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Dealing with MLS as LSD

08 July 2014 - 03:44 PM

Hi all!

I've started playing arena more seriously over the past few weeks, and am playing LSD at 2.1-2.2k mmr right now. Since breaking 2100 today we've been queuing into a couple of MLS teams which are the only teams giving us any consistent difficulty right now, particularly on RoL.
Overall we tend to split games close to 50/50 with MLS (perhaps slightly their way), however almost all of the losses occur on RoL.

It feels as though their control allows them to completely shut down our warlock, destroying our pressure. We've tried playing more aggressively, pushing in for counter cc to allow us to get some pressure started, however ultimately this seems to be a bad move as it exposes me to a lot of CC which eventually leads to a kill on my shaman in CS+Deep while I'm running laps of the map in fear.

Can anyone offer some general advice as to how we go about killing this comp more effectively? I know mages give ele a hard time, but at 2.1 we've obviously still got improvement left in us and we plan on pushing higher.  


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