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In Topic: Default UI Scripts

22 April 2013 - 05:34 PM

Hello there, i've been trying to get this garrote dr script to work forever. I got similar ones for cheap shot and sap which works perfectly. But for some reason I just can't get this one to work.. Anyway here is the script:

GS=RF(FR) GS.c=RF("Cooldown","GARROTE",GS.t) GS:RegisterEvent(USD)
GS.c:SetAllPoints(GS) GS:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT",PlayerFrame,-40,12)GS:SetSize(30,30)GS.t=GS:CreateTexture(nil,RD)GS.t:SetAllPoints()GS.t:SetTexture("Interface\\Icons\\ability_rogue_garrote")
GS:SetScript(OT,function(self,event,...) if UE(select(1,...))==UE("player") and select(5,...)==1330 then GARROTE:SetCooldown(GetTime(), 21)end end)

I know there is another thread about this, but I tried it and unfortunately it didn't work