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In Topic: was it worth it?

13 May 2015 - 04:08 AM

It was worth it for me because this game taught me a lot of valuable lessons, such as the nature of persons and how we are so quick to judge others yet we rarely judge ourselves. A classic example is when we are in arena observing our opponents gameplay, we might say "LOL OMG WTF why did he trinket that? What a fucking dumbass!!! lmao!!", but in reality we are making the same mistakes, however we are blinded by our own egos. I became aware of this and began recording my games so I could observe my mistakes in order to improve as a player. I have transferred this simple concept to other aspects of my life and it has helped me substantially.

Also due to excessive playing my typing speed has become ridiculous, I've learned a bunch of useful skills thanks to streaming & making youtube videos, and I've met a ton of cool people playing this game. I would say if you're able to play this game in moderation it's worth it, but if you are playing when you should be studying/working/socializing then it becomes a problem.