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10 November 2014 - 02:00 PM

View Postdnaiel, on 10 November 2014 - 11:13 AM, said:

Gladiator Noblock is funnier. jaykayyyyyyy

??? shut up kiddo, dont you have someone else to scam XDD .pPPPPPppPppPP Arenahelp.eu free scam guysee :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: (fakenickerx known as danielcvbmxtrardy orwhatever who scams costumers when he cba to continue (a priest on dogrealm rbg/3s)

inb4 he links rpgbgmastereu faq of how he has no right to do something that has nothing to do with anything .PpPpp and ppl in swacks team embraces him because hey maybe they can share a cut of the money yknow (funny is that he shittalks swack aloot behind his back, or used to but once he comes online the licky licky starts)
this is no way a insult to swack, but to those who act snaky snaky around others. (i personaly dont care but has to be said)

also it does not help whispering everyone trying to flame me when in the end, you are just mad i exposed you for what u are, and i find it funny how you get mad on them afterwards when they let me know what u said because they find it funny after you said to keep it above the belt xdd

Ps maybe the ddeal was a part of tjoms masterplan to buy gametime and share some more scams together? afterall ddidd you not say you would do the same if u could? and u did. and you also botted 2v2 for weeks and got banned on main account that u botted on and youre pissed i understand but have some manners.
also i remember how u tried to scam me on paypal with tax increase or something that bugged out and didnt show, luckly you didnt have balls to continue and backed off that time (thought u were joking but seems you actually considered it after what u have done)

now stfu and go back to your uni that you never attend(inb4 comeback that im going to study last year from home cus cba wakeup 4am)

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rats live for an estimated time of 2-3 years so im in no doubt that your time will come. and how soon that time will be here i cant say but maybe you should look to invest in http://www.compareth...y-coffin-online ?

others continue as it was #no dramarino #pls #i #beg #u

also to stay on topic (for once) i think the picture is pretty nice, shows community still exists and who/what would this game be without it.

Sorry for spelling errors because im going to bed :)