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#3982234 Nerf Bladestorm Now Plz

Posted irubuwrongtime on 04 November 2013 - 04:44 PM

Nerf bladestorm and bloodbath all together I don't care. These abilities promote more mongo style of warrior play and it brings down warrior skill cap which is alreay at all time low.

WLS rotting shit up and bloodstorming on stacked targets(mainly healer) when everyone is low, doing unhealable damage without any cc chain sure takes so much fuckin skill...

WMD(P) deep freeze with orb and bloodstorm and mage just ice lancing away for victory is even more absurd.

Thank to Veev for spreading it worldwide...  "Popping everying"  "I have spin in x"  "Spinning now"  "So much dmg, omg so much dmg"  Man fuck you!  It's gotten pretty old and it's not even fun watching you doing it or someone else doing it on you.

Not saying I don't have a respect for Veev.  He's a good warrior and one of the best when it comes to warrior like pressure.  However, I sure don't appreciate him spreading mongo style of play when it becomes the root cause of complaints on our class.

Warrior is still very viable without the bloodstorm bull shit.  

All I face in 3s is RMP(D) and WMD(P) unless it's double caster.  I want some more variety.