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In Topic: What changes do you think sps need

16 October 2013 - 06:25 PM

View PostVirent, on 16 October 2013 - 06:01 PM, said:

Pretty much this. Also, dispersion is 6 seconds not 8.

Dunno why I put 8 instead of 6
btw thanks for posting, good to know elite spriests feel the same way

In Topic: What changes do you think sps need

16 October 2013 - 04:59 PM

View PostVirent, on 16 October 2013 - 03:58 PM, said:

And oom within roughly 2 minutes. Especially if people start CCing the shadowfiend/mindbender which just about everyone above 2k does nowadays.

People are vastly uninformed on the dilemmas of Spriests atm. Every "It's just warriors" or "DP + Insanity is op" post proves it. Let me just spell this out for anyone that's actually reading:
1. Shadow priests severely lack in mobility which was previously compensated by our survivability, which we no longer have.
2. Shadow priests have 1 major defensive cooldown on a 2 minute CD that lasts for 6* seconds.
3. Shadow priest off-heals are great for supporting other players, but don't make up for the lack of survivability that we have for ourselves.
4. Shadow priests have average-good damage if allowed to play which 99% of Spriests are fine with.
5. ^ Shadow priests MUST cast in most cases to do average-good damage and multiple 3's comps can almost completely prevent this from happening.
6. ^ Shadow priests MUST cast to keep from running out of mana and multiple 3's comps can almost completely prevent this from happening.

What most of us want (Realistic buffs, not the 1% that's asking for a return to god status.):
1. Another defensive cd that might help against getting trained through Vampiric Embrace or w/e.
2. A way to reliably get out Vampiric Touches without casting or increased mana return on said ability.
3. A small buff to mobility that would allow us to get away for brief moments of reprieve.
4. Orb changes - I'm not sure if this needs changes in frequency and ability to gain orbs because its pure rng. Sometimes you get the mind blast procs and sometimes you don't. However,removing the orb requirement for horrify might help and maybe an orb for a 10 second Vamp Touch wouldn't be game changing yet greatly improve our qol.

Anyone that wants to argue that other casters are struggling against warriors can look at representation @ 2.2k. I understand that representation isn't the end all be all of what classes are good, but there is a clear trend that spriests (especially post pom fix) just aren't very good atm.

In Topic: What changes do you think sps need

14 October 2013 - 04:20 PM

View PostUdderly, on 14 October 2013 - 04:03 PM, said:

The problem with almost each class you mention is when they have a warrior as their partner (aside from rogues).  Turbo, TSG, KFC are a problem because a warrior is their partner and the combination of interrupts and unpeelability is a big part of it.

Beastcleave/Thugcleave/PHD/SHD all do the same thing.

View PostUdderly, on 14 October 2013 - 04:03 PM, said:

As for rogues, they are annoying as shit to every caster, and really only super scary when paired with the other somewhat broken class (mage).  Otherwise they are manageable.

Rogues are "annoying" to other casters, but Rogues can completely prevent spriests from casting at all except you actually have tools to mitigate some of their control for a maximum of 10-15 seconds out of every minute. If they have a good healer behind them that can maximize their uptime then you're not doing shit.

In Topic: What changes do you think sps need

14 October 2013 - 03:13 PM

View PostUdderly, on 14 October 2013 - 01:01 AM, said:

This is a lot of what I've felt reading this thread.  Basically any team without a warrior would get owned by spriests if they got buffed to handle a warrior.  No one handles them well ATM - they need a nerf, before we buff anyone else too much.

I agree, but the problem isn't solely warriors. Rogues can do the same thing to a spriest at the moment as well as some other comps like beastcleave and dk/hunter. I'm actually more afraid of a undead rmp than any cleave.
The only thing that made spriest viable previously was our ability to tank/offheal which was our trade off for having 0 mobility. Now that blizzard has nerfed the shit out of our survivability and fixed pom the drawbacks of training us are gone. Combine this with the fact that we're the only class atm that is forced to cast to do real damage leads to an awful season for spriests.

On a more positive note from my experiences from 1800-2000 this season (I know its not very high but w/e) there are a few comps that are "decent":
Shatterplay - by far your best option imo. 1/2 the time the other team trains the mage (lol, if only they knew) so you actually get to play some.
War/ShP/HPa - With a good HPa that knows when to bop/freedom/hoj you can live long enough to score a kill or drag melee to killable spots. Not to mention the warrior can solo occasionally with a lil help (or none). Better vs cleaves, worse vs casters
WPS/WPD ^ - Same but better vs casters.
Shadowplay - Port helps a lot if abused on cd. Leads to longer games where dot rot can cause the other team problems. Hard to finish though.
Unholy Play - Meh, Dk does most of the work but not enough peels, good for swap kills
RPS - GL finding a rogue that wouldn't rather play with a mage, but its ok.

All in all, lost season for spriests unless we get some help - Reroll disc/holy if you still can or hold onto hope.

In Topic: What changes do you think sps need

08 October 2013 - 03:00 PM

View PostSilhin, on 08 October 2013 - 02:48 PM, said:

So your just biased cuz a warrior is able to sit on u ? Guess what warrior can sit on any class they want too there warriors

Every other caster doesn't necessarily have to cast to do damage or has tools to get away from warriors. We have literally none except for horrify/disarm (Max 4 secs). Our only snare that we have to give up psyfiend to get is on a 30 sec cd, same as war freedom. There is a small chance after our psyscream that psyfiend fears the war for 4 sec which can be subsequently dispelled.
No other caster has to worry about mana, We HAVE to cast to get mana and when were being trained it is near impossible to get any vts off.
Warriors have always been able to sit on us but with the buffs they've received you CANNOT play spriest the way it is intended to be played. Rogues are almost (very close) just as bad as well.
All I want are a few small qol buffs that would allow spriests to be a viable option again because right now were forced more or less to play with a mage, but what mage would want to play with a spriest when he was 5/6 better options.
Spriests have always lacked in mobility but have been tanky to make up for it. Right now we just don't have the survivability we once had and our offheals are negligible.