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French ppl be like

22 November 2013 - 12:24 PM


funniest french thing US

(swedish website for lulz)

Bow to Retri Overlords

14 September 2013 - 01:33 AM

Bow to the RETRI overlords :paladin: :paladin: :paladin: :paladin: :paladin: :paladin: :paladin: :paladin:

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Haters gna hate

Blizzard need to step their game up

19 August 2013 - 05:37 PM

Did they ever think of fixing this? thats just a very very small % of everyone who is above 2700 with greens n stuff

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Dont play Rbgs with Meackos.

18 August 2013 - 05:46 PM

First of all IF YOU DONT CARE, DONT COMMENT, Since this is posted in the RBG forum.
if any mod deletes this or anything, PM me with the reason, thanks

So hello, recently we came across this Guy(Meackos) that we usualy Farm on the graveyard, this time they had the famous Wintrader/scammer "
Getambushed/Fatirl/rogtrainx @yƄspresents?" on hes mage called Zyxxherbrah in hes team, and we instantly get whispers saying that they are planning to DDOS gatzby/me/others in our team.

and what happens? our moonkin goes offline and even trought my proxy +routher thingy im around 3900ms during the game and others going on/off here and there in our team.

then we checked their vods of the game to figure out if the whispers we got during the game were just random trolls spamming us.

and we found THIS:
VIDEO OF DDOS Recorded on their stream (ripped and will be up on youtube)

translation below from the game. 03:40:00 the game que pops.


3:41:00 Zyzzherebrah: Fuck okay people, i must ddos them.
3:41:04 Zyzzherebrah: Okay, who can we ddos
3:41:05 Zyzzherebrah: Gatzby can we ddos, Noblock and Nofakelol
3:41:06 Zyzzherebrah: Who should i ddos?
3:41:06 Unknown: dude, do it please.
3.41:16 Zyzzherebrah: Noblock, I'm working on it.
3:41:31 Zyzzherebrah: I think he will ddos me aswell
3:41:37 Zyzzherebrah: hey fuck, okay i have his ip
3:41:42 Zyzzherebrah: i will ddos every 10 min
3:41:44 Unknown2: no every 2min
3:41:45 Unknown3: do it every second
3:41:51 thoraso: do it every 15 second
3:41:55 Unknown4: please do it
3:41:58 Zyzzherebrah: okay the first i had ddos
3:42:02 Unknown4: Send the fc ddos
3:42:03 thoraso: yeah send the fc ddos
--trash talk who takes the flag---
--more trash talk about shit ---
3:42:57 someone: they will get raped
3:43:02 someone: did you start with ddos?
3:43:03 Zyzzherebrah: yeah, the mage gets ddos
3:43:07 someone: but he is still in
3:43:12 Zyzzherebrah: one second, i do it yet at Gatzby

for translating this <3

and at 03:59:03 the mage saying Hes going to ddos us on the stream whispers the leader saying "YOLO DDOS" followed a few seconds/minute later that Meackos himselfs asks why a few of our players came online again just to go offline instantly again after a modem reset. and we later had it confirmed by Meackos that their team is activly DDOSING to win games they usualy wont stand a change against-

Thoraso proved wrong actually if you read the translation above.
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and thats not the worst thing, they claim to have kicked the one who ddosed the whole team, yet they were all engaged in the action and happy about it, then later the night & following day friends of mine did meet them in rbg confirming that the same guy who wintraded to 3200 on hes rogue on outland, is indeed still in their team doing ddos, shuting down DK (he does have proxy does not have him on skype) but they still managed to loose 9/10 cause they just simply suck & its funny claiming killing our tank when half our team is offline is GG & since when did first cap matter in a 0/3 capping bg?.

Just clearifying Liveplaying is meackos also the guy on the video (webcam) on the stream

So im asking everyone on AJ, is there any other way of geting someones IP, even tho you dont have them on skype/blocked em long time ago and using proxy/ dynamic ip and such?.

also this meackos guy apparently has 2600 in 2v2 i was told? dont know how but it does seem fishy.

INB4 Noblock deserves ddos or whatever you may comment, think twice before playing with anyone of those players.

and if any german would like to translate what they are saying could you PM me? as we have downloaded a Copy of their Vod, trying to release a translated version (onscreen text) on youtube.

(things to add to thread)
translate it to 100%.
Correct spelling of everything.


perfect gif illustrating blizzards mage meetings

25 July 2013 - 02:49 AM

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spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin the chair, mages? what mages? im to confused to talk or get back to you about this.

Heeyyy icicles r fun put them for mages cheers bye spin spin