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#2611414 Vanish Immune is no more

Posted Woofles on 13 September 2010 - 02:10 PM

Krebosh said:

As I read it, no you wont. Because polymorph hasnt finished casting yet.

As I understand it, only already finished spells that are mid-air will be affected. And while you could argue over whether this is better or worse design, the change certainly makes sense from a consistency point of view since stuff like invis, deterrance and clos doesnt stop mid-air spells from hitting.
Just like you can't get polyd with Reflect up for instance, because latency isn't an issue at all in this game.

#2486838 Do you still believe every season has been an improvement?

Posted daays on 08 August 2010 - 03:10 PM

Every season was an improvement up until s4.

It was in s4 when we really felt the impact of gear scaling and legendary items affecting game play.

From then on the LK philosophy of balance took over and the game just sank deeper and deeper into a cesspool of who could do the most damage fastest.

Who needs to chain CC/interrupts together when I can just 1,2,3 someone.

If you wanna sit back and look at the viability of classes in arena then sure, it's more balanced than in TBC.

But that's not because the players playing those classes got better, or even the classes finally got the utility that it was lacking.
They are only viable because they can global someone.

Balancing the game around GCDing someone is a pretty shitty design.

Here's to hoping cata isn't as a big a waste as this expansion  extension of TBC.

#2486936 Do you still believe every season has been an improvement?

Posted Ctuhlu on 08 August 2010 - 03:48 PM

I think the reason that Season 8 is the most "balanced" (a ton of viable comps/classes) is because damage is out of control. Seeing as how the currently most viable strat is unhealable damage, almost every spec can compete as long as the push out the deeps. The fast pace of Season 8 is imo the reason for "balance", not any great class designing on Blizzard's part.

I'm pretty certain that Cata's Season 9 will be a return to the "imbalanced" arena comps of past seasons, as the gameplay slows down and players trend toward comps that are in essence strong, and use high levels of synnergy. Comps like the old RMP, if you will. With the arena pace slowed down and larger health pools, I think you'll see a larger gap between viable PVP specs and ones that are now nonviable without the ability to global something.

Season 8 is definitely a joke, but at least there are more specs in the arena than ever before.

#2418462 how to break instant ccs with sw:d?

Posted Zerq on 18 July 2010 - 04:00 PM

elamalaka said:

in hydra 7, i saw hydra break wyvern sting by spamming a sw:d macro while casting. and also breaking vanish by using rocket gloves while casting on a rogue.

what's the working sw:d macro in order to do this?

thanks in advance

The idea behind this is:

You are busy casting a spell (that has an actual cast time).
During casting this spell you spam your shadow word: death.
You get cc'd.
The cc interrupts the spell your casting, but due to latency there's a chance the game will still let you cast the shadow word: death, breaking the cc.

The same thing goes for rocket gloves, you are busy casting a spell, spam rocket glove to cast it after the spell is done, rogue vanishes your spell interrupts, rocket gloves go through and break the vanish.

#2401396 Cataclysm DR talk?

Posted affix on 13 July 2010 - 05:32 PM

Zexis said:

I was playing it to an extreme to prove a point.  No one likes sitting in CC.
No one likes taking instant cast damage, either, or getting interrupted, or getting snared, or anything the other team does to win, that's sort of the point.  Resorting to hyperbole dumbs down the conversation to a binary 'CC is good' or 'CC is bad', which isn't an conversation worth having.

#2223153 Blind DR

Posted Panzerkampf on 28 May 2010 - 05:38 AM

Elodil said:

I just tested it and it was 20 seconds. I even tried blinding between 1-5 seconds to see if it was just some sort of glitch and my blind was split in half.

So it looks to me like its a 20 second DR.

I believe it's 15, but that it only updates each "tick", and each tick is 3 seconds I believe, so sometimes it's 18 if unlucky.

This explains why KS at cd sometimes is dr'ed and sometimes not.

Same goes for time before getting out of combat, it used to be pretty obvious when we got energy returns in bigger chunks each tick, as you always got out of combat exactly when energy ticked.

#2124732 Arena MS paint rage thread!

Posted Malladon on 25 April 2010 - 10:52 PM

Groundead said:

It has the source at the bottom...


#2006853 no dks in top 100?

Posted Pitiless on 28 March 2010 - 11:50 AM

Feya said:

Our reputation plummetted, gnaw got nerfed to double its cooldown and SS got nerfed _again_ to be the current version in 3.3. Once again people said "DK's are fine". Now we finally got a buff in our long list of nerfs and now we are "more than fine". Can you spot the pattern? We're fine as long as we suck. Such is the legacy of season 5.

Actually I'd say before the recent buffs most people thought DKs were a little weak and could use some help (including me).  Now most people think DKs are fine and that it's about time DKs stop constantly crying.

You don't have large burst damage.  As an unholy dk you spread diseases around and usually end up topping the meters in overall dmg, while having strong defensive cooldowns and decent peels.  If you don't like that game design then re-roll a class with strong burst.  You're never going to have both.

#1998801 why do they make these pointless hidden nerfs?

Posted Squueek on 26 March 2010 - 07:39 AM

/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cast deterence

#1979468 Have Quartz show to 2 decimals. 1.00 etc

Posted Blue_Sphere on 22 March 2010 - 02:00 AM

Thought you guys might be interested in this trick. Sometimes hard to know how much haste benefits. This change makes quartz show all your casts to two decimal places.

1. Open up Quartz addon folder
2. Open Quartz.lua
3. Go to line 141 (should read 'return "%.1f", num')
4. Change the "%.1f" to "%.2f"
5. Save and restart WoW

Now your frostbolt cast should read 1.74 instead of 1.7.

#1918856 [2v2] Shadow:priest:Frost:mage: Need help

Posted Ultrix on 06 March 2010 - 06:53 PM

The biggest problem we faced was when we first started.  You're playing a Double DPS setup, treat it as such.  You should never be put on the Defensive.  If you both play aggressively, just about every team will need to go defensive or they lose.

-  You should always play aggressively.
-  Your Mage is the CC tool, don't waste time chasing Fears if it puts you too far behind.  Your damage is what makes people turtle up.
-  Horror goes on healers (there are some exceptions).
-  You should spend a lot of time kiting melee.

Against any Priest/Rogue comp, you need to spend the majority of your time kiting:  Fade when the rogue gets Deep Frozen/Nova'd, Dispersion on Kidney, etc.  Control the priest with CS/Silence/Sheep.

Our general strats:

Priest (Disc or Shadow) + Rogue:  Mage Invis to avoid Sap, if the rogue just stays out, both of you can drop the priest easily.  Once the Rogue opens, Mage Sheeps the Rogue as much as you need to get a little distance, then swap the Sheep to the Priest.  Your Mage + your instant DoTs while kiting should force Cloak, Vanish, trinkets, etc.  This is one of the few times I use Horror on the DPS instead of the healer.  If the Rogue vanishes out, immediately swap to the Priest and trainwreck him.

Rogue + Sham:  Sheep the Rogue's opener, get distance, swap Sheep to the Sham, force Cloak/Vanish, kill the Rogue next time he comes out.  You shouldn't be forced to Disperse the opener, and I typically use it during Cloak since he will be sitting on me during that time.

Warrior + Priest/Paladin:  Kill the warrior.  Be sure to dispel Sacrifice so Sheeps don't break.  Disperse only the Bladestorms.  Go hard on Warrior to start, Sheeps/CS/Silence/Horror on healer.  If the Warrior goes LoS, get on the healer (typically Freedom will be down) or reset.  This is really the only comp we reset against on occasion due to Warrior damage + mobility from Dispels, Freedom, etc.  The healers are quite killable as well.  Generally, the healer should need to trinket the first Sheep, which I focus Horror instantly to make sure no heals get out while my Mage puts up another Sheep.

Warrior/Druid:  Start with a Sheep on Warrior, you run in mounted for a Fear on Druid, Dispel/cast on Warrior.  Druid should be forced to trinket Fear, Imp. CS (not Silence) him, Deep Freeze on Warrior around 50% so he's forced to trinket to put up Shield Wall.  Control the Warrior until Fear is up, put another one on the Druid, and kill either target.  The reason we CS the Druid originally is to ensure you have both Silences up for more lockout on the next kill attempt.

Warrior/Sham:  Similar to Warrior/Druid, except trinket will be forced by Sheep and the kill will almost always go on the Warrior.  I don't really try for Fears unless I'm already near the Shaman and his totem can be easily killed.

Lock + Priest/Pala:  Kill either one.  Force trinkets on healers with Sheeps into a Silence.  We generally land a kill on the healer since they are fairly easily controlled with a Mage/Priest casting into them.  Generally your Mage should CS the Lock's UA's, and your Silence should go on healers.  If you force trinkets, you can kill the pet -> Lock, go straight Lock, or kill the healer.

Lock + Shaman:  Sheep Sham, Fear Lock, drop the pet twice, kill the Lock on the next Fear/Sheep on the Sham.

Lock + Druid:  Sheep Lock (make sure you cover Sheeps with trash debuffs), Fear Druid, kill the pet twice, then kill the Lock on the next Fear.  The druid is also killable if his trinket is down and you can catch him in another full Fear -> CS -> Deep Freeze.  If the lock waits to pull out a new pet, just hard cast into him to force him to pull it out.

Ret/Rogue:  Mage Invis to avoid Sap,  opens on the Ret, and curb stomps him + your instant DoTs if you're not sapped/stunned.  Control the Rogue, the Ret won't have spare globals to Cleanse the Rogue unless he's in a Bubble.  Essentially this fight should become Rogue vs. Shadow/Mage, as the Ret is forced defensive early, and your Mage should be able to control him + the Rogue.  You do whatever you can to prevent damage, disperse opener/Horror the Rogue/Fade on Sheeps+Novas to get distance.

Mage/Rogue:  Your #1 priority is to keep your Mage Dispelled.  Mage Invis to avoid Sap, you 2v1 the Mage until the Rogue comes out.  They should go on you.  Again, do what you can to prevent damage/kite the Rogue.  Your mage should control him pretty well, and force an early Cloak by pouring damage into him.  If the Rogue vanishes, swap to the Mage instantly until the Rogue comes back out.  Generally once the Rogue vanishes, the Mage will be forced to Block, where he will die after if the Rogue doesn't come back out.  Kill either one.

DK + Sham/Priest/Pala:  Force trinkets on healers, pump into the DK hard.  This comp, I let my mage CS the healer tree, while I Silence the DK early to prevent AMZ + AMS + Mind Freeze so I can get a full row of DoTs.  After Sheep is off DR, resheep them and kill the DK.  Dispel Freedoms asap.

DK + Druid:  See Warrior + Druid, except we almost always get a kill on the Druid.

Hunter + Druid:  See Warrior + Druid.  Horror is situational: if you know you can get a kill, Horror the Hunter when he trinkets Deep Freeze so he can't Deterrence, otherwise use it on the healer after Fear/CS/Silence.

Priest + hunter:  Go hard on the Hunter.  Sheeps/Silence/CS on the healer.  Horror is situational: if you know you can get a kill, Horror the Hunter when he trinkets Deep Freeze so he can't Deterrence, otherwise use it on the healer after Fear/CS/Silence.

Post any other comps you may have questions about.

#1843525 Sheep and Fear

Posted Mantraz on 14 February 2010 - 08:04 PM

rinnx said:

fear and sheep not sharing DR is retarded

Are you serious? This would kill more comps than i can name in a post! Really Blind+Fear sharing DR is enough, (i play WMP, no blind)

If you take away cc from the game there's just damage left, you know that and so do I. We'd end up with MLS skipping the CC all together because the succubus would put everything on DR by itself so we'd have even more mindless damage flowing around. It'd be a TRUMENDOUS buff to setups like WLD and TSG and those comps seem to do just fine.

Please elaborate a bit more on why you think this is retarded before you post, because quite frankly - I cant find any.

#1749322 2v2 Rogue Mage deep guide.

Posted Thakeelol on 21 January 2010 - 02:59 PM

I've played this setup for a lot of time now, so I think I know it enough to write a guide. Me and my partner got up to 2,9k mmr with it, even though never played it further than 2400 due to 2v2 being dead bracket, however we played versus top players, and the strategies here will be focused to counter all setups.

First, talents:

For rogue: http://eu.wowarmory....120000000000000

Explanation: Non-envenom specc 41-5-25. The reason is kinda obvious, while envenom damage is HUGE, you can't wait or risk for having doses of poisons to burst or envenom, plus envenom damage isn't ace vs cloth targets, the targets mage has MOST problems against ( lock with nether protection, mage due to all wards and barriers, etc. ). All talents are focused on wild damage, and insta-gibs, imp. kidney shot is a must.

Why not quick recovery ? Healing would only be used for bandage, and as 2nd part of the talent ( 80% energy of a finisher when it misses ) can be really handy when dodged, or when a rogue has evasion you spam rupture so you'll get it through in 3-4 GCDs, however we wont focus the tactics that way.

Mage:  http://eu.wowarmory....100232102231151

This specc has kinda few to explain, as its an AVG. mage talent tree, without focus magic as you're playing with non envenom rogue, 1 point in Imp. WE because replenishment on the many times mage will be left 1v1 versus healers it'll be kinda a must ( i think it is 150 mp5, for 1 point ), and even when its not 1v1, mage will have mana problems sometimes. And the 150% of intelect as armor over clearcasting, because you will really love the extra mitigated damage, specially vs hunters.

Glyphs that are a must: For rogue, vigor mutilate sprint. Specially sprint, if you really want to drop a glyph, drop vigor, sprint is too game-deciding versus mages, versus kiters, etc.

For mage, ice barrier and evocation are a must, and the third one could be icy veins as rogue isnt envenom.

About gear, I recommend :rogue: wearing 4/5 gladi, and then as many PVE pieces as possible, resilience aint a issue, your work on this setup is to stunlock and vanish, not to tank. Engineering rockets, or bandit insignia/death card do help, even tho not as much nowadays as their ilvl is outdated. Remember to reach hit-cap, focusing on AP and crit ( some items are really easy to take , for example cloak from emblem of frost, necklace from onyxia, icc rep ring, diplomat from TOC, etc ).

For :mage: , the use of PVE pieces isnt as great as the rogue, as you'll take some huge damage sometimes, specially by DKs & hunters, so it's your choice to either use 4/5 pvp, or full PVE with offset pieces with haste, with a total of 600-700 resi, I preffer to use PVE when I play mage personally, so does my mage partner Djudjo, as we try to control the whole game, however as I stated before, hunters / dks will give you problems, but they'll give you anyway with +300 resi, so...

Ok that's the setup's gear and glyphs, and a little explanation walloftext yaaaaw.

Now let's go to the most desired part I hope, tactics.
The main tactic ( without regarding setup ) is kinda obvious ( later on I'll join in depth each setup don't worry ) , basically having one controled, while stunlocking  the other, forcing CDs this way, rogue vanishes, mage survives kitting or IBs for DR, and then reopen without CDs and finish.

Communication is obviously key, I played wihtout VT or skype MANY times, and its not as huge if you know the player youre 2v2ing with, and you use addons that indicate enemy trinkets etc; most of the times , for not saying 99%, blind will go for the healer who trinketed when the mage asks.

Key is to RUSH cc really, if youre meeting GOOD opponents, dont bother sheep fakecast 3 times to not waste CS-sheep, it's a waste. Nova-CS sheep, either you'll take your sheep SW:d 1/3 times and you'll lose a lot.
With nova-cs or if you know you can fakecast for sure as he's in bad position and he cant go hug pilar, sheep fake cast ( versus warrior sheep spam, reflect=trinket resheep, as simple ). Or you fakecast with icelance, and lose momentum at the cost of saving an useless trinket from a mage POV.

The tactic is not to "CC" the dispeller, and focus the other one, ( tactic used by 100% rmps under 2k probably ) "sheep pala focus war ", well this is kinda senseless, if its truth that the pala can dispell and that CC warrior if he cleanses its hard, focus warrior's never been good tactic.

You have to focus someone that you can kill within a 2 set of CD blowing.

Mainly rogues, holy paladins ( specially ), resto druids...
As rogue, gouge between cheapshot and kidney shot ( this is the MAIN reason of not going envenom ) it gives the mage 1 more shatter which is really a HUGE difference, try to have the mage TOT'd at the initial burst, and on the 2nd CD blow, he'll be making the main damage.

Okay, let's join setups in depth, analyze them and study them.

:druid::warrior: : Resto, arms ( I never saw a prot warrior running with a resto druid, could be possible though ).
Tactic is simple, mage cast ice armor, fireward versus engineers, or frostward in the case of icelance reflect.
Many times we've run them oom, however there's no need to, and we've beaten really good druid warrior with a high % of wins, close to non-lose except RNG.

Target is the druid, reason is that if you attacked war, unless you global him without HOTs and some shatter switch, you can't really CC the druid ( maybe a full CS if lucky ) and deepfreeze if FOF procc, however you cant rly on RNG to CC, also warrior can't be "trained" due to all chargues & reflects that can stop mage, and shieldwall intervene druid LOS etc.

Rogue be ready to ToT mage and do your well-known stunlock rotation ( Cheapshot, mutilate, gouge, kidney shot muti muti evis , then comes blank CS, and if he'll los, then arcane misiles , or vanish cheapshot to let another frostbolt be cast by the mage ). Mage go 1v2 them, (you really cant die ) if you take to nova them both, which you will as theres no pressure coming from them, and they dont know who you will focus, you sheep warr, as you sheep warr ASAP open the druid coordinating with the rogue, they can stop your burst in various ways:
A) Popping barskin and trinket ( only one of them won't do, leaving you the 2nd burst for a free kill without any of them ).
or B) Warrior trinkets chargues bladestorms without time of a Blind in answer to trinket, or resheep or nova, however this will lead into druid needing to barskin and trinket ANYWAYS in order to survive, either mage just blink-kite and instant spam on druid while rogue evasion feints and keeps attacking druid.

Now vanish away, take 20-30 seconds to reset DR and bandage if needed, and then go in and do same thing, but without them having CDs.

If they get used to you focusing druid, they will NEVER HOT warrior, ( bad mistake ), many times me & my mage open druid, pretend to go him, he'll do his trinket at kidney as 100%, and then blind, dismantle warrior and global him down without chance of shieldwalling.

:priest::rogue: : Lovable setup to meet, I cant remember how many epic matches I've had against this setup.
The tactic versus this setup can be really long to explain, even though now that you know the normal rotation ( stunlock one while sheeping other, trinket=blind, then deepfreeze on cc'd target etc.. )

Your mage goes invis, stay near to your rogue, your rogue saps the mage, mage leaves invis and starts spellstealing, if you are SO UNLUCKY to taking sapped after leaving invis, trinket asap and keep spellstealing don't worry. Spellsteal all of his buffs, if RNG doesnt hit you with a bat, then on 3rd sheep he will have nothing left, no shield no stamina etc.
WEle icy veins, shatter BLANK COUNTERSPELL , rocket frostbolt spam while your rogue does ambush mutilate vanish.

Dead priest, he can't PS while blank cs'd , and 100%-0% without shield is a global. Now his rogue learnt that he has to either open mage as he shatters, or to find rogue.
If they refuse to open mage it's really a quick win, as you use all of priest CD's in one sec, and you can easily kill them through PS if he survives blank cs nukage as he'll be 5% or 20% as 2 much. However this'll rarely happen twice.

You have to focus rogue, stunlock on priest sheeped, he'll trinket stun 100% if you can, leave him a rupture and vanish away, let your mage 1v2 for a while keeping them in combat until next sheep DR, trinket=blind on priest, keeping him on CC 100% while's rogue's being nuked.

Key versus ALL rogue setups for mage, is to PEEL the rogue.
How? Breaking his vanishes, wihtout vanishes a rogue is similar to a NPC, weak.
You can break his vanishes standing close to him and novaing as he vanish, OR with pet nova ( if you save it for this ) believe me it's worth, this way your rogue will win the CD fight versus him.

When your rogue is opened by the other rogue, try to DF opponent rogue while blank CS to make it undispellable, ( pet nova DF=instant ) , and then sheep priest and nuke rogue, your rogue wont die if the enemy rogue has to stop the damage coming.

:paladin::warrior: : One of my favourite setups to meet, it's really easy and doesnt give headache, you can win this setup 10/10 if you coordinate perfectly with your mage.
Key is to SHEEP warrior as you CHEAPSHOT paladin...
It'll be hard for the mage to take a sheep 1v2, so you can sap the paladin making it really easy for him;
if you sap paladin, your mage rushes the warrior, sheeps, and then 1v2 paladin, he bubbles=Reset, repeat.

WHAT HAPPENS IF the warrior stays at another pilar than the paladin? making it unable to sap paladin and then sheep him? well my mage partner who's kinda a genius invented the  ANTISPLIT tactic, if the otehr warrior is really far away, summon pet PET NOVA him away, you can do it through the pilar, and it'll serve as CC while you kill paladin.

Remember the Cheapshot-Ks-Counterspell rotation on 1v2.

:paladin::deathknight: : Unholy DK holy paly, most of the times, and if not it's really freewin.

This work SIMILAR to Pala warrior, however its MUCH harder, and you can only win by dominating :rogue::mage: .
Reason why it's harder, it's because you cant open pala and sheep DK, basically because he has AMS, strangulate, lichborn, he can pop gargoyle & kill ur mage with ranged, etc etc...

You'll need a sap, then your mage rushes in, he takes a shatter fucked by pet's stun ( which can be prevented with nova ) and as paladin bubbles it becomes kinda "easy" as you can redo again by going invis.

I'll join more into the depth as someone said this part was kinda poor. I didn't want to make really complicated tactics but well here we go.
you'll need a macro for cheapshot, for cheapshotting focus

#showtooltip cheapshot
/cast [target=focus] cheapshot

Mark dk as focus , if you cant take a sap, your mage wont be able to take a sheep, meaning probably a loss, this trick will give you about 80% win ratio if you execute it greatly, however it's really hard.
Vanish focuscheapshot DK as mage blank counterspell paladin, with the CS on DK, mage will have a free window to sheep, then you muti muti kidney paladin and you'll force a bubble, he'll cleanse DK asap, you'll need to Iceblock as dots wont let you invis. After it, you can abuse this macro trick again into DK with improved counterspell on paladin , as stunned dk wont be able to lichbron in answer or AMS etc etc, then go pally gouge, 2sec kidney into shatter and he'll die or be so low, not being able to take up as his dk is sheeped.

With this really complicated macro/tactic you'll find that take a full sheep on anybody is really really easy at the cost of coordination, perfect position and a vanish, however vanish for full sheep while you global healer is worth.

:druid::deathknight: DK Druid, the pain to rogue mage, similar to DK pala, problem is that druid with DK peeling will probably never die, and with desecration he can kite through pilar the whole time, and DK can rape your mage relatively quick, dont expect to win this setup if they're pro. However, me & my mage tried many times to go DK... never do it haha xD, bad mistake. Always focus paladin .
DK have IBF, Ams, AMZ, ( AMS with glyph 6 secs ) IBf for 12 secs, if youre on him he can pop gargoyle EASY so even with DF-full CS on druid ( which would be the BEST case ) you wont eb able to kill DK within 12 secs with all the CDs he has , strangulate, pet stun, AMs,  AMZ = mage does nothing for 25 secs. And rogue dmg on frost pressence IBF DK with some hots is zero.

The key is really sapping DK... let him DND first ( versus hunters same story, never rush into a hunter that hasn't FLARED, because he'll flare your face ), as he DND you see the position of the DND, you wait 10 seconds ( DND cd is 15 secs talented, lasts 10 secs ) then go in, sap, and open druid ASAP, even if your mage isnt near, your chance to gibb druid during dk sapped is high, the chance of resetting is hard.

Healer+:warlock: If he's affli, you'll have a really hard time, if he's destro, your mage will deal close to no damage, but your chance to win are awful anyways. Druid, Shaman, Pala, priest, all of them can avoid mage CC except priest, as paladin have sacrifices bubbles etc etc, and lock > rogue quick.

Main issue of this setup is DEVOUR MAGIC from the dog ( felhunter's lock pet ). They key is to rank1 frostbolt and then sheep, and beg for a mirracleous devour not to happen, and train the lock really hard, fakecast his spellock, and if you dont , dont stay still watching, if you get arcane school locked, shatter spam, if you take frostbolt school locked, assure your CC and scorch.
Versus shaman it's probably the easiest, sap LOCK and rush shaman, :shaman: die in cheapshot really, their deffensive skills are close to none, and if you can keep some decent CC on lock like rank1 frostbolt DF, or sheep, sham will die easily enough.

Versus :druid::warlock: which is most common, along :warlock::priest: , atleast for me, you'll have really hard time, druid warlock is probably the hardest setup to meet, taking in count Faerie Fire to the rogue and DOTs will make his life a true torment.
Try to posittion really well, to nova lock and felhunter and then gouge / stun druid , so when lock & dog arent LOS you can easily shatter spam.

Rogue hints versus lock: ALWAYS save CLOS vanish for resetting, either you die in 10 seconds into the game, find a good position to eat, and do it 100%, reset CLOS cd, without CLOS you wont even survive two globals really, fear, full dots, dead.

Mage hints versus lock: Locks are hard for mages, as his dog is a dispeller who you cant CC, and can also silence you, even if the lock is cc'd, making it something similar to 2v3. ( ofc NOT, dont troll about this, is just a mere example to indicate that you have to pay LOTS of attention on 3 targets, not 2 as any other team ).
But you can really outplay him, and make him devour a target with chill, rank1 slow, or you can even COC sheep, nova sheep...
Lock games are your games, if your rogue resets you'll need to survive, mage armor, barries up, and los los los los, nova, los los los until your rogue comes back to the combat, you should really be able to outlast a lock , wether affliction ( whose dots can hurt, but you can LOS him ) or destro, who cant really nuke you if you LOS spam ( fire blast may proccs nether protection, which you can spellsteal  , if he doesnt have many magical debuffs ). Having fireward versus destrolock is a must, if it proccs the mana taken, is basically a mana shield plus a spell negated = 8k dmg negated. Really a help for winning the match.

:hunter::priest: Really easy, go hunter, train hunter, this setup is similar to :rogue::priest: , but they cant instagibb your rogue, but you instead, so play wise and try to LOS before taking globaled, use your rogue stuns & gouges to completely nuke & CC the priest, the hunter dies EASY, specially if your rogue gets one stun through deterrance ( deterrance = vanish stun if outside flare=gg ).

IF they FLARE-CAMP, rogue sprints ( you LOVE sprint glyph due to things like this ) you jump sprinting into the flare and take a sap to the hunter before flare's about to finish. You take unstealthed by flare, but priest gets sheeped by mage, and then before sap finishes, flare fades, dismantle ( PREVENTS SHIELDWALL, SPELLREFLECT-DETERRANCE ) muti muti kidney hunter = REALLY problems for him as hsi priest is sheeped, he'll have to triket deterrance, and as he has no GCD for flare = vanish and finish it down. Remind the importance about ToTing your mage, most of the games he'll deal 3 times your dmg, 15% is a HUGE BOOST, and well worth the TOT glyph instead of vigor, but well, that depends of your prefference, I use vigor because ToT glyph got nerfed ( used to be 25% dmg instead of 15%, and now is 15% for few more duration ) which is most of the times useless, as only 4-5 secs of TOT are needed.

:mage::priest: : Hard setup. There are many tactics available,
first of them, raping priest completely due to mage's low capability to peel a rogue while he's CLOSing CC, or vanishing sheeps, etc. If you use this tactic you can wait for mage invis to fade, SAP HIM asap open priest and 1v2, then your mage sheep spams to prevent other mage sheeping, he CS's mage arcane school while you 2 train priest... Priests dont usualy survive a lot without peel from you, you can easily 1v1 with some mage's damage.

Another tactic, is sapping mage, your mage goes and sheep priest, you 2 open mage, you force IB, reset. Kill on hypothermia CLOS'ing novas and making outhealable damage. This'll rarely rarely happen, as mage without CC can DF your rogue, and if he trinkets he can get feared, or sheep spammed with icy veins, etc...

The tactic with most success to us : Be open-minded. You sap mage and open priest, mage trinkets, either he has it REALLY REALLY hard to win, trinket = Blind, he IBs, we brutally switch and spam CDs on him while being able to CC priest easily ( even without blind ) even if he didnt trinket stun, and he wont eb able to heal that damage on mage without PS and a chance of full CS on him, DF, 10-5 sec sheeps as he trinket 10th ( remember you used blind on mage etc. ).

Rogue hints versus mages: PEt nova - DF hurts, versus good mages isnt avoidable , but most of the times it will, as you take nova VANISH or CLOS asap = no DF, and really HURTS them a lot, if they frost nova MANUALLY wihtout pet, you have the chance to vanish clos really easy as they used GCD and they have to wait next one for DF.

Mage hints versus mage priest : Remember that, afterall, you have a 22k hp pool probably, 600-700 resi, and that you can take ONE-SHOT if they "connect" ( I use "connect" for my concept of Synergy attack, AKA having all team to damage a target or CC at once )on you without barriers you're DEAD, play wise, and frost ward as he frostbolts, ice barrier as they nuke, not as a pre-hot versus teams with dispel.

Retri :paladin: + Healer : this completely deppends of your synergy.
If you're good coordinated and you get to connect a LOT, it' s a really easy setup, as the retri can be globalled, and has no deffensive CDs appart of the bubble.
Most common is :paladin::priest: , which is hard to double dispel, dont worry thought, when you can sheep priest, do it, then cheapshot retri ( vanish cheapshot if needed ) or 2sec kidney shot to stop the cleanse ( remember the rank1 frostbolt as magical TRASH debuff, similar to warlock ).

Then reset, and repeat. :paladin::druid: can be really hard, due to you needing MANY MANY openers on druid, ( one gets countered by barskin, trinket, another by BOP, then divine sacrifice you cant sheep retri, then hand of sacrifice, then waiting for trinket on HOJ.... ) Really sometimes you just need to reset a LOT, and it's the KEY of this setup.

Rogue+mage: Mirror, really relying on your individual skill and gameplay.
While you-ll be focusing rogue most of the times, as stun=rupture will almost mean game over, there--s a secondary tactic, mage vs mage duel, and then rogue NINJAOPEN on mage, vanish, forcing IB, and kill on hypothermia, Ofc thought both teams can do that, so if a mage catches rogue in AOE while him trying to ninja open, it-ll be quite match deciding. However, damage dealer on this match will be the rogue, if you-re the mage , try to keep the 2nd target on CC, peeled, either with nova=df, sheep, sheep, CS, or if youre trying a kill on mage, try to AOE rogue as much as you can, keeping him away of your rogue, if you can take a Df=sheep on enemy rogue, it-s kinda a win, as your rogue can blind him in answer to trinket, or vanish stunlock with CLOS up for not getting peeled by the mage, and take the win. If you can find the rogue, ( AKA opener ) is really huge, and match deciding most of the times, if rogue opens on rogue, try to answer with trinket blind, trinket=vanish stunlock, if he doesnt trinket blind and mage peels your tries to vanish away, you'll lose. You can trinket blind, clos sprint vanish = safe, but having wasted so many CDs for nothing , ( well not for nothing, because if you dont you just lose ).

Retri-Rogue : Same opener as priest-rogue, invis sap retri, spellsteal and open with shatter globaling, he 'll have to bubble, IB/reset ( if you IB without rogue opening on you, he'll RAPE YOU on hypothermia with hand of freedom so try not to ). As retri has no bubble it's really easy, however most of the matches you'll be focusing rogue , as he pops on you, or he gets found etc.
IB is REALLY REALLY important vs 2 dps setup, sit on ib the 10 seconds, so hypothermia duration is shorter.

Rogue-Warlock : 1v1 the warlock, then your rogue ninjaopens him, and you win, really easy setup ( if the other rogue goes and try to do the same, you can IB, AOE him etc ) , however careful, because a deathcoil - instant fear on your rogue can result into a loss due to them nerfing your rogue down. Remember to blank-cs him as your rogue opens, and there'll be no risk of such things happening, also thsi way your rogue can open with ambush muti vanish.

Hope that takes it covered

Guide finished here, that was it, I'll EDIT if I'm asked for tactics against more setups. For finishing, I wanted to say that, even if 2v2 "is dead" as many say, 2v2 2 dps setup is really fun, as 3v3 3dps setup, and will probably always be.
I was asked by friends of how I felt the resilience buff IMPACTING DPS setups... Well, tbh, I have a really good feeling about the changue, and taken to the point, it can even get to be a buff... as you wont be globaled etc, and anyways you score kills with your CC, not with your damage, ignoring healer, ( all rogue setups are based on CC mostly , except when tunneling shamans or holy palas ). Maybe it nerfs 2 dps setups, as when resilience was buffed with "- crit, - dmg from crit PLUS -dmg overall" and now that dmg overall is twiced,  and by then mage rogue wasn't really injured as we thought it'd be ( maybe no more killing priests in blank CS, but we wll see haha :). )

Reason why I wrote this guide is because I always always loved 2 dps setups... I played rogue mage s3 with a really high win ratio which was a really bad setup by then ( I consider it quite decent setup nowadays ), and I always sticked to funny setups, more to FOTM, rogue lock, rogue mage... IF you played one of these setups you can understand how funny it is, not to rely on heals, but on CC, teamplay...

I hope someone reads it ( I'm sure someone will ) and will make a good profit out of it, took me a little time to do it, but the effort was worth if even only one uses it in a good way.

Edit: Stupidme is stupid, I forgot to put 2 dps setups, will take a while x_DD.
Good luck m8s!

#1739915 Get your rank, quick and easy.

Posted Schnorki on 19 January 2010 - 07:41 PM

Despite the armory being broken as hell, for those interested, you can view your team's current rank despite not seeing anything in the pvp tab.

Specifically, this gives you the in-game ranking (updated as of this maintenance) for the given teams, meaning this is NOT counting out inactive teams yet. (Not all of them anyways...maintenance update catches some, but not all of them. So usually your 'real' rank for purpose of cutoff determination will be a tad bit lower than the one shown here)

Also, it shows you your personal rating and % of total games played, just in case you forgot and aren't sure if you even qualify anymore. ;)

The actual macro:
/script for i=1,3 do t,s,r,_,_,tp,_,_,pp,ra,p=GetArenaTeam(i) pl=(floor((pp/tp*100*10^2)+0.5))/10^2 ChatFrame1:AddMessage(""..s.."v"..s..": Team <"..t.."> is rank "..ra.." with "..r.." rating. ("..p.." personal, "..pl.."% played)") end

changed it a bit
(thx to Cyaxeres for the idea to just check all 3 teams at a time.. =p)

#1728902 Season 8 Arcane Mage Gear

Posted Jolah on 17 January 2010 - 08:53 PM

I roll with 1360resil as arcane in 3v3. In season 7 i wouldn't play with any less than 1100. In season 8 you'll probably want at least 1200. If this is for 2v2, then you want to get as much damage as you can. Still anything less than 800 seems too low.

Basically the less damage you take the less you have to stop stacking blasts to slow spam and run away.

also, in 3's i hope you are using battlemaster over talisman