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03 May 2016 - 03:55 PM

bump bump

In Topic: State of Shadow Priests?

30 April 2016 - 10:00 AM

I recently returned to the game and i'm wondering how Shadow Priests are doing this season? Should I avoid 2v2? Are they any good in 3s?

Yes they are good in godcomp with mage/shadow/x-healer

In Topic: Discipline Priest PvP Guide - Warlords of Draenor by Zunniyaki

30 April 2016 - 07:15 AM

(7) Crowd Control

Posted Image

How is crowd control useful?

  • Stops enemies from dealing damage or healing
  • Stops enemies from cc'ing you
  • Stop enemies from supporting their teammates
  • Reduces the number of active enemy players putting you at an advantage

What crowd control abilities do i have?

As discipline we only have 1 crowd control ability available to us.
  • Posted Image - 45 second cooldown, 2 second duration.
Our other forms of crowd control come from our talents. The options we have are..

Posted Image

  • Posted Image - 6 second duration fear, 30 second cooldown.
  • Posted Image - 8 second duration root, 30 second cooldown. "Killable"
Tip! - Since your void tendrils are killable shielding them helps alot!

  • Posted Image - 8 second duration, spammable mind control.
*You cannot control your character while this is active, so you will need a "/cancelaura mind control" macro if you want to resume control of your character. This effect can also be dispelled with offensive dispels by the enemy*

Mind control isn't taken over the other two talents that often due to the fact that is has a cast time and there isn't many situations during a game that you will successfully get one off. Also the other two talents are AoE meaning you can control multiple targets with them at once and are instant cast. Also mind control DR's with Incapacitate effects.

How should i use my crowd control?

Posted Image is our main crowd control ability, as a well timed Psychic Scream can crowd control the entire enemy team when used properly and at the right time.

It is used in two different situations:
  • Offensively - Your fear should always be prioritized on the opposing healer and landing it as soon as possible is very useful in almost any situation, but it is easier to use as a follow up CC if your target is already sitting in another CC (Polymorph, Stormbolt, Freezing Trap etc..) as you will spend less time pushing for your fear.
It is also recommended that you use Posted Image on yourself and then Posted Image before pushing for a fear, it will greatly help you in not getting crowd controlled or simply slowed by the enemy team that will be trying to stop you from fearing, giving you a higher chance to land your fear.
  • Defensive - If you know that you are in trouble and are nowhere near the opposing healer to fear him, a "Defensive" Psychic Scream can be very useful on the enemies around you, as it will give you some time to run away and heal yourself back up.
  • Posted Image is the same as Psychic Scream as it can be used both offensively and defensively.
If possible, always try to prioritize using Silence on the enemy healer, if you are too far away simply use it on the enemy casters to protect yourself and and your team from taking damage or getting crowd controlled.


Let's say you are about to get polymorphed by a Posted Image and have no way to avoid it, it is a good choice to use your Silence on him, giving you those extra few seconds to get into a better position.

Below are some abilities that non-casters CANNOT use while silenced.

Warrior - Posted Image, Posted Image
Hunter - Posted Image, Posted Image, Posted Image, Posted Image
Death Knight - Posted Image, Posted Image
Monk - Posted Image
Retribution Paladin - Posted Image, Posted Image, Posted Image, Posted Image

(8) Utilizing Your Mobility

Posted Image

Mobility Abilities and Passives

  • Posted Image - Places a feather on the ground at the target granting the first ally to walk through it a 60% increase to movement speed for 6 seconds.
This talent is chosen in 95% of situations and it should be used when:
  • Pushing for fear
  • Kiting enemies away
  • Getting into a better position to avoid incoming crowd control
  • Helping your partners to connect to their target or kite enemies
Angelic Feathers have a really short 10 second cooldown and have 3 charges so feel free to spam them alot.

Casting Angelic Feathers on your partners can be really useful for their movement speed no matter what classes they play, and you should be doing it whenever possible.
  • Posted Image - Your Power Word: Shield and Leap of Faith also increases your target's movement speed by 60% for 4 seconds.
If you decide to play with Body and Soul it basically has the same attribute and usage as Angelic Feathers. Simple cast a Power Word: Shield on yourself when pushing for your Psychic Scream or if you want to assist your team offensively.
  • Posted Image - Removes all movement impairing effects and prevents your movement speed from being reduced for 5 seconds.
Phantasm is rarely used as it has a fairly long cooldown of 30 seconds and only lasts for 5 seconds, but you would use it the same way as the other two talents except from the fact that it can only be used on yourself.
  • Posted Image - Leap of faith pulls you to your target instead of pulling your target to you.
Glyph of Restored Faith can be useful sometimes as you can pull yourself to a friendly target in order to offensively fear or defensively get away from enemies trying to go for you.

  • Discipline 2 piece PvP Set Bonus - Increases you and your target movement speed by 30% when Penance is channelled.

(9) Making the most of your utility

Posted Image

Utility Abilities

  • Posted Image - Dispels 1 Magic effect on the enemy target, should be used whenever possible as it will help your teams offensiveness.
There are some spells that are VERY important to dispel and you should be focusing on dispelling them as often as possible.
  • Posted Image
  • Posted Image
  • Posted Image
  • Posted Image
  • Posted Image
These are just a select few spells that should be dispelled by you when possible.
  • Posted Image - Dispels harmful effects on the friendly target removing ALL magic and disease effects.
Purify can be used in 2 ways:

Against teams with spammable CC (Posted Image/Posted Image), it is important to save your purify to dispel polymorph/fear effects on your partners rather than dispelling DoT's to reduce damage taken for example.

It is also more important to dispel an 8 second polymorph, rather than a 2 second polymorph since your purify has a 8 second cooldown.

There are some exceptions to this, for example the spell "Haunt" from Posted Image is very useful to dispel as it reduces alot of the damage on the target Haunt is cast on.

Dispelling Flame Shocks against Elemental Shaman Posted Image is also very useful as it reduces their chance of getting lava burst procs therefore lowering their overall damage.

Dispelling Diseases can also be very handy, whether it is Devouring Plague from a shadow priest Posted Image or plagues from Death Knights Posted Image.

Conclusion: As a general rule you want to save your purify to dispel crowd control effects, but if you or your partner are taking a lot of damage feel free to dispel. You can always mass dispel as a backup if you really to dispel and your purify is on cooldown.
  • Posted Image - Wards a friendly target against fear, the next fear effect used against that target will fail using up the ward instead. This ability has a 3minute cooldown which lasts until cancelled or until it is consumed.
This is generally used as soon as you enter the arena, as the cooldown will come back 2 minutes after the game has begun due to the preperation period of 1 minute before the gates will open.

In most cases you can simply cast it on yourself when it comes back off cooldown.

Exceptions: Fear Ward can be very useful to mitigate enemies fear abilities that have a cooldown such as...
  • Posted Image
  • Posted Image
  • Posted Image
Example: You see an enemy priest running towards you, you assume that he will use his Psychic Scream on you, meaning that you can cast Fear Ward on yourself at the same time / right before he use's his fear. As a result of this, this Psychic Scream will be on cooldown and you will not have to worry about getting feared again for another 30 seconds.

  • Posted Image - You instantly pull a friendly target in front of you, 40 yard range, 1 minute 30 second cooldown.
Perk: "Enhanced Leap of Faith", your leap of faith also increases the next non-periodical heal cast on that target by 50% for 10 seconds.

This is most of the time used when your partner is low on health and you want to drag him with you out of sight of the enemy.

Different situation of Leap of faith usage - Lets say your partner is trying to connect to an enemy, but he cannot because he is stunned/slowed,you can then Leap of Faith him closer to his target if you are close to the target he wants to reach.
  • Posted Image - Dispels Magic within a 15 yard radius, removing ALL harmful magical spell from each friendly target and 1 beneficial spell from each enemy target. 30 yard range, 15 second cooldown, 20,800 mana cost.

Mass dispel is a very unique and powerful spell but it comes at a very high cost of 20,800 mana, so it has to be used carefully.

It is mainly used with the Posted Image which removes Magic effects that are normally undispellable such as Posted Image, Posted Image or Posted Image.

You can also use mass dispel when your purify is on cooldown and you need to quickly get your partner out of a CC.
  • Posted Image - Cause's an explosion of shadow magic around the target, dealing 6500 shadow damage over 5 seconds to all enemies within 10 yards around the target.
Mind sear is rarely used in arena, but it can be used on your partner or their pets to try and AoE stealth teams out, or to stop the enemy team from drinking.

Try to use it at the beginning of the game against Posted Image/Posted Image/Posted Image to get them out of stealth.
  • Posted Image - Brings a dead ally back to life with 35% health and mana. Cannot be cast while in combat.
So this is a spell that you will probably only cast 1 out of every 100 games you will play, and the opposing team will most likely never let you finish casting it as it has a 10 second cast time. But you never know and if your partner died why not try it, right?
  • Posted Image - Shackles the undead enemy target for up to 8 seconds, the shackled unit is unable to move, attack or cast spells. Any damage caused will break the effect, 1.5 second cast time.

This spell is very useful against Unholy Death Knight Posted Image pets, (Frost and Blood don't have pets) since they do alot of damage and have abilities that can stun/interrupt you.

The most important time to use this spell is when an Unholy Death Knight Posted Image use's his 3 minute cooldown Posted Image ability, a 3 minute cooldown that lasts for 40 seconds and deals a considerable amount of damage. Thankfully this can be shackled 3 times until the diminishing returns hit, and you should be doing so whenever you can.

You can also use shackle undead when a Death Knight uses his Posted Image ability as they are considered undead while lichborne is active thus being able to get shackled.

(10) Suggested Keybinds

Using keybinds is an essential part of playing world of warcraft as it allows you to react to things alot faster, and make your overall gameplay alot smoother. There is no "best" way to keybind you spells as keybinds are all personal preference so use what you find most comfortable.

NOTE: My Arena targeting keybinds are for 2v2 and 3v3 primarily as i do not play 5v5 very often. If you do play 5v5 and don't have or don't want to have extra keybinds for the 4th and 5th player simply click them.

Movement - How do you control your characters movement?
  • I use W, A, D to move my character, but pressing both mouse buttons simultaneously activates running.
Note: The "S" keybind (aka backpeddle is not useful in PvP situations) and is better replaced for more keybind usage.

Targeting - How do you target your teammates and enemy players in arena?
  • I target my teammates with Mousewheel UP and Mousewheel Down. I highly recommend these keybinds for any healer.
I target enemy players with the following keybinds...
  • Arena1 - Shift + E
  • Arena2 - Shift + F
  • Arena3 - Shift + X
Note: I have clicked my arena frames for many years and can tell you that it does not make a "huge difference" in disc priest gameplay as we don't target enemy players quite as often as a dps would. I sometimes simply use my mouse.

I set my focus using the following keybinds...
  • Arena1 - Shift + 1
  • Arena2 - Shift + 2
  • Arena3 - Shift + 3

Modifier's - Which modifiers do you use and how do you feel about them?

I mainly use "Shift", then "Alt"and finally "Capslock" which works as "Ctrl" for me as i use the software called Sharpkeys to remap the keys on my keyboard.

Modifiers are all subject to preference, but shift modifiers are the easiest to use so i recommend that you use as many of them as possible.

Action Bars - How do you lay out your abilities on your action bars?

I group up all my spells/cooldowns on three bars...
  • Main action bar
  • Bottom Left action bar
  • Bottom Right Action bar
On the two action bars located on the side of my screen, i put spells/macros that are not very important to keep track of as they have no cooldown such as...
  • Posted Image
  • Posted Image
  • Posted Image

I try to keep similar keybinds across all my alts as it is easier to remember, but it is mainly up to your personal preference and depends on whatever is more comfortable to you.

Abilities - What keybinds do you use for your abilities?

` = Spectral Guise
1 = Atonement Macro (See Below) Casts holy fire on the closest target
2 = Power Word: Shield
3 = Angelic Feather
4 = Flash Heal
5 = Focus Holy Fire
6 = Silence
7 = Move my Shadowfiend
8 = Drink
F1 = Psychic Scream
F2 = Focus Smite
F3 = Self Fear Ward
Q = Saving Grace
E = PvP Trinket
R = Prayer of Mending
T = Leap of Faith
S = Focus Dispel Magic
F = Mass Dispel
G = Pain Suppression
Z = Dispel Party 2
X = Fade
C = Target Player (Self)
V = Archangel
B = Power Word: Barrier
Mouse Button 1 = Purify/Dispel Magic in one button (See Below)
Mouse Button 2 = Dispel Party 1
Mouse Button 3 = Holy Fire
Mouse Button 4 = Holy Nova
Shift+Q = Focus Silence
Shift+R = Smite
Shift+T = Mind Sear
Shift+A = Spirit Shell (When talented for it)
Shift+S = Self Purify
Shift+G = Target Focus
Shift+Z = Divine Star
Shift+C = Focus Shadow Word: Pain
Shift+D = Shadow Word: Pain
Shift+Mouse Button 1 = Leap of Faith party 1
Shift+Mouse Button 2 = Leap of Faith party 2

(11) Suggested Macros

Important Ability Macros - What macros do you have that include your abilities?

Purify Self Macro (with raid mark setting)
  • I have a macro to cast Posted Image on myself and put a raid mark target icon on me. (Useful when you are Night Elf as the raid mark will dissappear when you use Posted Image) because it is sometimes easier to dispel yourself with a macro when you are already targeting an ally.

/cast [@player] purify
/script SetRaidTarget("player",8);
Posted Image target of target macro
  • I have a Shadowfiend macro that you can use when targeting a friendly player and it will assist whatever target he is targeting. You can also spam that macro on different targets to make your Shadowfiend swap targets. It is useful because it allows you to only use 1 keybind without switching target.

#showtooltip Shadowfiend
/cast [nopet,harm][nopet,target=targettarget,harm] Shadowfiend
/petattack [harm][target=targettarget,harm]
/cast Shadowcrawl
"Atonement" Posted Image Macro
  • I have a very important macro which i call the "Atonement" macro, which basically casts Posted Image on the closest target in order to gain Posted Image stacks without losing your target.

/cast holy fire
Posted Image "Death" Macro
  • I have a macro to use when you play with Posted Image, it requires a cancelaura for your shields in order to work and get yourself out of crowd controls.

/cancelaura power word: shield
/cancelaura divine aegis
/cancelaura spirit shell
/cancelaura clarity of will
/cast [@focus] holy fire
Posted Image Gargoyle Macro
  • I have a macro to shackle the enemy Posted Image Gargoyle without losing my current target.

/target Ebon Gargoyle
/cast Shackle Undead
Target Partners Pet Macro
  • I have a macro to target my partners pet, it doesn't matter which class they play as long as they have a pet, all you have to do is enter their name as the following:

/tar yourpartnersname-pet
  • I like to use this because the pet frame is smaller and harder to click.

Party Macros - What do you use to cast at your party members?

  • My main party macros are my Posted Image macros in order to dispel my partners really fast no matter who i am targetting.

/cast [@yourpartnersname] purify


/cast [@party1] purify
  • The second useful party macro is for Posted Image.

/cast [@yourpartnersname] leap of faith


/cast [@party1] leap of faith
  • Once again the reason these macros are useful is because they make you gain time. Targetting an ally AND THEN using a certain spell takes slightly longer than using the above macros, as you do not need to switch target.
Focus and Arena Macros - What macros do you use to cast at your focus target?

I use 4 different macros for my focus, they are not necessarily needed but are very useful if you have extra keybinds.

  • Cast Posted Image on my focus, very useful when you get locked out on your holy tree since there is nothing else you can cast other than Posted Image and Posted Image.

/cast [@focus] shadow word: pain
  • Cast Posted Image on my Focus, it is utile in a lot of situations, mainly to avoid getting Crowd Controlled.

/cast [@focus] silence
  • Cast Posted Image on my Focus, It helps to go quickly offensive if your team is on your current Focus target.

/cast [@focus] penance
  • Cast Posted Image on my Focus.

/cast [@focus] dispel magicI really recommend this one, it is one of the most useful Focus macros because it’s easier to use than targeting that enemy and then dispelling him.

What macros do you use to cast at the arena targets 1/2/3?

I have three Macros to respectively Posted Image Arena 1, 2 and 3 which is useful to avoid CC on you when said enemy is not on your focus for example.

Keybind: ALT+1
/cast [@arena1] silence

Keybind: ALT+2
/cast [@arena2] silence

Keybind: ALT+3
/cast [@arena3] silence

(12) Suggested Addons and Scripts

Addons: What addons do you use that you would recommend other players should use?

  • Loss of Control: Lose Control, very useful as it shows any type of CC on the player/focus/target/arena enemy portrait making it way easier to see.
  • DR Tracker : I use an addon called DRTracker, which is very useful to keep track on all the diminishing returns of your team
  • Power Auras: I run a script to add a Power Aura when my Insignia of Dominance Trinkets Procs.

/run SAF=SpellActivationOverlayFrame SAS=SpellActivationOverlay_ShowOverlay SAH=SpellActivationOverlay_HideOverlays


/run PS1=CreateFrame("FRAME");PS2=CreateFrame("FRAME"); PS3=CreateFrame("FRAME");PS4=CreateFrame("FRAME")

/run PS3:RegisterEvent("UNIT_AURA");PS3:SetScript('OnEv ent',function() o=0 for i=1,40 do _,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,id=UnitAura("Player",i) if id==182067 then SAS(SAF,182067,FO2,"TOP",1.2,139,65,239,false,true ) o=1 end end if o==0 then SAH(SAF,182067) end end)
  • Arena Frames: the addon SArena is useful as it shows various information on your arena enemy frames, as well as showing their PvP Trinket cooldown.
  • I also highly recommend Gladius, a well rounded addon that shows everything you need to know PvP wise.
  • Enemy Cooldown Tracking : Interruptbar 2
  • Once again, I highly recommend this addon, it is extremely useful, especially as a healer and you can configure it to track ANY cooldown of any class.


What scripts do you use that you would recommend other players should use?

  • Frame Positions and Sizes
  • I recommend moving and resizing some frames to your personal preference, whatever feels more comfortable for you!
  • Arena Frames
  • I do not use Gladius, but I recommend this addon as it provides very important information and is easily customizable (size, position, etc)
  • If you do not wish to use Gladius, I recommend moving your arena frames a bit closer to the left than their original position, as well as making them bigger.
  • It will make looking at your enemy casts easier!
Here is the script to move your Arena Frames if you do not wish to use an addon.

/run LoadAddOn("Blizzard_ArenaUI")

/run ArenaEnemyFrame1:ClearAllPoints()
/run ArenaEnemyFrame2:ClearAllPoints()
/run ArenaEnemyFrame3:ClearAllPoints()
  • Note: the coordinates below are the location of the Arena Enemy Frame, changing the numbers will change the positioning (x and y)

/run ArenaEnemyFrame1:SetPoint("CENTER",UIParent,"CENTE R",240,160)
/run ArenaEnemyFrame2:SetPoint("CENTER",UIParent,"CENTE R",240,120)
/run ArenaEnemyFrame3:SetPoint("CENTER",UIParent,"CENTE R",240,80)

/run ArenaEnemyFrame1.SetPoint = function() end
/run ArenaEnemyFrame2.SetPoint = function() end
/run ArenaEnemyFrame3.SetPoint = function() end
  • Note: the below script increases the size of the Arena Frame, changing the number (1.6) will increase or reduce the size.

/run ArenaEnemyFrames:SetScale(1.6)

Thats it for this guide. I would like you all to join me with giving a very special thanks to Zunniyaki who has done an incredible job in giving up his time to pass onto me the most detailed information possible so i could put together this guide for all of you to enjoy and learn from.

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30 April 2016 - 06:45 AM

bump what comps are best atm ?

In Topic: Strongest 3v3 holy pally comp for 6.2?

29 April 2016 - 08:50 PM

Mage/Hpal/(insert high single target damage class here)-i.e feral, rogue, boomy, Fury Warrior, etc.

from vincentwong guide