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Keybinds for targeting allies

08 December 2015 - 10:28 AM

Hi there I'm not really sure if this is the right place to be posting this question but here goes...

I've been playing my healer as of recent and as most folks do, I use keys to cast heals (f for flash heal as an example) but I've been finding it's very slow to do this sequence to do something...
1. Click frame (me)
2. press key
3. click frame (p1/2/3)
4. press key

So I've been thinking of ways to make this better without the requirement of addons or macros if possible. I'd like my sequences to go more like
1. middle mouse wheel (p1)
2. press key
3. scroll up (p2)
4. press key
5. scroll down(p3)
6. press key
7.[mouse button 4?5?]
8. press key

Is that kind of thing viable without macros or addons? Since I've been doing silly things like fear warding my friend when I'm meaning to to do it myself (I know I could just macro FW) so it'd be a nice quality of life update if it is possible :)

A Frost DK and his rotting braiiin (a newby looking for some info)

02 December 2015 - 10:35 AM

Hi there, I've been reading through the 6.2.2 DK stats stuff and it led me to consider an arena game I played yesternight!
Le Scenario
Rdruid / Fdk (me) vs Dpriest / Fdk(enemy)
After the game was over and somehow I managed to kill the disco I looked through the damage me and the other DK did.
How the game went ... Of course it was the standard priest "I'll dispell ALL your things!" however I was able to stick him fairly well while my druid stood in Africa healing me and cycloning sometimes. I spent a lot of tank in Tank presence while I was getting trained and dispelled and I sat there death striking / death siphoning in between listening to my druid cry about priests dispelling. I forced cds on my dmg cds but had to immediately sit in tank presence afterwards to avoid dying to the enemy DK. Eventually the priest fell over and we won but it led me to look at the damage meters to see why exactly the game went the way it did.

I compared the damage done (of course flat his was more because of absorbs but it wasn't overwhelming. It made me think if it was healer /dk mirror and his healer was a druid or monk my damage would have been more. The reasoning for this mainly is I was able to stack necrotic plague on the enemy dk and healer whereas he just tunneled me.
I then decided to armory the guy and compare what the differences were in terms of talents and what we are wearing. The results are ones that puzzle me.
NOTE: I can't post links but my DK is listed in my profile and the enemy is a DK on EU called Øvêr - Dun Modr

So as you will be able to see (hopefully) that there are some big differences in gear. Mainly I'm not geared correctly I think. But I chose to go 4pc because I thought the proc sounded really good. It then occured to me that his versatility / mastery being higher than mine might outweigh the 10% bonus I get by having a flat damage increase all of the time. I don't know if that's legitimate and if it why.

But what really baffled me was his chice of lvl65 talents. Now there's a couple of reasons for this. I've seen a variety of DKs using different talents here. Here's my understanding of what I think they do.
Blood tap: procs somehow and refreshes deaths on use (not sure if worth)
Runic Empowerment: Over a short duration DD comps I think this one reads to be the best
Runic Corruption: The longer the fight the stronger this becomes I think.

Those are assumptions made from reading the tooltips so confirmed Not fact. My enemy DK was using Runic Empowerment... I figured in short fights it seems viable but not dk/healer vs dk/healer unless he planned on finishing me ASAP (a viable plan with a disc healer maybe?).
I've always used Runic Corruption as I feel it gives me a strong case of solid uptime with maybe 1 - 3 seconds (how it FEELS not legit math) of waiting for a rune to be up.

I worked out that per Frost Strike both have a 37.5% (again this can be wrong it was done on the fly) proc chance per cast of Frost Strike. I thought about that for about 15minutes and I feel that Runic Corruption is definately the better choice there.. But is it? Idk.

I also looked at the spells cast and what did the most damage for each of us. Frost Strike did a lot. My Necrotic plague did a lot more than his (being able to hit him and his healer) and my auto attacks were a large majority of my damage (mainly spamming death strikes out of burst cds).
I see a lot of people love Obliterate. I don't value it very highly. I feel it's only viable while hitting a meele dps from his back or hitting casters anywhere. Other than that I prefer the use of Frost Strike for my KM procs and howling blast. Of course I'm running the 4pc which means I have to use Obliterate on proc to try and generate the 10% dmg debuff to increase my burst potential. I feel like this works out well and I've even forced cds in tank stance doing this. But is it optimal? I'm not sure... On the surface it seems like a good idea to me (hence why I'm doing it) but... Is it? Idk.

I think that's all I have to ask, thank you for taking the time out to read I much appreciate. I'm a DK with 1day played so any help I can get is awesome! Thanks :D (I can't post logs or something having written this at work but I hope the armories can give an understanding along with how I described the 2s fight)