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Abx testing out new glad mount

02 November 2014 - 07:49 PM

Check out www.gladsndropouts.com for more vids

Dirtlock asking Abx for a favor

20 August 2014 - 05:40 AM


LF High Exp/CR Players for stable HotA Team [A]

25 May 2014 - 09:37 PM

High exp pvp players are LF more members for an RBG group, All of us have HotA/Gladiator experience and most of us are sitting around 2.2k CR. We need players to fill up our team and want to push rating. We play serveral days a week so we require you to be active, skilled, and experienced. The classes we are looking for mainly at the moment are:

Small update: LF:
- 1 ele/boom
- 1 lock
- 1 FC (boomkin offspec)
- 1 exceptional healer (Rdruid/MW)
If you would like to join please type your Name, Battletag, Experience in Arena and in RBG's here with your current rating and experience in MoP. Also type the days you are available to play with times, we usually start at 20:00 and end around 23:00

Or add me ingame Lyeed#2633

Edit: We're playing on EU
We always take exceptional players into consideration (in case your class is not stated above)

Glads N Dropouts - recruiting for WoD

12 April 2014 - 01:40 PM


Glads N Dropouts is a PvP guild formed on April 8th 2011 on Outland Horde where we managed to get over 3k rating on average, which made us one of the better RBG guilds in EU/US. At some point the guild got inactive and the guild was on a hold for some time. Luckily some of the former core members decided to reform the guild on April 8th 2014 on Auchindoun Alliance, where it's stated right now.

Since our reform we've worked hard to recruit new members and to rebuild our RBG roster. Most of the players from our core (x-realm) RBG team managed to get just under 2500 RBG rating which should be enough to be in the 0.5% of the ladder. We are glad that some of the x-realm RBG players are moving over to Auchindoun for WoD.

Our goal is to have an active guild community. Think of:

-Guild arena teams;
-Active guild chat;
-PvP movies (to watch some check out gladsndropouts.com/gallery);
-Guild events/tournaments;
-And more awesome stuff we get to do with each other as a guild.

Recruitment info:
- 2.4 arena or 2.4 RBG and 2.2 arena for a ''Social spot'' (read member spot)
- 2.7 arena or a 0.5% title (arena or RBG) for a trial spot for ''Core RBG team''
- Recruitment is open for all classes

We picked the server Auchindoun for a few reasons.

1. We think that with the philosophy of our guild - a small but active and skilled group - we don't need to be on a high populated realm.
2. No server queue times.
3. Close server community.
4. We don't like the general community on the high populated PvP servers.

Glads N Dropouts is a PVP guild, settled on Auchindoun Alliance. Our goal is to become a small but active PvP community with players that have the same mind set and experience.

If u have any questions feel free to contact the following players ingame:

- Zemtix (Zemtix#2232)
- Abx (Willy#2554)
- Primalfearyo (Lyeed#2633)

And make sure you check out our website www.gladsndropouts.com