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Artifact Weapons, Offspecs, and PvP

18 August 2016 - 06:30 AM


Here is everything I've learned about Artifacts so far. If I am wrong, please correct me.

Artifact Weapon
-You chose 1 artifact weapon at level 100, you can chose others at 102
-Has a talent tree that can be progressed with Artifact Power

Artifact Traits
-The talents on your Artifact Weapon (called Artifact Traits) increase the power of your spells. I've heard that for some specs, you are ~70% more powerful with full Artifact Traits compared to no Artifact Traits.
-In total there are 34 Artifact Traits (for PvP), the remaining 20 (what Siou is talking about) have no effect in PvP
-You can respec your Artifact Weapon traits at the cost of Artifact Power

Artifact Power
-A resource that you gain from on-use consumables.
-You get these consumables from dailies, world quests, raids, dungeons, PvP, etc. (probably professions too, not sure)
-The amount of Artifact Power you gain depends on the consumable and your Artifact Knowledge level (I will cover Artifact Knowledge later).
-The consumable applies to the Artifact Weapon you are currently using, meaning that Artifact Power goes into one weapon at a time.
-Your first few traits will cost very little Artifact Power. As you progress through your Artifact Talent tree, it will cost more and more Artifact Power to gain a single point in one of the traits.
-What this means is you have a few options: either you can focus on maxing out one specs artifact by spending a lot of points in later traits OR you can budget your traits into a second Artifact Weapon (if you plan to dual spec). If you chose the later, you will temporarily be less powerful than someone who only budgeted their points into one Artifact Weapon.

Artifact Knowledge
-Artifact Knowledge is something you level
-It increases the Artifact Power gained from the consumables mentioned above (though if you increase your Artifact Knowledge, it will only apply to consumables you will acquire in the future. This means you can't just hoard Artifact Power consumables until you have higher Artifact Knowledge levels.
-To clarify, at Level 1 of Artifact Knowledge, your consumables will give you 100% of whatever Artifact Power the tooltip reads. At Level 2, they will give 120%, level 3 180%...etc, etc. the highest Artifact Knowledge Level as of now increases your Artifact Power generation by around 20,000%
-You gain Artifact Knowledge through your class hall (the new Garrison type systems), with work orders (just like the old Garrison work orders). The length of these missions depends on how far behind you are on your artifact weapon. They can range from 2 days to 5 days per work order.

Artifact Runes
-Basically three gem socket type things on your artifact weapon
-The runes you put in these sockets are collected from quests, dungeons, raids, pvp, professions, etc.
-The runes increase your ilvl and give you bonuses to some of your Artifact Traits
-I don't think these work in PvP

Catch-up System?
-The catch-up system for your weapon comes in the form of how quickly your Artifact Knowledge work orders are completed. Say you have been playing and grinding your artifact since day 1. At day 30 it will still take 5 days to complete a work order. If you level your alt to 110 on day 30, your alt might only need 2 days to complete a work order.

TL;DR Artifact Weapon = New Garrison that makes your character better


According to this spreadsheet https://docs.google....xLv0/edit#gid=0, which has since been clarified by Revo as the BARE minimum artifact power generation, it takes 101 days to get every artifact trait for your weapon. Revo, without providing an exact amount, said this grind could be reduced to a few weeks to a month. Okay fine. Let's assume for all intents and purposes that it would take a player 1/3rd of the bare minimum, roughly 34 days.

With that in mind it will take an average player 34 days to get enough artifact power to become fully optimal for PvP. While this might not seem like much, consider that this is only for one spec. I am a Druid. I want to play Feral, Balance, AND Restoration. If it takes me 34 days to grind one artifact, it will take me 101 days of moderate grinding to become optimal for my two other specs. This hardly seems right.

While this will not be a problem in the long run of the expansion, it certainly is a concern for the short run. Artifact weapons and artifact power, while they are a unique niche in the game, might not be appropriate for people who play multiple classes and multiple specs.

The health of PvP endgame is directly proportional to how many people can access and enjoy it. There is absolutely no region to gate participation in the name of class fantasy.

Stat templates are a step in the right direction in assuring that people won't be gated from participation, I don't understand why there isn't something similar for artifact weapons in PvP.

Who has the most rank 1 titles?

06 August 2016 - 07:33 PM

Don't care about # r1s in a single season. Who has the most unique r1 titles?

Tryhards of Season 18

21 July 2016 - 03:32 AM

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a while. Today concludes the end of the ACTUAL cataclysm of an expansion. In the words of Garrosh Hellscream, times change. In honor of the new expansion (and in a cheap attempt to out rep Lolflay), here are the tryhards of the last season in Wardads of Draenor.

Death Knight

Posted Image

In an act of Iraq triggered PTSD, this 50 year old DK relentlessly aimed his snipe at a young college girl. This wasn’t the first time Nutsz browsed arenamate for potential targets. He was accustomed to monitoring the ladders on his 18-inch CRT, always ready to use his trackball mouse to click “Join Battle”, all while Fortunate Son was blasting in the background.


Though it is rumored he has a part time job as Ellen Degeneres stunt double, Minpojke has found his way on this years list. After a devastating DQ from last year’s regionals, Pojke was determined to reign the European ladder for another season. Teaming up with (insert random EU mage here) and a 14 year old Danish boy from Xbox live, Pojke asserted himself as the premier druid among all europine countries.  

Posted Image


Though he has come a long way from his back to back R1-Duelist days (I shit you not this guy got R1 duelist two seasons in a row), this hunter still remains the cuckold of a bald headed baby gnome. Dillypoo spent countless hours playing the same comp every day of his WoD life. Somewhere in the depths of LFG he located a Priest and Feral Druid who had been afflicted by the Duelist curse. Perhaps sympathizing with their struggle, Dillypoo and his team managed to get slapped around like that milf did in that video I my friend watched last night, losing several points to arcane RMPala. Dillypoo endured and managed to once again have one of the highest games played of any player in the world.  

Posted Image


The queen termite lays 30,000 eggs/day. With a lifespan of 15 years, that translates to 164,250,000 eggs laid in her lifetime. In the natural world, this is an incredible feat, but it is nothing compared to how many arcane mage eggs Babymichael is capable of laying in a single arena season. From the cherry-scented depths of Vape Nation, the Michaelus Guasparitoros is capable of producing 100 Gladiator tier arcane mages in the time it takes him to rip the fattest vape.

Posted Image


I know this is cheap but Trilltko looks like this so I’m gonna assume he’s one of the biggest tryhards:

Posted Image

If I actually put effort into digging for the tryhard monk this season it would likely be Sethcurry, simply because he was a zero to zero reject who gained an inflated ego due to WW buffs. Nontheless the guy just gives me the heebie jeebies.

But if I really wanted to be honest for a second, Mongery would probably take the cake as tryhard Monk. Getting banned more frequently than he has spelling tests, this child attempted to script his way to the top of the ladder multiple times, only to be stopped by that meddling Brian Holinka and his damned Lore dog.

Posted Image


Two wrongs don’t make a right, but seven Wongs make the right dent in the arena ladder to be worthy of our attention. Vincentwong, but sometimes known as Fatherwong is the Rynd of this expansion. Dawning multiple paladins, Wong was able to go Godzilla on the arena ladders.

Posted Image

Though he resembles a Japanese nuclear monstrosity, he was capable of doing damage only a specific type of reptilian is capable of (see: Lizards). It is rumored (though unconfirmed) that Vincentwong dialed up his boy Reedz using the Razer Naga Reedz edition to prune the connection of his regional qualifying opponents.

Posted Image

Honorable mention to Killak aka Thelf aka Squirtlelol aka Greenteax aka KobeBryant for laying low after his S15 5v5 wintrades to gain his fifth new identity as a R1 Paladin. Seriously guys, only weird people change their identity like that.


Dealing with more K’s than the inbox of an angsty teenage girl, Amne managed to secure his position as our tryhard priest. I don’t know much about this guy, other than the fact that his 3k freakout can only be rivaled by S12 Burt. I’ve watched this guy on stream a few times and his frequent nerd-rages are indicative enough to land a spot on our list.



Even though he is a good friend of mine, this guy needs to tone it down a bit:

Posted Image


If you have ever done Brawlers guild, chances are you have defeated Blat, a simple goo-like organism that explodes into more goo puddles as the fight wears on. This boss encounter was loosely based on an event that occurred over several months in Sweden, as Minpojke’s fat cells were separated from his body to form the 100-celled organism known as Jaimex. This shaman is a prolific poster on this website, first gaining attention as a kickbotter back in MoP. Jaime managed to slowly creep his way on this list as his drive to reproduce was instinctually replaced with a motivation to take over the EU ladder.

Posted Image


Can money buy you happiness? Well Sam I am, it sure can! Ignoring that obscure reference that few will understand, it’s time to open our pocketbooks and place our bets on who our tryhard lock is? I almost put some Ozztistic kid, but that would be too boring! The winner of the S18 tryhard Warlock is Locturnal. Spending hundreds of dollars donating and subscribing to his favorite streamers, Locturnal was able to buy his way into this spot. Just like the 13 year old Swedish kids that donate to popular girl streamers, Locturnal was able to buy his way into an artificial friendship with some of our most famous WoW celebrities! Good for him (too bad he didn’t get R1 EleGiggle)! Hey, maybe next paycheck.

Posted Image


Failing to swoon Lxxi, Phixie, and Propel and gaining the award for the rejection Hat trick is Swull. This steroid filled rager queued multiple GCDTV’s and failed to qualify in each regional tournament. Maybe he’s a good guy, though—I hear they finish last. And that Swull did, as he finished last in every way possible.

Posted Image

Flex on fools!

Season ending July 19

08 July 2016 - 07:07 PM

Season ending July 19

Source: http://us.battle.net...uly-19-7-8-2016

Posted Image

Prepare to fight your last battles of the season—Warlords Season 3 will end at 2:00 a.m. PDT on July 19, 2016.

After the season wraps, we will begin the process of determining eligibility for end-of-season rewards. If you believe that you’ve qualified for Warlords Season 3 PvP rewards, please refrain from transferring your character(s) to another realm or faction until awards are granted approximately two weeks later.

The next PvP season, Legion Season 1, will begin after World of Warcraft: Legion launches on August 30. In the meantime, all Honor and Conquest Points will be converted to in-game currency at a rate of 35 silver per point. Also, Rated Battleground and Arena matches will not be available during the break between seasons. We will confirm the start date of the forthcoming Legion Season 1 at a later date.

Please note that the end of the season does not require a patch to the game, and will occur automatically.

Your days are numbered—get out there and fight!

Top 5 Hated and Top 5 Loved Players

12 March 2016 - 03:46 AM

List the top 5 players that you hate in the HISTORY of WoW and the top 5 that you love.

1. All hunters
2. Ozzbourne
3. Merkx
4. Xevz
5. Avengelyne

Honorable mention to Hamshamx and Iconicus
Special mention to that idiot mod Diziet

1. Vurtre
2. Xevz
3. Venruki
4. Deathlobsta
5. Jahmilli

Honorable mention to Jax, Braindance, and Snaregodx