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In Topic: The Next WoW Expansion: Legion and Major PvP Updates

10 August 2015 - 11:22 PM

[quote name='Lukach' timestamp='1439243953' post='4472438']
I don't understand the competitive part of pvp. Whats gonna happen with that?
If i'm supposed to reset my JUST acquired talents, for cosmetic purposes, thus losing all i worked for so far, that by default, dowrates you in terms of competition.
And also, even tho gear is just generic, gets in the way, seemingly messes with balance, bla bla...lets just ignore poor class desings and opness which stems from it and agree, that gear is simply obsolete.
What then?
What other, in mmo, than gear can u get as a valid reward? If cosmetic stuff is obtainable through NOT staying competitive, rather simply staying in bgs, keep resetting the honor exp - as its gonna be called.
It's a bit contradictory...or did i got things wrong? Am i resetting some meaningless bar, so it can go full again, or do i really have to lose acess to all the talents i asquired in x amount of time, so that i acquire them AGAIN, reset, and so on....

Like a raider would get talents for finishing a raid no.1, then reset the talents to gain access to raid no.2 and so on....thats how illogical this sounds. For now.

Or is rating staying as another separate part of the whole pvp system, or how does, the new pvp system, affects rated pvp?

im pretty clueless how it'll work with gear, but im pretty sure you grind your talents, do a reset without losing your talents, grind the levels again for other rewards. So basically it just gives you a 2nd set of levels to do where you get cosmetic rewards instead of talents when you rank up. The reason they're using the same system instead of having 2 different bars is so you cant do them simultaneously and have to finish getting all your talents before you can go for the other rewards. It's a bit awkward though. To avoid confusion they should just have you unlock prestige levels when you're max level for talents instead of calling it a reset.