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In Topic: Death Knight/Ele/MW = Most Fun Ever

03 February 2014 - 05:01 AM

View Postforumsloveme, on 28 January 2014 - 05:41 PM, said:

Haven't even used a fishing or honor bot ever in my life, so I most definitely won't start using one that affects my gameplay.

Not using tidyplates, no. I'm using the default Blizzard UI, showing nameplates of both friendly and enemy targets, enemy targets in class colors, marks on friendly ones. Wouldn't Tidyplates change nothing about the actual problem? Because the plate itself does not necessarily indicate the characters position, but slightly above it. I guess it's just a practice thing.

I've also been telling ppl to stop moving for a while, or, if it's a ranged class, to stay near me for easier orb placing, i just kinda felt bad for making my team adjust to my playstyle :P

When i've been playing with mistweavers and they complain i usually tell them to drop the orbs someone near me and i'll just run into them if its not on me and i feel like thats by far the easiest way to deal with it. That'll also get your teammates used to running through the random orbs whereever they're going if they're not full hp too which is kinda nice

In Topic: Death Knight/Ele/MW = Most Fun Ever

03 February 2014 - 04:56 AM

View Postforumsloveme, on 28 January 2014 - 05:20 PM, said:

Sounds good. I'm also really looking forward to it, but the shaman still has to lvl his alliance char, only 85 atm, and I'm still gearing up with the DK in 2s atm. Not sure if it'll be enough time to push for glad again this season though.

Something else we've encountered was that our Ele had massive problems with grounding traps if the hunter goes for Narrow Escape. Anyone has some tips for that?

i usually have no problems getting traps with narrow escape. just have your ele pay attention to when the hunter goes melee range of healer and look for disengange. Every time he disengages away and roots your healer, ele ghost wolfs in and grounds. I feel like the hardest traps to ground is when ppl, actually silence shot same time as traps ( i know it sounds stupid, but i've been playing 2550+ mmr eu this season and most hunters still dont ) instead of silencing shot when the trap hits the ground. I find that nearly impossible to get since grounding arming time is too slow to ground it, and a lot of the time you'll be slowed/stunned and now get there in time. I almost always play ghost wolf glyph vs kfcs though which makes its a lot easier to get the trap while being out of range of narrow escape

In Topic: Arena locked

11 December 2013 - 09:40 PM

Seems pretty weird :P anyways it went away now

In Topic: What's wrong in s14

04 December 2013 - 06:36 PM

View Postmirox, on 04 December 2013 - 12:00 PM, said:

I never really said the ability added skill or involved any kind of in depth thinking before using it, its auto-applied like half of the things in this 'tard-friendly game', I just pointed out the fact that stunning someone just for the sake of applying it is as good as it is bad ,because that target is on stun DR afterwards...
As for elemental shamans running while casting, getting locked on one school and spamming other, doing retarded rng dmg all over the place and destroying people when your cds are up, plus, you can spam heal and never really go oom, I have no comments really :)
you said it wasn't broken cause you can wait it out. But that's not really my point. I asked if you thought it added any skill, depth or fun to the class, because if it doesn't i fail to see any legitimate reason to want it to stay unchanged as you can see it frustrates a lot of people. Don't think about how this will make your class bad for a moment, and think about how it would affect the game as a whole. Once its established or decided that it does need changing - that's the time where you look at rogues performance and come up with reasonable compensation.

On the point of ele shamans and casting and did say i don't like how it is atm either. I just pointed out that imo most people are underestimating how much a class would need to change, though it does need changes, to shift the dmg away from a playstyle like that, cause with a class like ele shamans it's very likely it'll end up just as, if not more, broken or leaving them totally worthless. Much like boomkins are atm, though for other reasons as well. I doubt anyone thinks 150k+ instant star surges are fun, but outside that they're horrible.

In Topic: What's wrong in s14

04 December 2013 - 01:19 AM

I feel like some of you guys need to take a step back, forget what class you're playing and look at some of the abilities in question without thinking about how bad the class will be if they're nerfed. Whether a class is weak or not, some abilities are designed in a way that's incredibly frustrating to play against and makes the game less enjoyable for a lot of people, thus they need to be changed.

Mirøx - Do you honestly think nerve strike adds so much fun, depth and skill to your class as to outweigh the amount of grief and frustration it causes everyone else?

This applies to quite a few abilities in the game atm, such as goat debuff, disrupting shout, double purge and 34sec tremor in the past etc.

On the topic of casters not casting, i think that's a bigger overhaul than most of you realize, though also needed. Take ele, right now at least 50% probably comes from instant lava bursts, which is pretty gay, so lets nerf the proc chance from 20% per flame shock tick to 10%! Surely that would make me cast a lot more. But since i lose ~50% of my lava bursts we'd need to shift that dmg to other abilities for pve purposes. None in their right mind would want harder hitting fulminations, so lightning bolt and chain lightning would have to be the abilities in line for dmg buffs. I don't know what actual number would balance out the dmg loss from lava bursts, but lets just go with 10% on lightning bolt. Doesn't sound like that big of a deal tbh, but really that would bring lightning bolt crits to 55-60k which with mastery proc allows my random filler spell to do close to 100k dmg in arena. Though crit is fairly low, mastery isn't so it wouldn't be that unusual to see ele shamans randomly do 50% someones hp with 2 lightning bolts. How is getting raped by filler spells fun.
Ohw but you could also just buff lava burst dmg a little to compensate for the lower proc chance! Seems like a common blizzard change to me, but i doubt anyone else want lava burst to be the new starsuge, where if you get lucky and proc a few in a row you win.

So yea basically my point is that some of you guys need to take a step back and not look at what you'll lose if certain abilities are buffed or nerfed, but what the game will gain from it.