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In Topic: New DH traits and talents questions

15 April 2017 - 09:31 AM

Bloodlet is still better and is being used by all top rated DH's.


You are correct about making blade dance into the rotation however. whenever there are multiple targets, you should use blade dance, it offers more cleave pressure aswell as short dodge to avoid damage vs melee.


Not sure what new gold trait you are refering to, if you mean Concordance of the legionfall, it's like the previous trait Chaos burn, which you unlock when you are done with all other traits.

In Topic: Demon Hunter 7.1.5 Discussion topic!

06 February 2017 - 07:41 PM

What comps have you guys been having any success with? I feel like DHs can run with anything really. But wanted to see hows everyone progressing etc. 

Currently it's 1 DH in top 100 3s, 2 in top 133 3s, I hardly think DH "can run with anything" if you mean competetively. It's quite a bad spec, just like in s1. Looking at the poor representation I would imagine it's people being carried by friends who got as high as they did. 


Onto your question though, Ele/DH/rdruid seem to be a viable comp. I'm sort of tempted to test DH/demo/rsham myself, but haven't had the chance.

In Topic: The last artifact trait

29 November 2016 - 11:11 PM

Even before legion launched blizzard said only the first 34 traits actually work in pvp. Dunno about the hp bonus though. There are more traits coming in 7.2 i believe, so it might be worth to save AP for that.

Thanks for the reply. Do you have any source regarding blizzard saying that? I couldn't find anything when googling earlier. 

In Topic: Destro locks in 2s

01 November 2016 - 04:03 PM

It really depends what you play vs them. 


Destro rely on getting off several chaos bolts after one-another, which with los-ing, interrupts and stun is quite easy in most cases.


What you need to be aware of is Unending resolve which makes them immune to interrupts for 8 sec and nether ward which reflects magic on the warlock for 5 seconds(counterspell, wind shear etc).


Angrypie mentioned shadowburn spec, which is more viable in 3s than in 2s, but I still use it vs ferals/rogues who can interrupt CB spec pretty badly with LOS-ing and interrupts. 


Destro actually has pretty low survival now compared to earlier. You have to make them pop unending resolve and dark pact, both on a 1min cd, then they have no real heals. 


If you see destro use unending resolve offensively to get of a few Chaos Bolts, then you probably can kill him after, granted you can rotate some cc on healer.


Havoc isn't really used for hitting both players with chaos bolts anymore, due to "focused chaos", the talent which increases chaos bolt damage. It's more for applying immolate, conflag roots and curse.


If you find a warlock with long duration havoc on, then he's probably using the mentioned shadowburn spec, which is pretty easy to outheal for most healers.

In Topic: [Guide] Demon Hunter

28 September 2016 - 06:54 AM


Apply Aura: Dummy
Server-side script

(Taken directly from wowhead for Touch of Karma), it never places a spell based debuff on you which makes it unable to reverse with Reverse Magic.

The new touch of karma applies a debuff on you instead of a buff on the monk, that's fine, and I don't expect that to be reversed, but the dot effect in mop and draenor was a magic debuff that could be dispelled. It's that debuff, which I think is a spell, might be reversable.