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#4422055 WoW Down to 7.1 Million Subscribers

Posted by Ravv on 11 May 2015 - 09:04 PM

Heres the image I got flamed for posting Feb 9th 2015.
Someone has necro'd the thread, but its worth being reminded of here :P

Posted Image

Spent 5 mins guestimating around 7M subs by mid 2015.

Anyone with half a business sense could have done the same extrapolation. Most people realized the 10M number was a "use it or lose it" figure, which they spammed before 4th quarter for obvious reasons. Now they're hemorrhaging subs and the cult following is dying off. The loader shows the warcraft team is hiring. 10/10 would work there for free just to bring some stronger analytics to that place.

Personally, I'm seriously let down by everything this expansion, except maybe the league GCD has been putting together. Its still a great game with fundamentals unlike anything else. Organized ladder pvp won't be the same until balance is restored and people start queuing again. I suppose the figures speak for themselves. Right now its more exciting to remain unsubbed, do other things, and catch your fix via twitch.tv.

Check the post i've made October 15th 2014 ;D

Posted Image
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#4395814 Prideful Gladiator Discipline Priest! Makes skill-capped plays :D Just wa...

Posted by Ravv on 03 March 2015 - 07:51 PM

why does my post get deleted when something like this can stay up

cuz it's worth more than ur opinion
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#4384310 WoW Stable at 10+ Million Subscribers

Posted by Ravv on 09 February 2015 - 01:07 PM

Canceled my subscription after finally admitting to myself that all i ever did was push a red buff killing spree.

I've canceled before respecing to combat. Had it enough after TBC raids. Never again. Waiting for a season where combat is laughable and sub shines - then ill consider coming back.

Also i agree with ppl that liked s15 more - even with a hatred towards LSD and shit like that, at least i could play the spec i liked.
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#4301732 RLD/Combat Rogues/Locks

Posted by Ravv on 16 December 2014 - 08:27 AM

Combat rogues need to be nerfed to the fucking dirt and never made viable for PvP again if this is the playstyle they invoke. Its a complete sham to the playstyle of rogues and the set-up required and skill that used to be needed to play them.

Totally agree with that as a rogue. Especially after being bashed on for not playing combat by some fellas LF rogue for 3s. Oh i had a laugh of the day when that happened...
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#4276831 Junkies, Inflation and the basis of the website

Posted by Ravv on 26 November 2014 - 06:36 PM

Just introduce the downvote button to make some whiners/trolls/dumfks shut up and it's solved. Make a system where 10 downvotes/month is rewarding you with a 2weeks ban and the problem of bad content is solved.

It's my opinion at least ;d
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#4244458 Question on ratings

Posted by Ravv on 27 October 2014 - 03:37 PM

Yeah, inb4 next season chat filled with "2.7k players" LF team to push 2000 asap. :D
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#4243993 LoseControl timer spiral

Posted by Ravv on 26 October 2014 - 11:37 PM

I read the posts above...but If you are using the mop version of LC how are you dealing with outdated CCs ?

You either wait for an autor to update the addon or you edit lua file by yourself and you change every single spell ID that has been changed. :confused:
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#4243939 Turning Scripts into Addons

Posted by Ravv on 26 October 2014 - 11:11 PM

boomp boomp

Try this maybe (wild guess):
CRFSort_Group = function(t1, t2)
if UnitIsUnit(t1,"player")
then return false
elseif UnitIsUnit(t2,"player")
then return true
return t1 < t2
local EventFrame = CreateFrame("Frame")
EventFrame:SetScript("OnEvent", main)

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#4242757 Bigger buffs/debuffs

Posted by Ravv on 25 October 2014 - 08:18 AM

local LARGE_AURA_SIZE = 29 -- Auras you applied to target/focus. Default size 21
local SMALL_AURA_SIZE = 23 -- Auras others applied to target/focus. Default size 17
local AURA_OFFSET_Y = 3
local AURA_ROW_WIDTH = 126; --122
hooksecurefunc("TargetFrame_UpdateAuraPositions", function(self, auraName, numAuras, numOppositeAuras, largeAuraList, updateFunc, maxRowWidth, offsetX, mirrorAurasVertically)
-- a lot of this complexity is in place to allow the auras to wrap around the target of target frame if it's shown
maxRowWidth = AURA_ROW_WIDTH
local offsetX = 2
-- Position auras
local size;
local offsetY = AURA_OFFSET_Y;
-- current width of a row, increases as auras are added and resets when a new aura's width exceeds the max row width
local rowWidth = 0;
local firstBuffOnRow = 1;
for i=1, numAuras do
-- update size and offset info based on large aura status
if ( largeAuraList[i] ) then
-- anchor the current aura
if ( i == 1 ) then
rowWidth = size;
self.auraRows = self.auraRows + 1;
rowWidth = rowWidth + size + offsetX;
if ( rowWidth > maxRowWidth ) then
-- this aura would cause the current row to exceed the max row width, so make this aura
-- the start of a new row instead
updateFunc(self, auraName, i, numOppositeAuras, firstBuffOnRow, size, offsetX, offsetY, mirrorAurasVertically);
rowWidth = size;
self.auraRows = self.auraRows + 1;
firstBuffOnRow = i;
offsetY = AURA_OFFSET_Y;
if ( self.auraRows > NUM_TOT_AURA_ROWS ) then
-- if we exceed the number of tot rows, then reset the max row width
-- note: don't have to check if we have tot because AURA_ROW_WIDTH is the default anyway
maxRowWidth = AURA_ROW_WIDTH;
updateFunc(self, auraName, i, numOppositeAuras, i - 1, size, offsetX, offsetY, mirrorAurasVertically);

Makes the your buffs/debuffs icons slightly larger than applied by other ppl. Works for both target and focus frame. Looks like this:
Posted Image

/Hope thats what you are looking for.
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#4239715 Arena frame scripts --> addon

Posted by Ravv on 22 October 2014 - 01:25 PM

Can you please share your dr script? The ones above your player frame


CS=RF(FR) CS.c=RF("Cooldown","CST",CS.t) CS:RegisterEvent(USD)
CS.c:SetAllPoints(CS) CS:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT",PlayerFrame,-2,8)CS:SetSize(22,22)CS.t=CS:CreateTexture(nil,RD)CS.t:SetAllPoints()CS.t:SetTexture("Interface\\Icons\\ability_cheapshot")
CS:SetScript(OT,function(self,event,...) if UE(select(1,...))==UE("player") and select(5,...)==1833 then CST:SetCooldown(GetTime(), 21)end if UE(select(1,...))==UE("player") and select(5,...)==408 then CST:SetCooldown(GetTime(), 21) end end)

SP=RF(FR) SP.c=RF("Cooldown","SAP",SP.t) SP:RegisterEvent(USD)
SP.c:SetAllPoints(SP) SP:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT",PlayerFrame,-25,8)SP:SetSize(22,22)SP.t=SP:CreateTexture(nil,RD)SP.t:SetAllPoints()SP.t:SetTexture("Interface\\Icons\\ability_sap")
SP:SetScript(OT,function(self,event,...) if UE(select(1,...))==UE("player") and select(5,...)==6770 then SAP:SetCooldown(GetTime(), 21)end if UE(select(1,...))==UE("player") and select(5,...)==1776 then SAP:SetCooldown(GetTime(), 21) end end)

GR=RF(FR) GR.c=RF("Cooldown","GARROTE",GR.t) GR:RegisterEvent(USD)
GR.c:SetAllPoints(GR) GR:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT",PlayerFrame,-48,8)GR:SetSize(22,22)GR.t=GR:CreateTexture(nil,RD)GR.t:SetAllPoints()GR.t:SetTexture("Interface\\Icons\\spell_frost_iceshock")
GR:SetScript(OT,function(self,event,...) if UE(select(1,...))==UE("player") and select(5,...)==1330 then GARROTE:SetCooldown(GetTime(), 21)end if UE(select(1,...))==UE("player") and select(5,...)==703 then GARROTE:SetCooldown(GetTime(), 21) end end)

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#4236019 what should i xp first

Posted by Ravv on 18 October 2014 - 06:06 PM

W.e Jamie level up is proly fotm of the season. U can safely follow him on the "no effort" road to success. ;D
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#4233769 rogue mage druid

Posted by Ravv on 16 October 2014 - 12:21 AM

LSD player bash on RMD players lol. We all had the opportunity to vote for what was more aids to play against, RM or LS and you know what has won.

Stay ele for the entire expansion. Prove us you are not retarded reroll fk xD
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#4232821 WoW Up to 7.4 Million Subscribers

Posted by Ravv on 15 October 2014 - 10:55 AM

Posted Image
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#4231549 Blizz denounces MoP

Posted by Ravv on 14 October 2014 - 11:19 AM

I love the

Every Shaman is stripped of gold, gear, titles and achievements if it leveled to 90 in season 15.

part. Gonna laugh hard if i happen to see naked lvl 90 shamy now ;D
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#4223581 The Official AJ Vote

Posted by Ravv on 03 October 2014 - 11:23 PM

The "try hard style being punished instead of being rewarded" part is so true for almost every class in the game right now. I miss WotLK playstyle of rogues when u had to think about everything, had to follow the dr timers on your healer to not get globalled, had to vanish saps of cc to cc for 5 more seconds (now u just save vanish to not get gibbed or to gib someone), i miss the cloak being used before blinding priests to avoid the SW:D, i miss kicking warriors intervene to be able to vanish sap the healer, i miss fake kicks (WOAH mind blown these days). The thing i miss the most is vanishing cc - felt so good.

But then again... i play rogue and im biased like fk. I hate hunters since TBC. Being able to jump around and do physical dmg from range is beyond me.
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