots they can easily die through Barkskin.

Shatreeplay/Spriest Mage Resto Druid/Resto Shaman, this comp is the best Mage comp at the moment. You can pretty much win every team as Shatreeplay you generally want to wait for your priest to have 3 orbs and a silence and you Deep Freeze Frozen Orb a target with 3x orbs and silence the healer with a Cyclone or a fear on the third. Against most Resto Shaman teams you want to make swaps to the Shaman the same way, even if they have got trinket and cooldowns they can die anyway. Deeping with 3 orbs and a Frozen Orb they'll have to trinket, you can silence of that into a dr'ed counterspell and kill them in it.

Elemental Shaman Mage Disc, one of my favourite comps this expansion the amount of burst this comp has got is absolutely insane. You can pretty much 100-0 a target in a single Deep Freeze with a blanket or NS hex on the healer, if you clean the target beforehand. If you can sync up damage with your Elemental Shaman this comp can win anything. Even though your Elemental Shaman doesnt have that many defensives and is very trainable it leaves you (the Mage) alone to do whatever you want, you can setup double CC by yourself and allowing your Elemental Shaman to cast a bit can easily get you kills in Deep Freezes.

For gemming and gearing, here is a link to my armory:

I would have explained how I use every ability but I simply don't have the time at the moment. If I do make another guide later on, I will include that for sure. But if you would like to know, you should head over to Xandyn's Cataclysm guide it's outdated for most spells but I think it's an amazing guide even though it's from Cataclysm, you can learn a bunch about how to use your spells the correct way. As I said I don't see myself as a top Mage and I'm just doing this to give something back and help some people that aren't sure which way to go as far as talents, glyphs and general playstyles as some comps.

#3875530 RIP Vicious Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault

Posted Hyuru on 15 April 2013 - 09:45 AM

From the makers of: "How to: Beat warriors" NOTEVENEU PRODUCTIONS proudly present you this video;

With the recent decission to nerf the "Vicious Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault", I saw it as my duty to make a video to perhaps change Holinka and Ghostcrawlers decision.

Please show your support, and tweet Holinka and Ghostcrawler to make them realize what a massive mistake they have made.

Even though this video is a colaboration video between RYLEZ CREW and NOTEVENEU PRODUCTIONS, noone was scammed during the making of this video.


I have tweeted holinka and ghostcrawler about this story, and I hope they have a change of hearth when it comes to this trinket.

Posted Image



Simple Plan - Untitled

Special thanks to:

Rylez Crew
Top Secret Dev Contacts
Private Stream

I would also like to thank:

My mum (RIP)
Elias the Llama
Rasmus 1
Arvids Rogue
Rasmus 2
<You Only Live Once>
<Heretic> (RIP)
<SlashFlex> (RIP)

and last but not least, I would like to thank Doomsen.

Without you guys, this video wouldof never gone viral <3


Posted Sykeasaurus on 15 April 2013 - 12:47 AM

Conferred amongst admin + mods and decided that scamming/admitting to what is basically stealing (a.k.a. an illegal activity) was worthy of a ban.  Cheers.


Posted PedroMiguel on 14 April 2013 - 05:52 PM

Hello friends...


Posted Shawir on 14 April 2013 - 05:45 PM

this fgt has the balls to mention my name to scam someone when i played w/ him out of pity

#3746709 Wintrading on EU-Vindication, again

Posted ßøtléxqt on 19 August 2012 - 08:59 PM

supapala stop making new fckin AJ accounts to spam shit how other ppl wintrade just stfu and stay small crawl back to ur cave and hope for your win traded #1

#3762764 Bilian returns for Mists of Pandarian!

Posted Minpojke on 08 September 2012 - 12:21 AM

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#3762777 Bilian returns for Mists of Pandarian!

Posted Chromix on 08 September 2012 - 12:42 AM

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#3760947 blizzard mistake[?]

Posted Nelehx on 06 September 2012 - 01:02 AM

1. they probably wont reset a team ONLY because of different IP, calm down nerds

2. stop crying, if you break the rules you get to deal with the consequences. i think its really good that this game might have normal ladders for the first time in a really long time, without every team above 2.2 being boosted by high-level players.

3. account sharing is against ToS, whether it was a boost or not. i sincerely hope every booster gets their team reset, you deserve it for corrupting something that alot of people enjoy just to make money.

go outside, make a friend and get a job. god i feel sorry for some of you, because there will be a time when your titles/skill ingame wont mean shit and you will have to go outside. im glad i wont have to witness that xd

#3760698 blizzard mistake[?]

Posted Deeklol on 05 September 2012 - 09:22 PM

my god i hope all of you gets banned srsly

remember to +rep me plz